Favorite/most fun trick??


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Well, his crawl backwards was sort of self taught, he offered the behaviour, and I clicked it... didn't take him long before he was using it all the time... he LOVES crawling backwards!!!

His backwards figure 8 was taught in many, many small steps. I'll try to remember them all...

1- I taught him to put his front paws up on a box and spin
2-I taught him to "get in" and "get right" using the paws on a box, so he was learning to move his back feet
3-I taught him to back up beside me
4- I would walk a few steps forward, with Ollie heeling on my left, then take one LARGE step back with my right leg, then lured him by pushing a treat towards him and aiming him back through my legs, clicking in small steps (his butt in the general direction, his butt touching my leg, his butt between my legs, halfway through, and finally in front of me
5-I then worked towards not walking, and only a side step,
6-once he had the left side down, we began working on the right in the same way
7-then we began putting the movements together: Get In (left side), Leg, Get Right, Right Leg, Get In
8- then we practiced and got faster and faster until I had him doing it smoothly in sequence.
9- then got the whole behaviour on hand signals,
10- added in the command "eight"

Ollie's a big goofy terrier, who likes nothing better than to mess around and make me laugh... he's really easy to teach tricks to!


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RE" the 'reading' tricks. I can't remember which member it was now, but, some member who was most excellent at tricks training, was going into a competition, and she wanted to incorporate some humor into her act......

on some old thread, we came up with idea, how hilarious it'd be, if she trained her dog to opposite of what card said...for this contest.
oh, i can't remember now exactly what all we came up with back then, but, like,
If she held up a cue card that said, "Are you so excited to be here?" the dog would play dead, stuff like that. We had better stuff, but, i can't recall what now...

and for grand finale, "Do you think YOU won?" the dog would do leaps, or run and fetch some ribbon for himself, stuff like that.
we were thinking since the cue cards were complex, she could use HER FINGER placement on the cards...as the cue for the dog.
Perhaps, holding cards with fingers showing on each side for one cue card,

and holding card with both her hands on top edge, for a different cue card...like i do when Buddy does his "card trick".
Buddy has been trained to study HOW i hold the card, to know what to do....he can't really distinguish between one playing card and another, he is studying my finger placement on each card, BUT, no one ever ever realizes that.

NOT that other 'reading tricks' are based on hand position, HOPE i do not sound like that, i'm just trying to help out cheaters like me, ha ha!!! who are using way complex things, like playing cards or signs with multiple words on them.


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I think i might've read that thread the other day - not that I remember it exactly.......

You will have to explain the card trick to me in more detail that sounds like a potential goodie to teach in the future!!!!

With the reading ones i've done so far I've been trying to make a BIG point of NOT doing any give-away type things (for ex I can nearly always get a "down" by just moving a finger in a downward motion OR looking at the floor so for that one as well as the others i've been just staring straight and level and making sure not to move my hand at all)

- somewhere (forget where) I saw the idea of "dont walk" for wait , and "walk" for lets go ........ which I think I MIGHT do down the road (for the rest i want it to be the actual proper word I think) - but those two would be cute if i can get him to stare at the signs at the cross walks on downtown manhunts....... (granted I'm thinking this at 2am some brain cells may not be fully operational right now)


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"manhunts" rolf!!
Yeah, i have not yet taught ANY reading to Buddybudman, but, i will probably do funny ones. I like funny stuff, very much.
yeah, 2am!!! i am glad this website is here, i had insomnia bad, and tons-o-worries, but now i am happy and sleepy. GNITE!!