Dog Trick Training - a movie! :)

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by shaktishiloh, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    We'd like to invite you to watch Shakti's NEWEST MOVIE! :dogcool:

    It's her 7th movie and this time it's a Trick Movie! Shakti's performing over 26 tricks in this movie. She knows many, many more tricks than that, but finally we were able to make a movie about some of her skills!
    We thought, we'd share the fun and joy of training with you all. :)

    Here's the link:

    Comments and ratings are welcome! We really hope you'll enjoy Shakti's latest movie as much as we enjoyed making it! :):dogbiggrin:

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Cute ending. :)

    I recognise a few of those tricks from the Kyra Sundance book. Really great work you've put in there. :)
  3. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU!:dogbiggrin: I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it! We're working on the Novice title from Kyra so that's why we put those tricks ( + "hello" trick in the very beginning when Shakti is bowing to her Friends and Fans and saying "hello" LOL :dogbiggrin:)

    We'll be adding some more trick movies (hopefully soon - just need to do the movie production :)...Shakti already knows a lot of stuff though)

    Warm Greetings from Florida! :msngrin:
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    beautiful work and it's great that you are teaching separate hand and voice cues and keeping the hands still and body language out of the voice cues. everything's being done very nicely with the cues and keeping your hands still when voice and hand cueing. this looks like a sure recipe for success. I do a lot of specialty training with my dogs that help me around the house and i don't see this level of detail with many trainers. thanks for sharing the vid and shakti is gorgeous.
  5. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your wonderful post and feedback!!! We really appreciate that! :dogbiggrin: Yeah - dogs make us self aware and teach us to watch our own body language... :) I'm trying to use body language more than words in training although I use both.

    Your specialty training sounds FASCINATING! I want to hear more about that please! :msnohyes: Thank you so very much for all the compliments. It means A LOT to me as I always try to grow as a trainer. I'm very happy to hear that I must have done something right...:msnblushing: Shakti's sending kisses! :dogbiggrin:
  6. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Smashing video - Shakti's a beautiful girl!

    Made me realise how much my dog Milo knows but has also highlighted quite a few gaps in his training - so - off to work I go!

  7. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you Sue! :msngrin: We're glad you enjoyed SHakti's recent movie!

    Milo must be a very smart doggie! Sending lots of belly rubs to Milo!:dogbiggrin:
    Yeah - Shakti knows much more than it was shown in this particular movie and we'll be working on next movie production projects now. :dogcool:

    Good luck with your work and we're looking forward to getting to know you and Milo! :msnohyes:
  8. cleverdogs Well-Known Member

    Lovely video and dog!

    Is the other dog in the video yours too?
  9. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU! I'm really glad you liked the movie! :dogsmile:
    The other dog in the movie isn't mine. We have only Shakti (so far :dogwink: )
    I fostered and trained the other dog (the white Boxer/Hound mix) and she stayed with us for about 6 weeks or so. She found a WONDERFUL forever home with a family that absolutely adores her. :msnohyes: That's another thing that Shakti does: helps in rehabilitating shelter dogs. :dogsmile:

    Again - thank you for your kind comment!
  10. snooks Experienced Member

    You're very welcome. What does Shakti's name mean or where does it come from? I have a trainer with a Belgian Mal whose dog has the same name. Very beautiful and also an easy word for a dog to recognize. :dogwink:

    My specialty training is for my service dogs. I have a 4yo dog that is very good and does all sorts of things for me around the house, has her CGC, knows agility, rally, obedience and we're learning some freestyle training and scooterjoring. She's really just too shy to go into a store or doctor's office for example and be happy being a service dog in that environment. So I got a puppy last year hoping for her help at home and in public. I would never ask either dog to do something that scared them or made them unhappy. Puppy came from some seeing eye dog lines and she's doing really well. I teach with clicker and positive reinforcement and "discipline" by ignoring or distract/redirect/reward redirected behavior. That combination works very well for a shy dog, an outgoing puppy, and a very fearful foster over the last few years. I started learning all of this when I got my 4yo and realized how shy she was.

    The specialty comes in doing complicated things in the presence of another dog and following voice or hand cues. I have problems with voice and hands during certain times of the day b/c medication wears off and on depending on what kind of day I have. I have early onset Parkinson's so my voice is soft and sometimes my hands and feet are what I call realllly slow and my right hand will shake. So the two cues need to be understood separately, esp voice understood in the presence of maybe conflicting hand cues. I actually teach ignore the shaky hand. This worked great for agility because I didn't want my dog distracted from what I voice cued her to do if my hand was moving. I never cease to be amazed that she is watching me even running full speed away from me doing weave poles. Enough that if I went to cue the next obstacle too soon by hand she would break out of the weave early.

    Aside from agility it's very important for anyone clicker training to keep hands still or behind their back if they don't want the dog to disregard the verbal. Dogs will disregard often the second cue (for example if you give hand and voice), they will often disregard verbal and go for the visual or hand cue. That's why many dogs will sit unless you tell the owner stand like a statue and say sit. The dog has no clue what to do because the owner has been unconsciously offering a hand signal or another body signal like bending over or head movement.

    I showed my husband a great example the a few weeks ago--he was having trouble getting our now 1yo puppy to listen (she's at that age of testing boundaries :dogdry: ). So I gave a hand signal for down but said sit at the same time and she went down. So she predictably disregarded the verbal. I then said sit and signaled down after she sat she ignored the hand signal. Not that I would do this again and confuse my dogs but I was trying to make a point that he always pairs voice and hand signals but not in a consistent way. He gets excited or frustrated and changes his voice clipping the verbal and saying very fast and sometimes includes an upward ending pitch in his voice, and making it unrecognizable to the dog. If she's off running she won't then see the visual cue. He doesn't get her focus either to give her hand signals so if she is barking at a deer on the other side of the fence she tunes him out. To be fair I spend all day with them and he doesn't so I do pick up a lot more detail watching them than he does.

    In teaching differential targeting like nose or paw to named objects it's also very important to keep everything "pure" if you want the dog to clearly understand. The behaviorist I work with told us that dogs learn better if you do separate voice only and hands only training sessions based on the latest research. I thought that was interesting and it does seem to work better with both of my dogs. Esp with things that are complex like differentiating between go get the phone and go get the remote since they look the same I need to be able to stop them and indicate--whoops the other one.

    I started doing shaping with a Karen Pryor trainer a few months ago and am very happy with the progress and new things I learned there with a clicker. I thought I knew everything about clicker but was surprised. She's been really helpful and very good with both dogs. Some very small changes such as preloading my hand with treats so the hands still or behind back makes sure the dog is picking up your cue - not the bait bag or pocket digging etc. The more purist approach with shaping uses no verbal which I find interesting. the click/treat is the praise. with the KP clicker method you are allowed to recue if you somehow reset the situation which has come in very handy with teaching a retrieve phone if the dog drops it half way or gets frustrated/bored in learning new things and is guessing wrong what you are trying to free shape.

    I just found it very exciting to see you are doing it perfectly the way 3 behaviorists and 10+ trainers told me to do it after a lot of years of training. Shakti's focus on you is also great which is the biggest part of successful advanced training. It's taken me a while to get there learning along the way and not starting out to train service work but just have fun. You are at a very advanced stage IMHO and I think you'll see great things with this dog if you continue. I just wanted too to let you know that you're exhibiting skills that it took several trainers and degreed behaviorists to combine for me. Good good work! :dogbiggrin:
  11. sara Moderator

    Thats funny reading your post. I do both verbal and hand cues. but my dog is deaf. She doesn't hear me speak but I use the verbal cues for the whole body language effect. When researching how to train a deaf dog, I learned that the more body language, and the more consistent the body language, the more success the training will have. Scout watches my face and hands constantly. When training or working, Scout is so focused on me that the lightest movement will cue her. I swear she reads lips as although she cant hear, if we are working, I can say sit, and she will. Without any body posture change, just my mouth moves. She's pretty incredible, her focus is absolutely superb I've had her 18 months now (adopted her when she was 4), she knows 41 signs. So I guess I subscribe to your method, as I am forced to <grin>.

    The video is excellent. I love watching other dogs work, and seeing how I can improve on how we do things. I am going to try and put one together of Scouts tricks one of these days, for the benefit of other deaf dog owners. I have one of a demo we did. there was a dog behaviorist talking through it tho, and I didn't agree with alot of what she was saying, so I do not want to use that one.
  12. snooks Experienced Member

    Wow what focus Scout must have to literally read your lips and cue the command from that visual cue. We can teach dogs to read, or more literally recognize visual cues why not lip read?? It's very cool that you deaf dog is picking up on lips and face.
  13. sara Moderator

    She is really intense, almost border collie like, in the way she focuses. Amazing really, since she was 2 hours from being euthanized at the pound. She is big-time proof that you dont have to have a dog as a puppy to get a strong bond and you can train a dog at any age. Scout was an impulse, I wasn't looking for another dog, but I saw her and had to have her... talk about a dog changing the direction of your life. I have learned sooooooo much because of her.
  14. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Hello Snooks! :msngrin:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your terrific comment. We have a guest staying with us and we're busier than usually...

    I meant to say thank you so much for your WONDERFUL and detailed reply! I really appreciate all your kind words and interest. You absolutely ROCK! :dogsmile:

    The name "SHAKTI" is a Sanskrit word meaning "divine woman" and also "cosmic energy", "universal energy", "power". A lot of people ask us that question so we even made a movie about that starring Shakti of course. :dogbiggrin:

    Here's a link (please turn the speakers on - there's sound in the movie):
    SHAKTI - what's in the name...? - a movie link

    Your specialty training sounds FASCINATING! What a wonderful thing to do! Kudos for you for doing such an amazing thing and for raising dogs to help the humans. Your doggie must be very special and smart.

    It also seems that we have things in common as Shakti does some of the things you mentioned as well: agility, obedience, she's also learning some freestyle training. She's also CGC dog. We love trick training of course. LOL :msnohyes:
    I can't agree with you more about not putting too much pressure on a dog that just simply would be unhappy if they were to do a certain thing. We've tried some therapy work with SHakti and took her as a therapy dog to an assisted living facility and I could tell that it was great for some residents there as they REALLY brightened up and it made their day to see Shakti, but I could tell that Shakti was a little subdued...She'll do anything I'll ask her, however I just thought it wouldn't be fair to put a really sensitive dog that can read human emotions as well as Shakti can through so much sadness and negativity... I can totally relate to what you're saying. Every dog is different and they have special talents and gifts. It's the best to focus on those instead trying to force them to be something they're not.

    It's also my responsibility as a pack leader to make my dog balanced, happy and fulfilled and to know what's best for her.

    We use clicker in some situations as well. :) I've fostered and trained dogs too! I worked with some really shy ones too (including strong thunder phobia and also submissive urination).

    You're doing a really difficult thing as far as using both voice and hand cues - even more kudos for you! :msnohyes: You and your dog must be very close and tuned into each other which is just beautiful! Great job!!!

    Yeah - to dogs a visual sign is usually the one that they will follow compared to a verbal command. I know what you mean.

    When I started doing K9 Freestyle with Shakti I became even more self-aware and strted watching my own body language even more. It's like meditation. :msnohyes:

    Yeah - the WAY the commands are said is VERY important. It's not the words and WHAT it's said,...Whatever the command is it has to be used consistently and with the right intonation, etc. You are VERY, VERY right about that!

    Gosh - I must tell you that I didn't know about the latest research and I'm not a behaviorist, but that's what I've always done: I was teaching voice and visual commands separately, then was pairing them. LOL :) After the dog knows both, I still go back at times and use visual cue only or verbal cue only, then I use both together as well. I just want a dog to react to both cues every time, both when they're used separately and together.

    That's wonderful that you know so much about clicker training. I use that in some situations as well.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments. I feel very, very flattered and happy to hear that you think I'm doing such a good job. :msnhugegrin: There's alwyas so much more to learn and I enjoy this "constant journey" of learning with and from the dogs. They're wonderful teachers! :)

    I work with Shakti on her focus and she just loves working with me and is always curious to see what her "Mom" will tell her to do next. I swear - sometimes she looks like she' thinks we're doing some really funny and goofy things. Her fae looks as if she was cracking up all the time looking at my new training ideas. I know it's anthropomorphizing a dog and Shakti's a dog, but sometimes there's just so much in those big eyes that you can't help but wonder about things like that. To me, she is a dog with an amazing sense of humor and sense of adventure. :)

    Thank you so , so much for all your wonderful and sweet comments. They relly brought big smile to my face! :msnhugegrin: I will absolutely continue working with SHakti - we're just warming up! LOL :dogbiggrin: We're planning to do the next agility level in January and can't wait! :) We're always working on new projects so please stay tunes and please feel free to come and visit Shakti's website frequently. There are a lot of new things there all the time.

    Big, Big hugs to you and big THANK YOU!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our whole pack:
    Lexi, Mike (my husband) and Shakti of course who's sending you big sweet kisses :dogtongue2::dogbiggrin:
  15. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Sara! :dogbiggrin: We're looking forward to watching Scout's movie! Good luck with everything! It's a great thing to make a video for a benefit of other deaf dog owners! :msnohyes: HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you! :msngrin:
  16. snooks Experienced Member

    Keep up the good work. Thanks too for the explanation of Shakti. That's really neat, I too give my dogs meaningful names after hours of laborious searching. Much to my hubby's amusement. But I always found the perfect one.
  17. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome! :) We love the names with the meanings as well! :) It's fun to look for the names! :) I bet you and your husband have fun with that! :) What names do you like? Any specific origin/meanings/etc. ?
  18. snooks Experienced Member

    My first Golden, now gone to the bridge, was name Shambala which is Sanskrit for a meeting place of peace and harmony for all creatures human and animal. We called him Shamba. My puppy is named Kimberlite Ice, goes by Kimber. Kimberlite is the ore diamonds are mined from and she was part of the "ice cream litter," hence all ice cream names. She is my diamond in the rough or ice. :) We've had a few more geologic/rock names and being from TX I have a few famous old west names.
  19. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Shambala - how beautiful! I know this word and I've always loved it! The meaning is so beautiful as well. You're GOOD! Now I know who I should contact if I have another puppy! LOL :msnohyes:
    Seems like we both like Sanskrit names too! LOL :dogsmile: "SHAKTI" is also a Sanskrit word (I think I mentioned that already - sorry for repeating myself...)

    Hugs! :)
  20. snooks Experienced Member

    Yes Sanskrit just has so many meanings implied and even entire mindsets for one word. It's a very interesting thing to research. I took a lot of Latin and Greek in college and developed a great interest in root words for our current language. I sent my trainer your Shakti meaning video link b/c I thought she'd enjoy it. Not sure if she spells Shakti the same exactly.

    I only recently heard about Shiloh shepherds and have been looking for GSD's to foster. It's going to be months before I can do it given my shoulder and training a puppy. It sure does make me want to investigate Shiloh rescue too. Older dogs are my big desire to help. Most of them don't get adopted and I hate to see them stay in shelters for years.

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