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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by princessbride029, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. princessbride029 Well-Known Member

    Hey all! WOW, it's been a long time since I've visited this forum!! I missed it (and I daresay Cassidy did too). :dogsmile:

    Well anyway, one of my new year's resolutions has been to be MUCH more consistent in teaching Cassidy tricks and obedience. I'm trying to set up a very rough calendar/plan for teaching certain things (one of my big problems is that I can never remember what I was teaching last time, or can't think of what to teach next). So basically I'm compiling a list of tricks and commands to teach (but putting them all on a calendar to keep myself motivated). I understand, of course, that the length of teaching each trick will depend on Cassidy and I'm not obsessive about having to teach one new thing each week or month or whatever - I just think this system might work better for me to keep me motivated and help me keep track of what we've accomplished.

    Anyway, I thought I'd ask on here what everyone's favorite or most fun trick is?? I thought it would be fun to see everybody's responses, as well as giving me good ideas for where to start with Cassidy! She already knows the BASIC basics (sit, down, stay -for a short time :msnblushing:- and then some basic tricks as well (roll over, high five, bang, spin, sit pretty- up on her back legs- and a little bit of crawl).

    So, fellow dogtrickacademy-ers, what is your favorite or most fun TRICK? I'll post another thread on the obedience forum for favorite or most useful obedience command. Look forward to seeing your responses if you have time!!

    ~Leslie (and Cassidy)
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  2. good_doggie New Member

    same here! I really miss this academy so much! (so does philippe)
    My most favorite/fun trick that philippe does is down stacking cups(speed stacks)
    I got addicted to speedstacks 6 months ago so I decided to teach my dog to do it!
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  3. jazmataz Well-Known Member

    jaz's favorite tricks!


    Here are some of jaz's favorite tricks to do!! :) (including some unique ones- like sneeze, ride 'em cowboy, double spin, etc. :)
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  4. princessbride029 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks a lot to both of you! Good Doggie, I'd love to see your pup speed stacking - sound like quite a challenge! Lol...:doglaugh:
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  5. htf102 New Member

    How were you able to teach your dog to stack? That sounds fantastic.

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  6. good_doggie New Member

    Thanks. It's not really hard to do. I start with one cup, then I let him touch it. I let him familiarize with the cup. After that, I then make a 3 stack. I let him touch the top of the cup and slide it down. for the 6 stack, his left paw goes on top then his right paw goes on the rest of it.
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  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I love Mud's Easter Egg Hunting trick, and people love watching it. I also like her "boy dog trick." We have a little sequence where I ask her, "Mud, are you a boy dog?" and she shakes her head, then I say, "What do boy dogs do?" and she hikes her leg. A little unladylike perhaps, but very cute. ^^
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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Bah Ha Ha!! Hilarious!!!
  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Tx, what is easter egg trick???
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    @Jazamataz!! KUDOS!! ADORABLE!! We just watched the vid, loved it!! The two dog work is amazing!!
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    My favorite is just like Tx's, but i say, "I think Buddy is a democrat..Buddy, do ya miss Bush?" and Buddy smiles so big while shaking his head NO!! Every once in a while, he embellishes it with a snort, as well, and my daughter said that means NO!

    His "Wanna Beer?" is crowd pleaser, he barks enthusiastically and kinda jumps his front paws up a bit, too.
    Those are his cutest ones to me.
  12. princessbride029 Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha, you guys those sound adorable!!! :dogbiggrin:
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  13. evpat2000 New Member

    Very cool. I love the music synced to the video. Great job!
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  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Sorry for the late response, Tigerlily!
    The Easter Egg Trick is where I dump a bunch of plastic eggs out, and when told, Mud picks them all up and puts them in an Easter Egg basket, then picks the basket up with her nose. ^^ I keep meaning to video it, but I haven't yet. Lol.
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  15. wren99 New Member

    What are the funniest tricks (cues) you've heard? "Bang" with a gun hand signal is super cute for boring old "play dead," for example. I'm trying to think of funny cues for 1)howl 2)back up 3)beg 4)"are you shy" (hiding nose/eye), etc. What are the cutest cues/tricks you've seen?
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  16. reveuse Well-Known Member

    a few of Ro's fun tricks

    Instead of sit pretty/beg he does "squirrel". Recently I found a plastic log shaped toy at Petsmart and I'm going to teach him to squirrel while holding the toy between his paws and then eventually add "bang" to it - so i'll wind up with a "dead" squirrel falling off of a log.

    I'm currently OBSESSED! with the whole reading concept - I taught him down, sit, and touch in just a few sessions this weekend and have been impressing all of my friends, trainer, and mostly everyone I know for the past few days LOL. (next on his reading list is probably paws up, and something else but i dont know what other word to pick)

    If you ask Romeo tho his favorite and most fun command would probably be "jump" (over obstacle) - he gets so so excited when I drag out his agility jump or a set up a course of baskets to go over.
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  17. sara Moderator

    My favorite trick with Oliver is his backwards tricks... He crawls backwards, goes backwards around my legs, and does backwards figure 8's between my legs.... he doesn't do forwards, however... LOL I was working with Mouse on forwards figure 8's, hoever it's morphed into her sitting up between my feet and leaning on my legs, looking straight up at me! too cute!
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  18. helps Well-Known Member

    Oh, when you mention that... how do you teach crawling backwards and figure 8 backwards? really would like to know :)
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