Does your dog retrieve ???

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    I can't believe I have never created this poll before, but I have to ask! Does your dog retrieve?

    I am contemplating creating a lesson for this exact purpose so that people can enjoy the pleasure of playing fetch with their dog!!! :dogbiggrin:

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I think putting a lesson on retrieving up would be great. All of my dogs with the exception of my Chihuahua retrieve. :)
  3. leema New Member

    I don't know how to respond, again. Mac will retrieve toys, but won't do a formal retrieve, and needs to be well aquainted with objects before retrieving them.
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Pami never retrieves, only her brush, that took me about a month to teach her (in the first monthly challenge).
    So a lesson for us would be very useful! :)
  5. sarhaspups New Member

    Ace does not retrievebut I admit, it is MY fault. I have never taught him to retrieve properly b/c I give up to easy. He will retieve when I throw the ball into the lake, he loves swimming so he brings the ball back up to the bank , drops it and goes back into the water. He will not retrieve at the park, he runs around with the ball in his mouth and then when he feels like it he will drop it for me. teeehee. He will retrieve at home most of the time. I guess I have a mixture of retrieve/no retrieve, lol. I could use a retrieving lesson! :)
  6. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Yes, and I didn't even have to teach her. I think she started doing it on instinct. She will retrieve ANYTHING I throw and bring it back and drop it at my feet. ESPECIALLY Balls & Frisbees.
  7. sarhaspups New Member

    I think Shelties are good at that, having fetch on instinct. My moms Sheltie has always had a perfect fetch, no training required!! :) Lucky!!!
  8. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Milo loves to retrieve a ball or toy in the house but as soon as I take it out of the house its rather hit and miss - he'll go chase it but prefers to run around carrying it, just bringing it back every now and then!

    So, can't answer the poll truthfully!

  9. mtndogs Guest

    Both of my dogs retrieve just about anything I throw. Camden will also go and get her toys that she brings outside when I tell her "Bring your toys in the house". I took Masey to the lake for her first time and she loved fetching. Camden does it for a bit until she gets too interested in the birds. Camden loves fetching her Hamburger toy in the house.
  10. stormi Well-Known Member

    Both mine retreive (formal and informal). Storm was a natural, so I just had to refine the behaviour. Breeze found the concept more difficult and it took 4 - 5 months before I had a full retreive with her (but I didnt get her at such a young age as I did Storm).
  11. dat123 Experienced Member

    Retrieve...whats that ??? LOL

    They will get the obvious, ball, frisbee, because it's self-rewarding.
    Well, lets see...
    Delta will retrieve just about anything that fits in her mouth , 99% of the time. But she has been trained to fetch things.
    Talin, about half the time. He has this attitude... I could get it, but whats in it for me...
    Arlie.... never. ( why bother, get Delta to do it ).
  12. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    Poodles? You better believe it!

    I have taught all of my dogs a service dog retrieve, meaning that they will bring me an item that has not moved when I indicate it (either a gesture or using verbal commands to locate the object).

    But anything that moves they will happily bring back instinctively. My first Poodle actually didn't have a very good recall (just wanted to run in big circles, lol), so I would throw a ball or stick and he couldn't resist bringing it back... the retrieve was solidly programmed into his brain :D

    Up until this past summer, Charlie could never be seen with an empty mouth - there had to be *something* in there... stick, leash, water bottle, towel, boot... when I needed him to calm down and stay next to me I'd put my hand in his mouth - he would hold my hand, and I would hold his bottom jaw :)

    Fortunately my Poodles have never wanted to destroy anything - just hold it carefully. Charlie will still sometimes re-arrange items in the house... take a sock out of the shoe and leave it on a kitchen chair, then take a dish towel and put it on the shoes etc.
  13. bunnyboo New Member

    Yes, Link retrieves, and he had to be trained to do it! Totally worth all the time. What a great way to use up some energy!
  14. harry8 New Member

    Harry can retrieve almost anything - it's bringing it back to me that's the problem! Or if he does come to me he won't drop the ball - unless I have a super tasty treat on offer! Clare
  15. Jean Cote Administrator

  16. sherry green New Member

    Retrieving a ball

    Hi........I cannot get my cockapoo to bring the ball back to me. If one my my poodles get the ball, she will gladly chase the poodle for the ball, but, doesn't bring it to me. I'd love her to learn this for additional exercise. Any ideas!

  17. hivin New Member


    When we were training Bailey, our service dog, for retrieval tasks, when she was still just a puppy she got tangible treats for retrieving items ... every time she brought us any item at all, whether we threw it for her or not ... any item she brought to us ( initially, all she had to do was drop it on the floor in front of us, or even if she just lay down in front of us to play with the item herself ) we'd just scoop it up ... verbal praise and treat followed ... she caught on pretty quick that bringing an item to us got a reward. We then move to just tossing items a foot or so away and asked for it back "get it" ... then we just kept increasing the distance we threw the item away ... everytime she brought us back the item we tossed she got a treat for exchanging it ... we gradually increased the amount of retrieves she had to do before getting a treat ( she never knows if or when she'll get a treat now ... when she's out with us "working" now, she never receives tangible rewards, we don't even take the treat bag with us when she's working ). Now, she loves retrieving items, whether it be something we've inadvertantly dropped or if we're just playing ball outside ... she brings everything back and appears to be quite happy doing it ... tangible rewards were faded away and verbal praise is all she gets for retrieving now.

    Actually she retrieves too well now ... while out at the local farmers market we had stopped so I could adjust the sleeve on the forearm crutch and while she was sitting and waiting to continue on, the man purchasing something at the kiosk next to us dropped his wallet ... Bailey retrieved it quite rapidly and effeciently .......... ah, except, she gave the wallet to me "OOPS" ... you should have seen the look on the guys face! I took the wallet from her and said "I told you to check for credit cards first!" ... gave the man his wallet back. So now when we go to that market they all call her our furry pick-pocket!

    Take care, hope the retrieving goes well: Hivin

  18. sarhaspups New Member

  19. harry8 New Member

    Jean - I trained Harry to 'Drop it' when he was a pup but he needs more work with distractions around him. He's perfect in the house but it's outside that's the problem. I take a ballthrower with two balls only to find he won't drop the other so we can play a game of fetch!

    The clicker is helping with other commands so i'll start using it with everything I do. Thanks for all your advice on the clicker. A great investment (even if it did come free with a training book I bought last year!) :)

  20. storm22 Experienced Member

    storm retrieves everything but koda hasnt been that into it, storm was a natural i didnt really teach him (just the guve it back) but koda aint that interested in toys as much as storm, unless storms got the toy

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