Does your dog retrieve ???


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Hivin- that's hilarious! I can see the tabloid headlines : "Organized Crime Ring Masquerading as Service Dogs"!! :doglaugh:

mine does retrieve, but I did have to consciously program it into him as he's not a natural retriever. his natural talent is "pounce, grab and run off with it to get a reaction out of Mom" ...


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Emma is a retrieving NUT! I guess it's because I work with her on it everyday. Right now I am working on getting her used to finding objects with her nose and then bringing them to me. Living up to her "Golden Retriever" name I guess :dogbiggrin:


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sherry green...

Two things I did with Breeze that really helped her understand the retreive (it didnt come naturally to her at all). When she had got to the stage you are at...where she would pick something up...

1. I played with a tug rope with her a lot. I then threw out the tug rope and as she picked it up to play with it I ran off chattering excitedly. When she had caught up with me I grabbed the trailing end of the rope and we had a good game of tug.

2. I took two identical tennis balls out (squeaky ones can be even better than regular ones...depends if you are worried about mouthing). When she ran out to pick up the ball I had thrown I made the one I still had really exciting. She would run back to me and I could take the ball she had in her mouth and throw the new one.

Dont know if either of those things would help? Retreive IMO is the hardest exercise to teach if it isnt a natural behaviour to the dog.


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My sheperd is lives to retrieve should of been a lab or golden. Sometimes I make him wait at a stand sometimes at a sit sometimes at a down . Yesterday I put all three in the command which he did then he told me just what he thought of that command (we laughed) after he finished telling us off I sent him sor his ball and he was happy again. Hes a blast to work with is is only 5 months old but has learned wuit a few commands all in germany. He learns them faster then I can figure out how to pronounce them


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my dog dosen't retrieve, when she gets a ball she prances around with or starts chewing on it until you chase her:dogtongue2:

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Oh Yeah

Guinevere will retrieve anything I throw or anything I point to if she isnt sure what Im pointing to she just runs around until I say yes then back she comes w/ whatever lol. Funny side note it seems people in this area arent very familiar w/ any breed but pit bulls so the other day I was playing ball w/ Guinevere and someone asked if she was a Labrador retriever. I said no why? His answer was the way she loved to play ball he thought she must have been a Lab LOL


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Layla plays fetch, but only if she's in the mood. We usually play a fetch/tug game... If she fetches then I'll play tug w/ her, so that's the only way I can get her to retrieve.


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All my dogs will play fetch - inside.

once we go outside:
Daisy becomes the distraction queen and won't do jack - she'd rather hunt down invisible cats.

Qwill will bring it back a few times, but then he'd rather instigate a game of "HEY GUYS I HAVE THE BAAAAAAAALL!!!! CHASE MEEEEEEEE!" and they all get the zoomies and run around the yard.

Shiner will chase the ball and kick it about (he plays like a cat with a crumpled piece of paper), but he won't bring it back and if i (or another dog) goes to get the ball he gives up and lays down or runs away.

My sister's BC on the other hand is a ball-nut and a fetch champion, he'd go crazy if you didn't play fetch with him! :)


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All my dogs retrieve. I use the Shirley Chong clicker method from when they are puppys. Just google Shirley Chong for the method.


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Mine likes to play a little back and forth before the actual retreiving but if i touch it he backs off waiting for me to throw as far as i can so he can run free!


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ruger lives to retrieve he should of been a lab instead of a shepherd. If I throw it and blind his eyes he will look and look antil he finds his ball! I can put him at a sit or down for 5 minutes and then send him also He goes crazy for balls. His newest trick is bouncing a beach ball off his nose back to me


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i have abit of problem thats just started with koda, shes learnt to retrieve now but she wasnt brining it back so i did the whole 'you bring it back i give you cookie thing' know the problem is shes bring it back half way and drop it then comes up and sits for her cookie

my question is how can i get her to bring it back all the way again?
i dont give her the cookie till i get the toy back but it does take while for it to sink in to go back to the ball and bring it up