Easy-cheesy Way To Teach "heelwork"

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    //"After watching the videos (both downloaded to be watched again"//

    that is just what i do, too. I get more out of it, each time, especially after i tried to DO it, and THEN i rewatch it, i often get an "ah HA!" moment, and realize what i did wrong.:rolleyes:

    btw, you don't really have to download the videos at all, videos EAT UP your computer memory space big time, you can just favorite it or bookmark it,
    to re-find it. YOu can just watch them on youtube, without downloading it, unless your computer is very different than my computer.

    Plus, they are only a google away, if you type in kikopup loose leash, they pop right up again, or kikopup leash biting it pops right up. You can pretty much type in kikopup + any problem, and wa-la, she probably has a video on it.
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    rofl, yes, men are MUCH harder to train than dogs!!:LOL::ROFLMAO::rolleyes::confused::ROFLMAO:MAYBE WE SHOULD USE THE CLICKER ON THEM!!:ROFLMAO:
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you:) Will do that, just do a trick he loves and reward THAT one NOT the 'wrong' one - which is usually when he offers up a trick himself without being asked or gets confused - my mistake then:confused: Then go back to the one he's refused. I don't keep asking him to do a trick when he get's that 'antsy' look - he'll even, believe it or not, refuse a 'lure' (treat) so I KNOW he's real antsy with that trick - head turns away as if to say' hey I'm not a politician you CANNOT bribe me Mom".:LOL: He's very direct in expressing how he feels:LOL:

    :LOL:Oh yes, the looks you get when YOU mess up are PRICELESS. Ra is VERY expressive and let's me know what he thinks of my efforts:confused: I'm actually, in my spare time:D, writing Ra's 'diary' in his own words, so I LOVE to think as he may about life and training etc.

    I also train slowly, :LOL: the ONE time in my life when I am patient - training dogs or horses well around ALL animals:)

    I basically allow Ra to 'set the pace' and oh boy do we have FUN FUN FUN :LOL::LOL::LOL:- he ADORES training, because like you, we laugh a lot and he get's lotsa 'oh you're so cute/smart/good and sometimes 'come here you little scallywag' coz I don't want him to EVER think he's going to be grouched at when he runs off during training. :LOL: he comes flying back - we're inside of course - he thinks it's all part of the FUN:LOL: Now of course he'll come outside thanks to clicker training YEAH!

    Yes all dogs are different, even litter mates like Zeus and Tiger Lily, they had TOTALLY different personalities, learned differently and also liked different things, even though they moved as one dog.

    That's the wonder and beauty of working with dogs - they KNOW how to have fun while learning:D

    Yes it is fun learning how to work with Ra. he's sooooooooooo different from Zeus, who's a laid back cool dude:cool:

    I do 'run through' all his tricks at the start of training, so he keeps up to the mark. He has worked in distracting situations - like at the vets. They ADORE him and wanted to see his latest trick which he was MORE than willing to show off. Little toy Poodle was a bit over the top with the applause :LOL: before Ra started his trick. I quietly said to him "Hey, you're a pro" and :LOL: seemed to work - as he stopped ogling the poodle and showed off his tricks with aplomb:)

    However, I do realize that OFF the lead, he may not have been so good and that other distraction could well cause problems. We have yet to deal with that:).

    I'm taking it one step at a time with 'shy' - forgot to buy the post notes drat - as he's almost there but not quite - so we do one step -click/treat and then next step. This will be easier once I get the post notes I am sure. Or find the soft hair band I KNOW I once had somewhere:).

    He's got a little over enthusiastic with Right Up - which is my command for walking on his hind legs - and now JUMPS UP AND SPINS IN MID AIR - doesn't jump at me. Not sure if I can 'capture' this and find another command:unsure:. What do you think????

    :LOL: one trick he would prefer to skip is drop. He's not keen on that, :p I think he feels that sit is enough and I'm asking a bit too much with the drop. BUT tried it today during training and with the clicker HE DROPPED three times in a row WITHOUT getting antsy - another breakthrough with the clicker. He just MAY decide drops fine:)

    Funny though, he did 'down roll over' with ease but did had problems with drop. Go figure:) (note PAST TENSE now with drop:giggle:)
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Again thank you so much:) Watched/downloaded video. Back to basics. Will work as per video with him - will have to 'smuggle' lead outside because once he spots it he'll be jumping around UNLESS I put it on him sits like a angel (o.k. the littlest angel:D)- UNTIL we start to walk. So to work as per video, I need to get the lead outside WITHOUT him spotting what I am up too:sneaky:

    Not keen on chain leads, saw a dog get his teeth caught in one and it wasn't pretty. Probably a 'one off' weird happening but has left a lasting impression on me - I was a kid at the time and felt seriously helpless.
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    forgot to add - I only train for around 10 minutes at a time, sometimes a bit longer if he's happy to continue. We do train twice a day but he's happy doing that as I said he ADORES training and :LOL: tail doesn't stop wagging. In fact, when I groom him, tail gets 'in the way' when doing the back leg feathers :LOL: he'll lay on his back to have his tum rubbed (NOT submissively at all) when we get to tail - I allow that as :LOL: he's happy, tail stays a bit stiller so I can groom it:) and he wears his 'blissed out nervana' look:)
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    oops meant to add a fresh post and replied to my own post - oh dear I'm a bit tired I guess - need some sleep:sleep::)
  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Wowee! Did our first 'biting' click/treat session. Had to 'adapt' a little because, moment he saw the lead he was biting etc. and pulling using his mouth - he's strong so didn't want it to develop into 'tug of war' -because I lose:(
    So, ignored all this and put lead on a table (had to work outside couldn't manage indoors sorry not enough room) then got him sitting in front of me click/treat. Once he was 'settled' I just moved the lead a little over the edge of the table - of course he JUMPED at it. Ignored this and he sat again in front of me. Did it again and he moved his head BUT nothing more = so click/treat. Kept going like this, slowly easy-peasy and click/treating all the time. Then stepped it up a notch and moved lead right off table - he JUMPED so went back to it just over edge of table for a little bit. Then moved it a bit more off the table - as you have said 'one step at a time' = barely any reaction from Ra - click/treat of course. Did this several times then tried to lift the entire lead off the table - and OUCH he made a 'grab' - no click/treat as he did catch the lead but NO JUMPING - did a couple more with the lead just over edge of table then tried again with it right off and WOWEEEEE the kid just gazed up (LOL I think he went a bit 'boss-eyed") but did NOT JUMP. Kept doing this for a while then put on his collar (I used an old lead and collar not his halti) he went to try to bite/grab so I waited until he settled (he was sitting still which is a miracle) and then tried again - WOOOOWEEEE kid just sat there not twisting his head to bite/grab - click/treat.

    Am really impressed:D We did some loose lead training then - up and down the driveway and he was very good:) I did find he was 'heading across me' to my right side where the 'treat bag' was - so sat him and moved the bag over to my left. :p That kept him VERY focused, although he did 'run out' a bit at times - must re-watch video on that part not sure I did it correctly. Of course, was click/treating like crazy:D

    :p He got 'confused' when we had to turn around and went BEHIND me, and bless his heart, sat down:) Didn't click/treat because of course that wasn't quite what I wanted but just quietly asked him to come around and pointed - he caught on and then sat so I did click/treat then:) He didn't quite get following around without 'sitting behind me or wrapping around me" at first he was 'gentle' didn't do it in a way where I was in danger of landing on my bot, we had to work a little bit harder on this but YEAH NEVER ONCE DID HE TRY TO BITE/PULL and looking at his face/eyes and wagging tail - he sure did enjoy loose lead training.


    Didn't do anything else today, as I was running a bit late and we did quite a long session on the bite/pulling and loose lead training.

    But he amazed me yet again. When I took of the lead and said PLAYTIME - cue training is over - he still SAT looking hopefull:D He wanted MORE:D Show biz saying 'always leave your audience wanting more' -:LOL:I adopted that approach, for two reasons, one he'd worked hard and two it was getting a bit late. I NEVER train until he's exhausted, that's just not fair and I think rather silly. I always aim to make training FUN even though this time the praise was more 'subdued' because it was lead training and that's when he's most excitable:)

    That was the one thing I found I COULD NOT DO was praise too much when we first started with the bite/pulling had to keep VERY QUIET and moderate praise to good boy very gently with a smile, because if I went GOOD BOY all excited - he got excited:)

    Will not go so far as to saying 'he's got it' yet. But his progress is beyond belief:) Can see in the very near future *my* boy will be a well mannered gentleman once more:D

    We'll do some other tricks tomorrow as well as bite/loose lead as I will have more time.

    I'm going to see how he goes with the lead being 'dragged' alone the ground - as per video. I didn't do that today because we made VERY good progress, so wanted to leave him with a 'good feeling' at the end of training:D It's going to be a big ask with that lead being dragged and swung around but of confident that Ra Kismet will quickly 'catch on' to what he's SUPPOSED to do:D

    Training has NEVER been more fun - the response from him is EVEN FASTER than normal and he's a fast learner at the best of times. I am OVER THE MOON.:D

    Again, I cannot thank you enough - your help and advice is invaluable:D
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Up date on 'leash biting' - real progress here:D This morning (Monday my time) I boldly walked outside, lead just in hand not 'hidden'- NO SANE person would have done that in the past - and yes, fraid we did JUMP, but no biting, at first so I waited until he'd calmed down (which meant a circuit or two with the soccer ball, which I let him do to 'run off steam'. Then he can back and jumped a little (about mid-rift high). Went through the same process again. Next time he came back jumped even less, just knee high, more just the paw. Again waited and NEXT TIME WOWEEEEEEEEEE he came back and just SAT(y):D click/treat of course:p First time I've tried putting/taking lead OUTSIDE before putting it on - he will sit nicely INSIDE then start with the bite/pull when outside. CHUFFED reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllly CHUFFED over his progress:D

    Then we did drag the lead/waft the lead etc as per video. AND HE NEVER ONCE DID ANYTHING I DIDN'T WANT (y) Just sat there or trotted along when I did drag NO he DID NOT TOUCH THE LEAD OR ME :LOL: I do think he thought I had gone a bit cuckoo, wafting a lead around but HEY he SAT:LOL:.

    We then went on to putting on lead/collar and HE SAT like an ANGEL through that and then loose lead training. Oh boy, he was FANTASTIC seeing he's only done it once before, apart from when he was still a wee pup BEFORE the unmentionable school:mad:, still had a wee 'problem' on turning, but found a solution for that. I just hold my HAND DOWN AT MY LEFT SIDE and he follows my hand"as a lure" and of course ALL training is now CLICK/TREAT. He did 'run ahead' just a WEE BIT NOT PULLING so went backwards and he soon caught on. I even LET THE LEAD GO and he STILL STAYED HARD AT MY SIDE:LOL:

    One really funny incident. The boy's too smart for his own good, or should that be MY good:D. It was when we were having our 'wee problem' with keeping at my side when I turned. I got him around (this was BEFORE I worked out a solution) and he sat. Good Boy so I clicked and :ROFLMAO: WENT to treat but HE GOT THERE FIRST:eek: Head went down into the treat bag and lotsa snuffle/snort went on:sneaky:. Fraid he won on that one treat bag completely cleaned out just lotsa slobber inside:eek:- well it was click/treat :)- and I couldn't stop laughing. I'd inadvertently allowed the treat bag to hang forward as I bent down to give him his treat and a cuddle.:eek: He looked so CHUFFED as if to say - HEY MOM GOT THE CLICK/TREAT DOWN PAT NOW:ROFLMAO: Had to race inside and refill the treat bag:) And made sure next time I bent down the bag was well out of his reach - this time anyway:D

    And when we went inside to finish training, with shy etc. I picked up the lead and HE DIDN'T BAT AN EYELID, just trotted off to play soccer for a little bit He'd been released with Playtime while I got organized inside with post notes etc. and more treats:))

    Still more work needed, I wouldn't say he's 'got it' just yet, either with the biting/pulling though he DIDN'T BITE relief relief as that could hurt at times this time around just jumped up. And with the loose lead training, progress is coming on VERY quickly. BUT am still going to work a lot more in our own driveway BEFORE taking to the streets.

    Too many dogs around this area who PULL towards another dog, either nicely "hey wanna party" or with one in particular "hey lunch on paws" not funny really as the lass who 'walks' this dog does the 'paddle foot run' hanging on with BOTH hands and being towed down the side walk for a few paces until she can GRAB something to stop her. If I see her coming, we do an abrupt about turn. Do so with BOTH dogs, even though Zeus would totally ignore her dog, I don't trust HER ability to prevent her dog from causing major problems. Her dog is a BIG dog, and would do a lot of damage if he ever got his teeth into another dog. Such a shame as he's a good looking dog too:(
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  9. Dogster Honored Member

    Hey, that's AWESOME!!!!!:D Such progress!!!! Keep it up!!!!
    Heehee, LOVE reading your posts!!!;)
  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    That's great you and Ra are making such great progress. (y)
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    thank you everyone:)

    Today we made even more progress:) Had one little 'back-slide' when we were doing loose lead training:eek: Ra Kismet managed to get the lead caught around his legs and THAT started the bite/pulling:eek: So I left go of the lead, he's way too strong to get involved with in a tug=of-war - didn't say anything and when he stopped 'performing', got him to sit - click/treat removed the lead and collar and went back to wafting the lead around and dragging it on the ground again. He definitely thinks I've lost the plot with that one:D he wears the look 'WELL IF THAT KEEPS MOM AMUSED I'LL GO ALONG WITH IT COZ IT GET'S ME TREATS :giggle::giggle:'.

    We then, after a calming down period, did more loose lead training LOL the ONLY problem now is that, since diving nose first into the treat bag and scoffing the contents, he DID (as I suspected he would knowing Ra Kismet - he's got a memory like an elephant) try the same 'trick' BUT I was ahead of him - for once :D He hasn't figured out yet how to undo zippers and the treat bag was zipped shut:) :sneaky:

    He went SOOOOOOOOOO WELL that we ventured out into the big outside world:D Not far, though LOL I think we did cover a few miles up and down the sidewalk in front of my place and a couple of neighbors' houses:D Kept the way in open, just in case we needed to make a quick escape but all went well. His attention did wander a little, he's a real nosey parker and likes to make sure he knows EVERYTHING everyone is doing:) But I just did the 'reverse walk' and he very quickly came back to my side. Always of course click/treat:)

    Didn't see/meet any other dogs/cats or people for that matter, apart from someone checking their mail box and of course, he had to make sure he watched:D That will be THE BIG TEST when we see another dog, friendly or otherwise, if he'll walk on by like a good chap - or pull to 'party' - he's a lover not a fighter:D Didn't see any cats either. He ADORES cats (lives with two little 'madams, one's a snooty 'royal highness' and the others a femme fatale, poor chap doesn't stand a chance:rolleyes::D) so he wants to say "Hi' to any cat he sees. LOL thing is the cats don't always share the desire to return the greeting and run - well in HIS mind (especially as my femme fatale cat has taught him to play chase) that means 'HEY MOM - ANOTHER KITTY WANNA PLAY CHASE' :D

    Got a bit hot, and both of us dislike heat, even though it's supposed to be winter:( And as we had done a good deal of walking, albeit just up and down the same stretch, went inside and released him to play:D

    Then, after he'd played for a while, we went inside and did some other 'trick' training. LOL didn't realize when I was inside organizing more treats (well hidden) HE had 'cooled off' in what is now known as Ra"s Plunge Pool (it was my lovely water feature *sigh*) and when we did Shake Paws - got quickly represented with one VERY WET PAW:D

    Kept the 'inside' session short and did not do any new tricks, not even 'say your prayers' or 'shy' as the kid had worked darned hard and do not want to over-train, as he ADORES training so why ruin his love by doing too much.

    Will also work a lot more just up and down the street, with loose lead training BEFORE venturing further afield:cautious: Want to see how he behaves when another dog/cat hoves into view - that will be THE BIG TEST - University level - even PHd.:LOL:

    Again, thank you everyone for all the help and encouragement, it's wonderful to have so many people to 'talk' to about Ra Kismet, training etc. and ALL SO HELPFUL:D:D:D:D:D
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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: This is hilarious!!!!

    But glad to hear you're making progress!!!:)
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Hope you don't mind my posting about Ra Kismet's progress, just it's lovely to brag a little, partner isn't the least interested:(

    Today we continued on our way to becoming the 'perfect dog'. No problems with lead biting when we first started out, just a wee bit when lead once more got twiddled around his legs. But am THRILLED with our loose lead walking. And OUTSIDE when the lead got twiddled again, he SAT and waited for me to untwiddle him - MAJOR BREAK THROUGH HERE I feel:D

    Did some in the driveway and once more ventured forth into the outside world. He still will pull a little when we first go out so I am getting really good a walking backwards:D But he's not pulling madly, just a slight pull. And often 'resets' himself WOWEE.

    Loads of barking dogs today, must have been coz the mail man was in the street, BUT he wasn't all that interested YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D Before he would have been asking me, none too politely, if he could 'go party' with them. Now oh we are so cool:cool: We just walk on by without so much as a blink of our lovely, long lashes:D Of course, the BIG TEST will be when we physically SEE another dog, that's yet to happen - PHEW not sure I'm ready yet for that one on loose lead:rolleyes:

    We also met the mail man on his scooter AND we crossed the road because he wanted to give us our mail personally. BIG TEST for the kid, those scooters are quite noisy. :LOL: *my* boy crossed the road with total aplomb and SAT - :LOL: post man did look a bit askance when I click/treated before taking the mail - but hey - kid deserved that click/treat:D Mail man 'caught on' - DOG ON L PLATES - because when we 'met' him again on the same side of the road, right on a corner too, he stopped the scooter, smiled and waited for us to pass, what a sweetie:) Sailed past as if we had NEVER been interested in possible playing chase with the mail man. New mail man so no baggage from former greetings/meeting :giggle::giggle: PHEW!

    Treat bag! :eek: taken a 'battering'. Once more Ra Kismet tried to dive in nose first and this time the strap on the bag gave way!:eek::eek: Fortunately it was zipped, otherwise he would have devoured the contents. Now bag is being worn tied around my waist until I can either repair strap myself or find a shoe repairer in this neck of the woods. I DID NOT INTEND to click/treat but the clicker went off accidently:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: as I rescued the treat bag! Fortunately I think Ra Kismet was just a little more interested in learning a new trick 'how to unzip broken treat bag' and didn't seem to register the click;) No reward was forthcoming!

    We did all our usual tricks, though we were a bit antsy about down and roll over for some reason. He normally likes this trick. Maybe doing it on concrete for the first time???? Anyway, I asked him VERY politely "PLEASE DO IT JUST ONCE FOR MOMMY PLEASE PLEASE" boy looked, thought and then decided 'O.K. just once, don't try asking again'! He did it beautifully and we ended our training session with the usual soccer game.

    So proud of the boy, he's such a fast learner and although the neighbors are probably wondering what on earth is going on:unsure: - saw one taking a 'sneak peak' I DON'T CARE my boys doing grand and THAT'S the important thing for me:D:D:D
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, I can't believe how fast Ra Kismet's learning!!!!:eek: AWESOME!!!:D

    LOL, the treat bag thing, hope you can fix it!!!:)
  15. MaryK Honored Member

    He's a fast learner that's for sure LOL not always want I want but hey, he's making progress(y)

    Will try to fix treat bag tomorrow - when he's OUTSIDE PLAYING :LOL: because if I tried now hummm don't really like my chances:D It's blowing a gale tonight so not even Ra fancies staying out for a game:)
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Treat bag FIXED(y) For how long?????????????

    We missed a day's training:((n) Ra Kismet was TOTALLY disgusted about that and showed it by giving me VERY reproachful looks. The kid sure can turn on the 'reproachful look' when he wants too. I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOO guilty but it just wasn't possible, life can be like that sometimes(n).

    Back in the saddle, or rather the dog collar, and have to say the boys doing so well. He did jump when I got the lead down from the hook, BUT HE DIDN'T BITE AT ALL, and when he realized I wasn't going to do anything until he SAT STILL, quickly did so, with the "HEY MOM I'M SUUUUUUUUUUUUCH A GOOD BOY - WHERE'S THAT CLICKER THINGEE'. He got his click/treat of course.

    Didn't have to 'waft' the lead around at all, put it straight on and went off, Ra Kismet trotting along like a PERFECT GENTLEMAN - well almost - we did slip a bit when I was opening the wretched roller door, he sat patiently for a while then, once it was open a little started to move through BUT when asked to wait a bit (with me explaining I'm taller than you young man" he waited, with only a wee little wriggle:D

    Off we went up the street and this time I counted how many paces he would go before getting a little ahead of me - we made TEN a few times WOWEEEEE that has to be a record - GOLD MEDAL for the kid(n) But now, even when ahead, he doesn't pull and a quiet Rakins sees him LITERALLY LEAPING BACK to my side. NOT UP but BACK kinda a little leap, chap loves to leap but this isn't a 'naughty' leap, it's a cute one;)

    Made it all the way down the street and around the block and met the 'hounds of baskerville'. One house has at least three small dogs (don't know how they get away with it as we are only allowed two by law) and brother do they BARK. It's quite a cacophony of sound, they could use some lessons in harmony:D Needless to say this sets of the German Shepherd next door who adds a bass note to the 'tune'. All of which has the effect of making Ra Kismet attempt to leap tall buildings or rather gates/fences in a single bound - with me still attached:eek:

    This time he did leap, but not so hard or as high as in the past and DID NOT attempt to twist out of his collar, just more paws on the gate. He could peak the others through a gap, no click treat for that effort. I just quietly went into reverse and Ra Kismet SAT(n) click/treat.

    Another attempt, we were loose lead training of course, this time MUCH MORE SUCCESS
    with me click/treating/good boying away like a mad woman, we got past with ONLY A HEAD TURNED TOWARDS THE NOISY WOOFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flushed with success, we went past a few times and MOST times he was a well behaved chappy, even forgetting to look in the direction of the ' hounds of baskerville'.

    Maybe pushed my luck too far but he did 'break' once. No click treat and it's almost as if he KNEW he wasn't going to get click/treat/good boy. We went around the block again, to give our ears and the poor neighbors' ears a break and he did LOOK in their direction when the racket started but that was all.

    On the last past I think they barked themselves horse as there wasn't a beep:D And Ra Kismet, who IN THE PAST, would have still pulled and leaped around because HE KNEW there were dogs in that place DID NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS GLANCE IN THEIR DIRECTION - sailed past looking hopefully at the treat bag:D

    Needless to say this stupendous effort of control on his part got him more click/treats and a massive tum rub right in the middle of the sidewalk:D

    Almost round the block on the upteenth time when I noticed he was LOOKING nothing more across the road. Didn't see the little dog at first, but there was a dog sitting QUIETLY (thank goodness my ears where humming from the other lot) and apart from a 'nod' in passing, Ra Kismet trotted along like an angel.

    So proud of the boy, he's making such good progress. Still has THE BIG ONE to tackle, passing another dog on the SAME side of the street, not behind high fences. Not sure as to how he will go with that BUT progress is being made BIG TIME so have every hope he will cover himself in glory when the BIG occasion arises and NOT disgrace:D
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  17. Dogster Honored Member

    He is making even more progress!!! Awesome!!!!:D
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes and with his other tricks too:D
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  19. jacobite Well-Known Member

    I loed the dog tricks. They were great.
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Aren't they great Jacobite and Charlie has some seriously grand ones too:D

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