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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Anneke, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Anneke Honored Member

    Had almost the entire day off, yesterday, so I played with the dogs.
    And as promised, here is the vid. Of our 3rd session. Jinx seems to get the hang of it:) At the beginning of her vid you see me asking for a paw and she keeps giving me her right paw. Stupid me, she is righthanded. I made that mistake, because Cooper is a lefty:D
    I made a vid of both my dogs. You can clearly see the difference in the way they learn.
    Here is Jinx

    And here is Cooper. I wonder if he dislikes putting his nose under his paw, because it hurts his back? No idea. He does have backproblems. Anyway, he gets distrackted by almost everything, my watch, the taste of my hand, a treat falling... He is always like that with new tricks, where he has to think for himself. He is a lazy dog, he would rather I show him what to do:giggle:
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  2. new bear Well-Known Member

    That's great! I'm so glad to hear that! Actually, if you don't mind, you do not need to get him to hold the pose. My dog does this trick by scratching her nose and it is just as cute! It depends on which one you like and what is your goal. It may be cute for my dog as she is small but I am not sure about big dogs. Try both to see which on you like and work on that. :) Here's my chihuahua doing this trick: Enjoy! :)
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  3. new bear Well-Known Member

    Great videos! Loved it! How are they progressing so far? For Jinx, you may want to spread some peanut butter on your hand and let her lick it as a reward for some time to let her get used to being at that position and hold it there. You may then slide off the hand that you used to hold her paw so that her paw will drop and cover her nose while she is still licking the peanut butter on your hand. It may take quite some time for her to understand that but I'm can see that she is a really smart and will learnt it no time! Keep it up! :)

    As for Cooper, you can check with your vet to make sure that it will not hurt his back if you teach him this trick. Safety always comes first at all times. You may also need some higher reinforcement like some of the tastier food (For example: cheese, chicken, bacon or hotdogs, which most dogs are crazy about) to let him love this trick and practise more on him giving his paw to make the "paw" trick more reliable before you continue teaching him the trick. You can try some different methods to teach him put his nose under his paw. The trick to teaching dog tricks is to be as creative as you can be. The sky is the limit! I have thought of a way that may work. You can get two treats in your hand and as you lure his head under his paw, throw a treat away from his nose, towards the direction you want him to look at when he place his paw under his nose. As he looks towards that direction, reward him with the other treat that is still in your hand.
    You really supprise me by doing an excellent job with them! Keep me updated with their progress! :) Thanks for your update too! :)
  4. Anneke Honored Member

    Thanks for the tips New Bear!! I'll try the peanutbutter thing with Jinx!

    As for Cooper... The vet incists there is nothing wrong with Cooper's back, since he doesn't react to pressure put on his vertebrae. But Cooper does not show pain... Maybe pain is too strong a word for it, maybe it is more discomfort.
    But I will keep trying and letting him deside if he wants to do it or not.
    He's not a worker anyway. I was using hotdog in this video. He really loves it, but he is always this slow.
    But I had some cooked chicken the other day, he really, really liked. Maybe that will be a higher value for him. And I'll try the tossing one treat and ginving the other. I'm open to any suggestion;)
    I have let this trick rest for a while, but I'll give it another go this week
  5. new bear Well-Known Member

    It really helps to find out which treats your dogs love in order to get them to work more effectively. Besides treats, the tone of your voice is also very important in encouraging your dogs to be enthusiastic about the trick they are working on. I have found out that my dog loves high pitch voices. She is really enthusiatic and loves it when I praise her with a high pitch voice. If I used my normal tone of voice, she will be less interested in doing the tricks. I learnt how to vary the tone of my voice with the tricks she does too, like if I ask her to dance, fetch or wag her tail, I will have to use a high pitch voice so that she will be excited in order to do the trick. If I ask her to wait or stop wagging her tail, I will have to use a low pitch and calm voice and drag the word that I say a bit to reduce her excitement in order to do the trick. I really like that you are open to any suggestion. I love to hear about different suggestions and methods to train tricks too as it is interesting to find out the different ways that different people have thought of to train a particular trick. :) How are they getting on with the trick now?

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