Dog Trick Training - a movie! :)


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snooks;14429 said:
Yes Sanskrit just has so many meanings implied and even entire mindsets for one word. It's a very interesting thing to research.
Yes - it is very interesting and fascinating, isn't it? :)

I took a lot of Latin and Greek in college and developed a great interest in root words for our current language.
That's so COOL! :) I've always loved Greek and the way it sounds, but unfortunately don't know either Latin or Greek.

I sent my trainer your Shakti meaning video link b/c I thought she'd enjoy it. Not sure if she spells Shakti the same exactly.
Thank you! That's so nice! Hope she liked it. The word "Shakti" is spelled in different ways - you're very right about that.

I only recently heard about Shiloh shepherds and have been looking for GSD's to foster.
Shiloh Shepherds are still a breed "in development" but there's more and more of them. They're wonderful dogs in many, many ways. There's the whole huge forum and it's the best place to learn about that breed. The breed founder posts there as well. We're in that forum too. :)
I'd LOVE to foster and train a GSD so that's another thing we have in common! :)

It's going to be months before I can do it given my shoulder and training a puppy.
Well - you'll get there my Friend! :) Keep your dream in mind and say to yourself every day that this is what you're going to do and I'm sure you will and maybe even make a movie for all of us to see you training the GSD! :) Wouldn't that be so cool? :)

It sure does make me want to investigate Shiloh rescue too. Older dogs are my big desire to help. Most of them don't get adopted and I hate to see them stay in shelters for years.
Although there is a Shiloh Shepherd rescue, I must say that it's pretty rare for those dogs to end up in shelters. The licensed ISSR breeders (the original Shiloh Shepherd registry) are doing fabulous job and make sure that IF somebody for some reason can't keep a dog they WILL take them back and rehome it. That's why I'd doubt to see a Shiloh Shepherd in a shelter which is a wonderful thing. Occasionally there might be a dog that's waiting for being rehomed. If you're thinking about fostering Shiloh Shepherds, you might be interested in joining the Shiloh Shepherd forum. It's 100% FREE and there are a lot of people who simply want to learn about this breed and not necessarily have a Shiloh. It's easy to join too.

Here's a link (and if you decide to join you can say Lexi (Shakti's owner - everybody knows Shakti there :dogblush:) )recommended the forum to you :)) :

People in the forum are very knowledgeable and always eager to help. :)

Hope it helps! Take care! :)


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Good new for Shilohs that they don't end up in rescue. All of the breeders that I would even consider getting a dog from insist in contract that they get back any dogs that cannot be kept. It's wonderful to hear Shiloh's have such strong organization. I would love to have one some day. I save the forum to my favorites to explore. Thanks very much!! :dogbiggrin:


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You are very welcome! :) We did A LOT of research before we chose the right breeder and we found a really wonderful one! We keep in touch with Shakti's breeder and she's always happy to help all the people who got the puppies from her and have any questions. She's a great example of a very responsible breeder who truly LOVES the dogs and helps in educating the dog owners. :)