Frustrated With Teaching Shame


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I am so frustrated with this trick!!:mad: I just can't seem to get it right!!
I started with using a post-it, but that wouldn't stick to the nose well enough. In stead of using his paw to get it off, Cooper would just shake his head.
I moved on to a hairband thingy and that had the effect i wanted, but... I lost it.
So after seeing a tutorial on You tube I tried sticky tape. But... my dogs have non-stick nosesO_o
My friend suggested using Duct-tape, that will stick to anything:p But I am afraid of pulling out hairs.
Used a piece of string, but that is shaken off
I think I will have to buy a new hairthingy, but I haven't found one big enough to fit loosely around Cooper's mouth.
Any way, do you teach this trick lying down or in a sit?
Maybe lying down is easier for the dog? I have been teaching it in a sit, as I want them to do it in a sitting position. Maybe I should start lying down and progressing to a sit, when they get the hang of it?
Does anyone have advice? I love to hear it!!


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Try blowing in their face or at their ears. I know Isis my boxer will try and swipe at her nose if I blow on her ears close to her face. Also, sticky tape closer to between the eyes is easier to stick than closer to nose.


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Blowing in their faces makes them shake their heads:D I could put that to a cue, have to remember that;)
Maybe I should get better sticky tape, because it wouldn't stick to a chair when I wanted to stick a paper target on it... It was very cheap tape...
I have been sticking it close to the nose, so I will try to put it closer to the eyes, thanks Charmedwolf!


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My BC has done awesome with this trick, so maybe I can help. I had to eventually use Duct Tape. I got the cheap kind, so it's not as sticky and wouldn't pull hair out. If it's still too sticky, try sticking it to your hand and pulling it off a few times and it should become even less sticky. (I promise if you get the cheap, non-extra strength kind it won't hurt) I taught Fairley this with her lying down at first and I will progress so she it sitting, but she's doing it with lay so she can get the hang of it first.


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lol, we have a thread on this very trick called "Shy?" i think.

i ended up using a post-it note, but, dog knocked it off with one swipe. Replacing it each time was too interruptive.

so then i used Scotch tape to tape the paper on his forehead, sort of above between his eyes. That did the trick. He'd swipe at it, but, it would not keep falling off with each swipe anymore.

He was very surprised to get treats for swiping at his own head, ha ha. He was like, "Really? for that? i get treats?" ha ha!! He caught onto the trick very quickly then.

When i eventually removed the piece of paper off, when we were done, there were zero hairs whatsoever on the tape, and Buddy did not seem mind the slightest bit as i took the small piece of scotch tape off his head.



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Tx has some advice on how to get dogs to do this in a sit. She told me once, but, i've forgotten it. I never did get Buddy to do this trick in a sit.

Are you trying to get your dog to swipe his eyes,---- OR -----hold his paws over his eyes, for several moments?


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If i blow into Buddy's face, he lifts up one side of his lip, and glares at me, reeeally dirty look. I'm pretty sure if i were to continue, he'd growl.
I'll have to think of cue for THAT response, heh heh!!

"Buddy, have you seen your vet bill?"--------snarl.

reminds me of that funny dog quote: (para)
"Blow in a dog's face, and they growl.
But put a dog in a car, at 50mph, and what do they do? Stick their face out the window!"


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I want him to hold his paw over his nose/eyes for a while, progressing the trick into a sit up position, but also in any position.
I am really happy that I did post this moment of frustration:)
All the tips given here, are things I hadn't thought of... Like just moving the tape up above the eyes...
And I wil try with the duct-tape, making it less sticky.
Thanks guys!
I'll see if I can find the thread about this trick.


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Omg My dogs really crack me up!!
Thought I'd have a go at using masking tape, that doesn't stick at all, so I took the duct tape.
I stuck it on Jinx her forehead and waited. At first she didn't do anything, but then she used her paw, as I wanted. I'm over the moon!! Yeah, finally!! That went real smooth, so I moved on to Cooper.
I was making diner in the meantime, so I didn't think of removing one of the dogs.
I have Cooper lying in front of me and Jinx next to me.
I stick the tape on Cooper's forehead. He looks at me and puts his head down on the floor, between his legs...
Ok that does not work. I think it is because for the past days I have been training him to wear a hat on his head, since he dislikes anything on his head. So he accepted the tape as well.
So I put the tape on his nose. What does the lazy bum do??? He rubs his nose on his paw...O_o Much easier than picking up your paw:ROFLMAO:
I tried clicking that a few times, then waited for a little more. And yes, he used his other leg to wipe his nose!
While waiting for Cooper to do what I want, I see Jinx wipe her nose, from the corner of my eye... Looking at me as if to say: see I did it!!
I usually make a point of not clicking both dogs at the same time, but she was so determined. Nothing on her nose and still doing it, that I clicked her and gave her a jackpot.
Tonight I'll have another go at this and see where it takes us.


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I think when I tried teaching Max this trick I started out with an elastic band. Definately got his attention and got his paw on his nose.


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I used scotch tape right directly between Scout's eyes. She only needed it for a few minutes. After she was reliably swiping her face without the tape, I started "clicking" for longer responses. She got so she'd hold the shy for a couple of seconds, but with Scout any longer is torture, as she cant see me (her legs are too hairy! LOL)

Scout learned this trick in one 15 minute session...pretty good for a deaf dog!


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Wauw, that's pretty good, sara!! my two still don't get it:rolleyes: Funny how a some tricks seem simple enough, but they don't get it... Other tricks seem difficult and they'll breeze through it:)
But we will keep at it!:D

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Hi, I have some trouble teaching this trick too last time. I tried everything but nothing works. In the end, I have no choice but to give up. One day, my dog scratches her face when it is itchy during a free time session that I had with her. I immediately captured the trick with a clicker. From then on, she learnt the trick and loves to do it! :) I have found a video on youtube that teaches this trick step by step for dog owners who have tried every method but just couldn't manage to teach this trick. Here's the video:
Hope it helps! :)


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WHAT a great video!!! i LOVE videos like that, that show, step by step, how a dog was taught something!! WHOOOOOOOT! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet looking dog, too!

i'd never seen it taught quite that way before either!! interesting! WELL DONE!!


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Wow that video is great! Shall have to give that a try as my BC just doesn't seam to be catching on to this trick, if I blow on his face he just barks at me (was very handing for Speak! lol) and the hair bobble he just get's fed up and ignores me lol! other tricks he's learnt fast but this one is a task! and I'm determind to teach him it as it is ever so cute! Thanks for that! :D


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Did a short session this morning. Asking for a paw and luring their noses under their paw, rewarding that. Tried it with a clicker, but like the lady in the video sayd, it's almost impossible;) So I used "YES" as a marker. They know that, so it was no problem.
Cooper was having a bit trouble giving a paw, while lying down, so I asked him to sit. That worked a lot better, but as he is a lazy dog, he lay down again. As he is not as agile as Jinx, i accepted it and just kept going. He didn't get the put your nose under your paw yet, but he is always a little slow. I'm am happy with the progress. This seems to work better than the tape thing.
Jinx figured out, real quick, that I wanted her to stick her nose under her paw. And I could fade the lure a little. I don't want to go too fast, so I ended the session here.
I'll do another session this afternoon and see were that takes us.


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I'll just add aswell......Been trying this for weeks......Did what it shows on that Video.....5 mins he cracked it! That is amazing! LOL It's super cute THANKS for sharing that video! Just a shame my camera is broke so I can't video it for you :( Just need to keep practicing and try and get him to hold the pose! Lol x