Differentiating Between Different House Rules


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Aha I see Trixie has the 'please pretty please plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssse give me a piece' off pat:LOL: You're right, they want to please us, they want that treat, that's why old school training is so cruel!!!!!!!

Trixie will get a 'look' actually more than one as she grows up. Rakins also has the 'mule' look, which means 'hey Mom we've done that trick a few times now, haven't YOU got it yet" - so funny and so cute and also reminds me to do a different trick!!!!!!!!!! It's a matter of watching your dog closely, which I know you already do, and you'll start to see Trixie's 'looks', she's a little young still, Rakins didn't develop his 'looks' until he was around a year old.

Good trainer to pick up on that and show everyone the right way. Our dogs train us even more in some respects than we train them. Carolyn Scott and her dog Rookie are a good example she said in an interview that Rookie taught her so much and in their famous routine "You're the One That I Love" she said Rookie helped with the choreography, even in the ring, he'd throw in another spin at times:) Have you got the book by Pamela Dennison, "The idiots guide to training your dog With Positive Reinforcement"? It's a really good book, funny and very informative especially on learning doggy signals, reading your dog etc.

Her throw sounds divine:love::love: I love purple and yes, good thing not to be able to see the fur! Ah that's so sweet, it's lovely when they just come up and feel so good and comfortable with you that they jump up and give you kisses and cuddles:love: When you upload I'll post on Rakines FaceBook site - an update on his fav puppy pin up gal growing up:love::D

I agree, I honestly think that happy, + reinforcement dogs, do keep their 'puppy' faces and ways (the good bits not the naughty bits) and I'm sure Trixie will stay young even when she's 'old and grey'. LOL people still look at Rakins and say 'he's still a puppy isn't he' and think he's a lot younger than three. Plus one of my German Shepherds was at the time 14 years old when a Bobby, standing next to me at the lights, looked down, commented on how beautiful she was and said 'she's only a puppy about a year maybe a bit more old isn't she" I had to laugh at the way his jaw dropped when I said "she's actually 14 years old"!

Trixie and Rakins would have a fine time together in the water, he's the same, will put his head right under and when he jumps in his plunge pool (my ex water feature) takes his soccer ball in with him. She'll get used to distractions, she's still learning all about that big wide world and hey, gotta check out EVERYTHING otherwise how can a gal learn what's going on around her! That's grand you can take her down and get her back into the car so easily!

She's one up on Rakins when she comes in. He'll stand on the towel which I keep handy but a gentleman???? Has to have a mass of treats when it comes to drying off muddy wet paws, otherwise he'll take off! LOL I think he actually likes being wet and muddy - the grunge look!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen one of those towel bags before, thank you for the photo. Must look on line and see if I can find one, as it would be VERY useful with Rakins. Aw poor baby falling flat on that oh so cute little nose of hers, I would feel bad too about that happening.

They most definitely are! Dogs are VERY observant, they watch and know our every move!!!!!!!!!! And you're right, we do under estimate them at times, though with +R training we get to learn their ways, their language too.

I always wish I could bonsai them so they stay puppies:D But yes, they do grow into bigger and into an even more loving deeper relationship with us, that's the plus side of them growing up. The bond becomes so strong it's beyond words. They understand and read our thoughts. I had a German Shepherd who was definitely telepathic, we actually did a 'test' and she never missed a beat. She could be outside and all I had to do was literally 'think' must get Lally (her nickname) in and voila - there was my dog right beside me! I'm not kidding either!!!!!!!!! I have a strong feeling Rakins is going to develop that way too, he already 'knows' before I even start to make a move, some things and of course they also know by our movements, tone of voice, everything - we can learn a lot by taking that superb way of observing the world around us the way our dogs do.

Lotsa big doggy kisses and hugs:love::love:


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Yes she does, not that she needs it! anything she does makes us melt :)

Haha as you say, they're training you more than your training them lol I can't wait till i can notice all of her looks, i'm sure she has them already :)

she is good, i'm glad i found her as she makes things make sense. I'll have to look that up as i don't think i've seen the performance. I'll try and get hold of it as i love reading doggy books like that, there's always something new.

It is lovely, and she seems to find it comfortable. It is soo nice, although I think she knows she’s not really supposed to without permission lol.Aww bless you J

I can understand that, he does look very young. And dogs don’t seem to age the way humans do, they look great until there about 100 (human terms) haha, brilliant that she looked so young and puppyish.

They would have a great time together anyway who needs water :D lol I’m sure she will, just one of those things that will take a while I suppose. Noticed when I took her out yesterday somewhere we hadn’t been for a while, it was like everything was new and her heel work when down the pot.

Haha, at least he’s got some of it down though. Have you done it since he was a pup? Think that’s one of the good things about the time we got Trixie, we had to start off with all the winter grooming and drying off and she gets a treat after. Although sometimes she does forget.
Don’t all dogs enjoy being wet and muddy? It’s the rebellion part of them for sure :D

You can get them on Amazon in different sizes, it is when their filthy as well as wet but a struggle to get them into it (mostly cos she’s still learning the basics I think) I do feel bad but sometimes she can be funny in it to. Although we’ve not used it in a while.

It’s amazing being able to watch them grow as well, I swear once Trixie had doubled in size during dinner! Wow that’s fantastic. You must have been ecstatic when that happened, no need for more training J lol
And 2 telepathic dogs as well!! J you must have such a strong bond.

Lots of kisses back to you Ra Kismet and Zeus :love::p


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Trixie would melt the hardest of hearts, she such a cutie pie:love: It's hard to be 'tough' at times isn't it.

Google Carolyn and Rookie, there's a video on YouTube of their Dance Routine, it's such fun to watch and add 'interview', sorry forget who she did the interview with. Also just so it's not a shock, Rookie died of cancer, cried my eyes out over that.:cry: The interview is lovely, Carolyn and Rookie had a similar problem, will not say more as it will spoil the interview, but have a tissue handy, you'll need it.

Awwwwwwwwwww it's HER blanket:) Just say 'go to your blanket' and reward when she does, she'll get the hang of when and when not to go on her blanket.

Yes so true, often wished I could have an injection of their 'young' genes!

*sigh* yes, been doing it since he was first with me, as he had paws in the outside water bowl (a large dish which he wrecked even with a brick in the middle) and he STILL prefers to spread mud all over the house! But he's s-l-o-w-l-y getting it, all those treats help:rolleyes::D

Yes they sure would have a grand time together. Rakins is STILL very curious and eager to check things out when he goes to a new place. He doesn't pull though but the head's swinging round, neck cranes to have a look at 'over there', love their curiosity for new places and smells, which Rakins will do a LOT in a new place. Somehow I don't think he'll ever be 'world weary'. Zeus is more chilled out, but then he's always been like that. So long as Trixie's not pulling like a sled dog, I wouldn't worry too much about close heel, just keep the lead loose and let her explore, after all it's all soooooooooooooooooooo exciting and all that new peemail!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, will check them out but was wondering how on earth you get it on the dog! Something tells me I may have major issues with Rakins, who doesn't like wearing a coat even, though he now allows me to put one on him when it's pouring with rain. He used to take them off one side as I was trying to fasten the other:eek:

Dogs are fascinating and yes, they do, when still growing, seem to grow over dinner.

I am blessed to have had one telepathic dog and now I'm thinking I may be doubly so, although it's very early stages yet. Lally didn't develop that, well not that I was aware of, until she was about six'ish from memory.

Hugs and Big Doggy Kisses to Trixie:love:


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Oh it really is hard to be tough, so many times we've 'told her off' and almost immidiately had to turn away so she can't see our 'OMG that was too cute i can't be mad at her - she can get away with murder' face.

just checked out the dancing to Grease, that is amazing - and Rookie is sooo happy, his tails wagging the entire time :) its lovely to see, i'm going to leave the interview till i'm at home, don't really want to be all blubbery at work :'(

Its not so much the blanket that she's not allowed on, she manages to jump on the bed before i've got a chance to put it on then does dead weight when i try to get her off (thats funny in itself) lol but she is learning and gives me at least half a second now before she jumps on my bed - i'm just not quick enough for her :) lol
Which reminds me... i got my first proper wake up this morning is was soo special!!!! i was still in bed, partially awake and i heard thumping up the stairs, next thing, puppy nose is through my door and on my bed wiggling like MAD - lets just say i didn't need a shower this morning :) was soo lovely and special. :love::love::love::love:

Ahhh just a very rebelious boy then :) at least he is making improvements on it. must love that all he's got to do is sit and let mummy dry him to get treats

Unfortunately Trixie does pull... unless we're doing training on it, which is everytime now. but she seems to have got into the habit already and if i'm not watching she's dragging me through mud :( i'll keep training though. I don't mind the curiosity and i don't want her to be right next to me all the time, i just don't want her to pull or cross infront of me cos i do end up kicking her or treading on her sometimes (i have to walk her at night which makes it difficult to see her)

The way i found works best is to open it out and put it on the floor and get them to sit on it then tuck everything in and zip up. Aww why doesn't he? i though coats were comforting to dogs?? like being cuddled?

At least you know what signs to look out for with Ra Kismet, you might notice it a lot earlier :)

lots of licks from the pup :) x


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Yep done the same thing myself, especially when Rakins decided to jump on the dining table (no food it wasn't laid or anything) just because 'he could'. I couldn't stop laughing as he looked so darned chuffed with himself:LOL: I was trying to say 'get down' and keep a straight face at the same time:rolleyes: And I swear they know when we do turn away for a laugh and think 'hee hee Mom's not really mad with me".

Isn't it a beautiful vid, makes you feel happy just watching it. Good idea, you will be blubbery when you watch the interview!

I get the picture with Trixie and the blanket. Now's the time to start working on 'stay' although you'll probably not get more than a second at first but keep at it and she'll get the message to wait until you've got her blanket on the bed. So cute, she's such a sweet heart:love:

Awwwwwwwwwww GRAND that's BRILL you're first proper "Puppy Alarm Clock" wake up call!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh so very special, isn't it lovely:love::love::love: From now on you can expect more of those wonderful wake up calls!!!:love:

LOL Rakins went through the teens with a 'rebel without a cause" attitude!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: He's improving almost daily now, awwwwwww my boy's growing up! He's very treat orientated, so here I am having to dry with one hand and feed treats like a dispenser with the other!!!!!!!

What I would do with Trixie, as you def don't want her pulling that's quite different from toddling along ahead of you on a loose lead, is to hold a treat in my CLOSED hand down at my side. Walk just one step, maybe two it she's really attentive, then click/treat her. Keep doing this and increase the steps as Trixie gets the idea to stay close to you. I did this with Rakins and he doesn't walk right next to me but doesn't pull either and will turn and come right back to me every so often to 'check in':D It's hard at night, I am walking both boys at night because of the heat, and can emphasize with your problem. Have you thought of getting her a flash collar? They really do help.

Thanks for the 'how to' that makes total sense. Rakins didn't read the Doggy Manual on that one, you're right, the average dog does feel they're a comfort like a cuddle, but not my boy - even though he adores cuddles - for some reason he's not chuffed about wearing a coat.

Yes I'm watching the signs, LOL if he is, I'll have to watch my thoughts as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotsa doggy kisses and tummy rubs:)xx


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Haha bless him :) Trixie hasn't figured that out yet although she has figured that if she uses your lap she can nose at the stuff on the table, we try not to let her though. bad habits and all that. Haha i bet he looked chuffed! he gets to be king of the mountain and you couldn't be mad at him. :) lol

she's alright at stay. I can even throw her toy and she wont go after it, but if i'm not paying attention she will slowly get up and follow, just need to extend the stay time and make her realise she can't go till i say (any tips?)

It was soo Nice!! she just couldn't wait till i got up and had to come see me ( i am her favourite of course :) lol )

Haha that fills me with confidence :) that your still working on his teen years at 3 years old :) lol. haha bless you, i'm sure he could wait couldn't he? and get the jackpot right at the end?? :)

Thats what we've sort of been doing, if she pulls in front, get her attention and walk backwards till she's caught up with you again and then carry on walking. It's worse when there's someone in front of us, she just doesn't get that she would catch up a lot quicker if she didn't pull. :(. i think we've got up to about 22 steps without her pulling (and its getting more) but as soon as she gets the treat she pulls again :S. It's also frustrating with the 1 minute walk, like from your car to the vet door, she pulls then quite a bit and its difficult to get her attention again.
Whats a flash collar? is it one of those attachments with the light so you can see where they are?

Strange lad he is, i'm sure he'll get used to it, maybe try putting it on him just round the house so he gets used to it? we had to do that with trixie's car harness cos she actually walked away from you if you were carrying it, even with treats and stuff, cos she always tied herself up in the car so it must of been uncomfortable.

Haha definitely watch your thoughts :D

showered in puppy kisses and hugs from me :love:


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Oh you're lucky Trixie hasn't figured out yet how to jump on the table:) It's hard isn't it to be strict, but that's one thing I am strict about, it's a naughtiness to try to get onto laps and nose the table to see what we're eating. I do ask for sit then - yep I'm a 'strict spoil sport mama at times'. Trixie is so cute and I can well believe she's hard to resist:D
It was hard though when I was just having a sandwich, sitting on the sofa, and Rakins decided to actually sit on my lap! Good little chap though, he didn't attempt to sniff or nose my food, so when I had finished he got a big 'doggy treat' for being such a good fellow.:D I just had to try to get food into my mouth and cuddle him at the same time!!

With sit/stay do you turn your back when you walk away? If you do, I wouldn't do that at first as it's a HUGE ask for a youngster to sit/stay looking at your back. What I do, or rather did, for quite some time is ask for 'sit/stay' and walk backwards a few paces, then walk back to Ra Kismet and reward click/treat good boy etc. Keep the distance short and by watching her if she goes to move you can just say " stay" and use your hand signal. Creeping after you is quite a normal thing for a youngster to do, so don't worry, just keep working FACING her all the time. I can now walk out of sight etc. (even go to where his soccer ball is 'hidden') and he will still sit/stay but it took a while before I could rely on him to remain sitting and not come running after me. If Trixie does come after you, and doesn't remain sit/stay, then just quietly take her back to where she was and give her the sit/stay command again - no treats of course. And when she does remain, heavy reward of course.

Trixie is definitely a Mommy's girl, that's just so cute and such a wonderful feeling to know you're her favorite person:love:

Oh yes, Rakins is still a 'work in progress' so never give up hope. We're still working on him NOT jumping, or rather bouncing, up at the door when he wants to go out. LOL he's the impatient type, wants his treats NOW. I am managing to draw out the time between treats whilst drying to about 2 seconds :oops::LOL:

I know exactly what you mean about pulling to catch up the person in front. I've asked my partner nicely and not always quite so nicely NOT to charge on in front, especially if he's got Zeus, as Rakins used to pull like crazy to catch up and like Trixie he didn't 'get it' that we'd catch up faster if he didn't pull. Keep doing the same thing, and if Trixie pulls too much, like the one minute walk into the vets, ask for sit and 'look at me'. I use that with Rakins as he ADORES the vets, tried to walk through the glass panes on the side of the door he was so impatient to get in and say hi!:rolleyes::LOL: Trixie's still very young, so just keep working on her walking nicely without pulling. Try in the garden, especially with someone walking in front of her, and if she pulls ask for sit and reward the sit. She will stop if you keep working with her, which I know you will, so don't lose heart.:) Some dogs 'get it' quickly, like Zeus, whilst others are like his late sister, take a bit longer.

I've tried just putting it on in the house and he's improving a little. I think one of the problems is that it's so hot here for so long that he doesn't need a coat very often, so by the time we have to use one again he's back to square one! Zeus and Tiger Lily (his late beloved sister) grew up in the middle of winter so had plenty of experience in wearing coats from day one. Where as Rakins didn't need one until he was around six months old and then only on the odd day.

Sending showers of doggy kisses to you and big warm hugs:love:


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I know I am soo lucky with her, although… she’s still young so still has plenty of time to learn all those bad habits lol. We thought we had it figured (to not let Trixie get at the table) Dad even said he might kick someone out for feeding her from the table, then guess what he did…. Let her drink part of his cuppa from the table!!! When I brought it up a couple of weeks later, he was the one looking sheepish. Lol and now she does watch us eating sometimes ‘if I sit here looking all cute, I’m gonna get some of that biscuit’
Aww that’s good that he’s learnt that mummy’s food means mummy’s food no matter where she’s eating it.

I do, but I did work up to that, taking a step back then a few steps, then sort of half turning. At one point I managed to get into the hallway (she couldn’t see me) and she would just sit there. I think it just requires more frequent work. Got so much to work on at the moment though. When did you click for this? When you got back to him, or when you were still ‘far’ away? I’m not asking her to stay for long at the moment, but I’ve managed to get it so I can leave for work without her coming after me, (soo cute to see her little head poking round the door as my dad closes it – but sad too)

It is the most wonderful feeling. I love it soo much that she gets soo excited and even waits for me at the bottom of the stairs when she can’t follow.

Haha impatient and excitable. J just the right/wrong mix lol that’s good with the treats, I can’t imagine using that many treats just to wipe Trixie’s paws, she’s getting a little chunky as it is (she keeps telling me it’s her fur making her look poofy, but every so often I don’t believe her)

I’m glad Trixie’s not the only one. Mum and I have been working with her like crazy on this, and she’s managed to get it when theres no one in front. I think we’ll give it another few days then gradually teach her not to pull when someone in front. She also really wants to say hi to anyone who passes her and tends to pull then, I’ve tried getting her to notice me, which has worked once, but she was still at the very end of the leash. Is this just that my timings out? as I really don’t want to have to stop every time someone passes us. Any ideas what else I can try?

A Dog that ADORES the vets… never heard of such a thing J lol

That’s good. Put on a fan, the air conditioning and sew some pockets in the coat for ice packs and then put it on him, I’m sure he’d love wearing it then, Plus he could probably play ball for longer without getting overheated :D :p

Lots of fast licks followed by one Long… slow.. puppy kiss (cos that’s her thing now) lol


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LOL yes it's amazing how quickly they can manage to learn all the bad habits, especially when you have another dog who's more than willing to teach a puppy all the bad habits but none of the good ones!:rolleyes: Typical male!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My partner says he HATES dog's sniffing around his food, but who allows BOTH dogs to sniff his plate if he's eating in front of t.v.?? No prizes for guessing either, the answer is obvious!:LOL: His rationale is good 'they are just sniffing' humm am I missing something here????

Yes Rakins is a good boy, he just loves to cuddle, which can be a tad difficult when eating and a bit 'dangerous' if having a cuppa!

Click/treat when you get back to her and praise like crazy too. Make a 'big deal' out of staying:D She's still young, and doing really well for a youngster, so just keep on with the training. Also, as she's still young I also play and release after a stay, as you don't want her to get 'bored' and think it's all too much of a chore:rolleyes: As she gets older and better, she will, you can just release her after click/treat. I also, re-set when they move, just gently put her back where she was originally sitting and ask for stay again. Don't reward then, but once she's stayed, then go back to her and click/treat. You may have to repeat a few times, don't do too many repeats though, twice is enough. You don't want her thinking training is a total bore, it has to be fun all the way.

I know, little heads looking round the corner, or in my case looking through the glass in the door, is such a sweet but sad sight.

It's the most precious feeling in the entire universe, a dog's love and excitement at seeing you, wanting to be with you and showing it so openly and without any embarrassment.:love:

We've progressed with paw drying, we can now do two paws and then click/treat, well most times, so there's progress HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great, you're making progress!!!!!!!!!!! The other thing you can do if Trixie still pulls, is turn around and walk back the way you came, or just walk backwards if it's safe to do so. Or stand still and become a 'tree'. It's not always easy, as you want to get on with your walk, but patience is the key, she will 'get it'!

With other people/strangers, I use 'leave', well I did when he was a puppy, now he toddles past without a glance. Puppies find EVERYTHING interesting, people, dogs, fences, trees, blades of grass, garbage cans, you name it it's fascinating to a puppy. And also, most people LOVE puppies and will say something or look at them, so it's not easy to teach them to leave. Just keep Trixie focused on you, use treats etc. when you're passing people in the street and say 'leave' then click/treat the second she even looks like 'leaving' the person.

Actually all my dogs have loved the vets, some more than others, but I do think Rakins is the one who adores them most, with Tiger Lily a very close second. Although Jacques was so upset once at having to wait (emergency came in) he sat outside the consulting room and sniveled!!!!!!!!! I always make going to the vets a 'social' occasion, like it's fun. Plus I've been fortunate to have vets who encourage taking puppies in for a 'social visit' to look around and just say 'hi' so they don't associated the vet with just being poked, prodded etc. I do believe our attitude to going to the vets really does help them to like the vets.

Hey that's a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An 'icepack' coat, must try that and see what happens!

Love Trixies, new kissy kiss routine. We're onto fast licks, followed by ear sniffs!