Dogs Wearing Eyeglasses --too Funny


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<------- Have gone to search for sunglasses, they want a photoshoot! :ROFLMAO: I'm sitting here cracking up, this is the best thread EVER!!! I LOVE all these photos!!!:love::LOL: I've been laughing every day, seeing a new dog in sunglasses keep popping up. You guys are too funny, I always wonder .... ok, who's it gonna be today? :D

Dice Smith

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Yay!!! This is such an awesome idea. I've been putting Kodi in sunglasses every summer since he was a puppy lol. My dad even asks me all the time where his reading glasses are because I steal them for Kodi to wear and take his picture and make funny youtube vids with him wearing them lol :D My mom thinks its hilarious and takes pics of him wearing them too lol :p Here's a video of Kodi and my sister's lab Trixie enjoying their summer shades: