Dog Dancing For Beginners

Elliot DMDS

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Hi :)

This is the first Beginner class Dogdance competition we took part in- treats were allowed and the choreo was improvised because I never got a reply to my application- and then I could still take part and decided spontaneously :oops:

I helped him a lot with the treats, but still I'm happy he stayed focused in a new environment! Next time I'll try to do a more fun routine!



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darn, it says the video is "blocked" in my country. (usa) darn, i was really looking fwd to seeing it, as i am also working on a doggie dancing routine.
AT any rate, congrats on keeping dog focuses in an exciting environment, as you said,
which is something i am also working on, is keeping my "dance partner" focused on me around distractions.


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Love the video and love how you used the treats and kept everything well within Elliot's capabilities. It must be so easy to try to do too much too soon, especially with a dog as good as Elliot. For a first time and unrehearsed that was brilliant...

I'm hoping to see a lot more videos of Elliot doing doggie dancing... LOL I always like watching Elliot... he's just so impressive to look at and he is so clever :). Fantastic training :cool:.


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Not bad at all !!! (y) You really know how to keep him calm, but happy enough to work for you and to stay focused.
You are lucky that you are still allowed to use food in lower classes. Here it's only alowed in "fun&feed" and it's like a practice-class. After that no more treats :-/ Makes it really hard for beginners with not a lot of experience.


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Grand and that was beginners! Great improvisation on your part and Elliott looked so comfortable with everything he did, made it look 'easy' a true Pro!:D(y)