Differentiating Between Different House Rules

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  1. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Hi. i wasn't sure where this went so thought here would be best.

    So at home we don't allow Trixie (now 12 weeks) on the furniture. if she puts her feet on she gets a sharp 'off'. But we're starting to introduce her to my boyfriends apartment (he lives above a cafe so toilet training here is tiring lol) and he doesn't have a problem with her getting up on the couch. Can dogs (puppies) differentiate between the rules at different locations? or should the rules be the same throughout?

    Thank you
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  2. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    My dog Gilbert knows that he can't try and chase our rabbit (from outside the run) yet when he comes with us to the neighbors' he pesters their rabbit and doesn't listen to a thing we say. He knows he can't chase ours but doesn't think the same rule applies for others', so I would say that they can differentiate.. If that helps
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  3. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Yes, they can, but to make things easier I'd allow her on the couch when invited. Keep it invitation-only and you shouldn't have any problem.
  4. MaryK Honored Member

    They sure can. One of my late German Shepherds would NEVER steal in other people's homes, not even with a buffet very temptingly laid out. But in her own home, biggest thief ever, she believed in 'help yourself at home':D

    Agree with A & C allow on the couch only when invited. That way she'll know the boundaries and where she can sit on the couch and where she's not allowed too. Will come in useful for other places too, like transport etc.
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  5. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thats Brilliant thank you.
    Apparently my parents had problems with her last night - she had zoomies and somehow managed to get onto the couch :eek: which they put a stop to immediately so training required here!!
    We've been working on her not jumping up - she generally only does it when she's excited or smells something intrigueing. We tell her to get off. but when we invite her shes not bothered and just looks like she's been told off again.. :( Any tips??
    should we just try to associate a word with being up before we tell her to get off??
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    With the zoomies, they don't always exactly look where their going re sofas, it's there and well, they can jump on it.:D

    I would use the word "off", rather than tell her off, because as you've found when you invite her she isn't interested and looks as if she's been told off. Plus if you've used the word 'down' she may get confused if she's being taught 'down' meaning lie down/drop. Also it's confusing her if on the one hand she's ticked off and then on other other invited to get up. I suggest having a special mat or dog's bed, something like that, so she knows that's 'her bed/mat' and when given the command 'off', with a click/treat when she obeys, you can also direct her to 'her spot' with say 'on your mat Trixie. That way she'll feel part of the family and special having her own mat, plus it's a kind of security feeling too.
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  7. collie23 Well-Known Member

    We do use the word 'off' and if she doesn't listen she gets a loud clap to get her attention. This is my dads problem. He forgets that down means 'lie down' and not 'get down' so every so often makes a mistake. but that improving to. :)

    We can work on the special mat. and possibly transfer that to the sofa (have i got that right?) She actually has her own bean bag although i think she gets to hot in it so doesn't use it often.
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Same problem with partner, must be a male thing:rolleyes::confused:

    Sorry, didn't explain it properly. I should have said, keep one part of the sofa covered with a small dog mat/bed any sort of easy to wash cover and direct her to that if you want her on the sofa or when she just gets onto the sofa without being asked.

    Don't forget to click/treat when she does eventually get off, that way she'll learn a bit quicker:D

    Yes she may well find her bean bag a bit too hot but once winter sets in she'll probably love it. Adore those doggy bean bags and you're lucky she hasn't demolished it!!!!!
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  9. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Aah i get it... need to find a blanket :) lol
    I definitely need more clickers so i don't have to hunt through all her box's to find one. (starting to seem like a very good idea) lol
    I'm sure she will. Haha she hasn't actually demolished it but she's peed on both of them (hers and my dads) and she sort of mouths them which we're trying to stop before she does destroy them. Tried to bury her chew in it the other day... was unsuccessful :LOL:
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  10. Evie Experienced Member

    My partner still tells Evie to 'get DOWN' off of furniture, and she just looks at him blankely as if to say "I'm already laying down stupid". Then I tell her "off" and off she gets off. It's quite funny actually.

    I agree with above comments. Teach her that sofas are only allowed to be sat on if you've been invited. If you find her on the sofa, don't yell at her, dont get grumpy, just say "off" and if necessary, lure her off with a treat. Always reward her getting off. I'd also consider rewarding her randomly when she's laying on the ground next to the sofa while you guys are all watching tv etc. so that she learns that good things happen when you a) get off of the sofa and b) were never on the sofa to begin with.

    Oh and with Evie, we always made sure she had one of her beds right next to the sofa so that she had somewhere nice to lay too and didn't feel like she had to be left out if she wanted to lay on her bed.

    You shouldn't be telling her off for anything in my opinion. If she's doing an undesirable behaviour, then you stop that behaviour by asking for something that you do want (in the case of sitting on the sofa, you ask her to get off) and then reward the correct behaviour. A much nicer and more effective way of training :) Although sometimes trying to convince others on this method is much harder when they'd much prefer to take their frustration out on the pup...

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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Absolutely right Evie.(y) Good post!

    It's much more convenient to have more than one clicker and treat bag. I keep on in the trick bag and one up high with some treats. Though LOL finding somewhere were Ra Kismet cannot get too is quite a challenge!

    If she's peed on her blankets, you'll need to use a special product to get rid of the smell, to her anyway, because normal detergents just don't remove the smell enough.

    It's best to stop the mouthing, as it can prove very destructive. Give her a toy when you spot her mouthing, something soft, so it feels the same to her.
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  12. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thank you both.

    She hasn't got the muscles in her back legs to be able to jump on the sofa, and we've been discouraging it up till now any way. (as soon as front feet are up we say 'off' and she gets down/off lol) so this may be something for a couple of weeks time. She's got beds everywhere in the house (and generaly chooses the floor anyway lol) so she's never left out. and sometimes i swear she's watching the tv with us :)

    We don't actually tell her off for anything, just maybe voices raise a little more than they should if she's just plain not listening.

    I know what you mean about convincing others - my dad is a peice of work. Keeps saying because he's owned a dog before he knows a little more than i do. I keep telling him things have changed since then, but sometimes goes in one ear and out the other.

    I'll need to order/buy a few more then (luckily birthday coming up so gives an idea for parents :))
    Luckily we had some new material and mum was going to make some new covers any way. so when she did pee they both got new bean bags. but we have got proper doggy odor neutraliser stuff for the little accidents.

    We are trying to stop her, but sometimes we dont notice, think shes just having a good muzzle scratch with the bean bag, or trying to make noise (she really likes the noise they make for some reason) but are stopping her and giving her a distraction. She's such a good girl :)
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    She's doing so well and so are you:D(y)

    That's the same argument my partner uses, and he's had one dog, compared to the many I've owned or trained! But I am FINALLY managing to convince him to not use the CM methods, thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL just like toys, provide them with all manner of lovely, expensive toys, and they prefer the boxes they came in or something similar:LOL: She may prefer her beds when Winter sets in.

    Hint Hint, I'm doing the same for Christmas. Lucky you, having a Birthday soon. I'm sure everyone will get the hints, don't be too subtle though:D

    Good, nothing else works except the proper doggy odor neutralizer stuff.

    She's probably intrigued with the sound, and yes, I guess doggy beach bags would make a good muzzle scratcher:D She's adorable, and she's a quick little learner(y):love:
  14. collie23 Well-Known Member

    She s doing brilliantly, and i bet even better if i was here more :(

    Haha they think they know it all, but not always the case. Thats great, glad your making progress :) lol sounds like another dog :D

    Yeah i'm sure she will. the wood floor is going to get cold and i'm sure that wont be nice on her delicate puppy belly :)

    Haha hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink. ;) now's the time to start so you get what you need (and want) lol Subtlety is not my strong suit :) lol

    She is definitly a quick learner, when being taught correctly. :rolleyes: mentioned in the other thread, i taught her Paw!!! the first proper trick she's learnt and it was brilliant!!. kept lifting her paw saying the word then tried without and she just did it!! Jackpot!! and then everytime after she did it. Woke up this morning and checked it wasn't a hullucination and she did it again first time!! I was soo proud of her. I know it's not the best trick but it was fantastic :) can't wait to get started on others :)(y):love::love:
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:LOL::love::love:(y) Trixie's first trick!:love:(y) that's fantastic! I'm thrilled, she's such a smart little lady, brains and beauty. Wanna Vid please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta see the babies first trick, it's like a baby's first step. So exciting!:love::D

    Now she's started to learn, she'll get even faster and will more than likely teach you a trick or two, so make sure you capture them.:D(y)

    Men, lot slower than dogs, less willing to learn and def not as smart! Still there's progress, I think!:rolleyes: Prefer working with the dogs though, they have much more enthusiasm and energy!:LOL:

    "Mom, I need my warm beddies, plus a doggie hottie bottle, coz it's cold and my little tummy needs to be all warm and snuggly. Actually, I think maybe your bed would be grand, we could keep each other warm." Yes, she sure will need her bed when the winter sets in and wondering what she'll make of snow, always so funny to watch them when they encounter snow for the first time.:D

    Yep, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, got the sledge hammer ready and waiting, am starting "Operation Christmas Presents" immediately!;);):rolleyes::D Cannot be subtle, not in my nature!:D

    Trixie's one smart lady and she definitely is a fast learner. Bet she loved the JACKPOT! You've every right to be proud of her and yourself, go have a big chunk of chocolate, you deserve praise too!:D(n) Oh I'm so thrilled for you, made my day, or rather night:love::love:(y) Big (((((((((hugs))))))))))) to Trixie
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  16. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Hi MaryK
    Sorry I’ve taken ages to reply again L had so much to do and think about.

    I will post a Vid of her as soon as possible. It’s so adorable; she’s still offering it a lot when she’s not quite sure what I’m asking for J

    I hope so, she’s such a good girl and so quick to learn. Even this morning mum went out the front door and left it open, Trixie ran up to it stood inside watching her, I called her name and told her to sit and she did straight away, just wanted to watch what she was doing with no urge to run out. I LOVE HER!!! :D

    Haha that is soo true!!!!! Dogs are much better J lol

    Aww I can just see Trixie saying that with her eyes!! So much can be said with their eyes J Can’t wait till we can trust her upstairs so she can snuggle in my bed!! :D I am DEFINITELY going to video that!! Just hope there’s snow this year and a fair amount that doesn’t turn to slush would be good to.

    Haha, And I’ve got the bucket of cold water just in case they don’t get the message from the sledge hammer J that should teach them to not get it wrong J lol

    She definitely is, she’s lovely and such a good girl especially for her age! Can’t believe she’s 15 weeks plus now :O it’s crazy!! Chunk of chocolate has been and gone im afraid L lol but was very nice lol
    She did love that jackpot, think she wants another one asap J just can’t find the time L but we’ll get there.

    Big hugs back to all!!
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    That's o.k. guessed you were busy:D

    Oh she will offer the trick she knows or loves best when she's unsure, Ra Kismet does that all the time, so cute:love: And now he's got 'say your prayers off' to a really fine point where he holds it forever, he's offering that one a lot. LOL I think he thinks he needs some prayers at times:LOL:

    Yes, I recall reading a book years ago, from memory the title was "How To Train Your Man Like a Dog" or something similar. It was priceless:LOL: Don't think it's in print now, as it was my BFF mother's book. Wish I could get a copy though.

    Dogs really do talk with their eyes don't they. I love that, so honest and open, nothing hidden.:love:

    And she'll hog the duvet too:rolleyes::love: Nothing like a warm, snuggle pie, to cuddle up to on a cold winter's night. It's tough waiting for them to be 'trustworthy' isn't it. Do video please, can hardly wait for that video.:D

    Oh cold water should do the trick Way to go:cool:(n)

    Sure hope you get loads of snow and not too much slush. Slush is ghastly isn't it. Wonder how Trixie will react to her first sight of snow. Do have the video camera at the ready.;):)

    She's a darling, the perfect puppy, naughty, cheeky, loving and just plain adorable. They grow up so quickly, I almost want to 'bonsai' them to keep them puppies. Read an article just the other day on BC's posted somewhere on this forum and it said they remain puppies for quite sometime YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just without the 'naughty bits' like 'accidents' but their outlook on life is still 'hey who wants to grow up I LOVE being a puppy".

    Ra Kismet is still quite puppy like, full of life, hasn't become 'world weary' yet:D

    Ooops, who left chocolate where a certain young lady could get to it:rolleyes::D

    She's adorable and I'm so very happy you're enjoying her puppyhood, it's a wonderful time. I love puppyhood, despite all the extra work, broken or stolen things, it's just plain wonderful! Nothing quite compares to puppyhood:love::love: But older dogs are wonderful too, my golden oldie is the sweetest chap around and he's taken to doing tricks!!!!!!!

    LOL bet she loved the JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!! She'll been very keen to get another one:D

    Hugs to all:love::love::D:D:D
  18. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not replying on soo long, christmas has been soo busy and just couldn't find the time to reply.

    Aww bless him, bet you were soo happy when he got it that he thinks thats your favourite, so offers it for everything :) thats what Trixie seemed to do. Can get frustrating, i'm trying to give an actual hand signal for sit, went over the local park and ask her to sit, then gave the signal, and she laid down, took ages before she got what i was looking for, but think that was my fault for asking too much and confusing her. See I'm learning too :D

    That sounds like an awesome book, i googled it and found a internet article which was brilliant http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/a...ilarious-book-reveals-really-tight-leash.html

    She is now allowed upstairs, i got a new throw for christmas just for her, and am training her that she's only allowed up when thats on the bed :) hope it works. And your right she does hog it! once i get more time i promise to get my ass in gear, and download the vids and pics i've taken. I PROMISE (you now have it in writing) :) there's a brilliant one of her stretched out across the whole bed, its adorable :)

    Unfortunately no snow this year (or yet anyway) babies going to have to wait. Although she has swam for the first time My Little Baby Is All Grown Up!!!!!! :D it was amazing, a puddle that was a little to deep, an 'Oh Sh*t' moment flitted across her eyes and then away she went, now she seems like a fan of water :D

    Thats Brilliant although i think true for most dogs :) although sometimes she does look like a wise old dog. Like she knows everything your saying. (She knows Give although i havent actually toaught her lol )

    Puppy hood is amazing but just passing to quickly, she's already practically fully grown(got her little height chart on the wall :) although difficult to get her to stand still for long enough lol)

    Hope you had an amazing christmas and new year, More hugs and puppy kisses from Trixie :)
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Hope you had a grand Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    Dogs so want to please don't they, offering up a trick when their not sure what we want. LOL Rakins sometimes just sits and gives me 'the look' half disgusted and half quizzical as if to say "Hey Mom get your act together, you're confusing me". Happens to all of us at times, we give confusing signals. I just take a deep breath, steady myself and start again. Sometimes I do a totally different trick to get myself back on track when I've screwed up and confused RakinsO_o Just when the 'wrong' trick is offered don't be tempted (it's so easy to be tempted as it's so cute) to reward. Just wait a second and then ask again.

    :ROFLMAO: reading that article but it's true, even though it's also extremely funny. Training the male of the species is like training a dog, only harder:LOL:

    Aw that's so cute a new throw, allowed up stairs AND of course HOGGING THE BED!!!!!!!!! Knew she would:LOL:
    Yep it's in writing, so will expect videos and pictures very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet Trixie is totally adorable stretched right across the whole bed. Isn't it lovely though:love:

    No white Christmas, bummer!!!!!! So looking forward to hearing/seeing Trixie's first encounter with snow. Ahhh you're babies all grown up, it happens all too quickly doesn't it. LOL oh I can see that "oh sh*t" expression and then the deep breath and in we go! Now you're got a water baby too and all those lovely muddy paws, wet dog coat and "hey I don't really like being dried'. Is Trixie a good girl when you dry her off?

    I swear dogs know more than we give them credit for. I've had to resort to spelling out certain words only to find that that doesn't work after a while. And although some people have suggested it's the 'association' say - soccer balls and me having one in my hand - that's not the case. I can say to my partner something about 'soccer balls' no mention of Rakins name or any movement in the direction of the ball and he knows what I'm talking about!

    I love it when they get that 'wise old dog' look and then follow it with a cheeky grin.:D

    Yes puppyhood is very short lived isn't it. I love that you've got her height chart on the wall but LOL can imagine it's hard to get her to stand still. I was looking through 'old' photos of Rakins, had a wee tear in my eye, as he looked so small and cute. But they're wonderful when they're all grown up and the bond formed is even deeper. That look of pure love and trust is really just so special.

    Had a wonderful Christmas Big Doggy Sloppy Kisses from Rakins and ((((((HUGS))))))) To Trixie:love::love::love:
  20. collie23 Well-Known Member

    They want to please, and they want the treat. Was so funny last night, my brother nicked a poppadum from our curry and Trixie really wanted it, she went right in front of him and started sitting, lying down, pawing at his leg, over and over again just trying to find something that would make him give it to her! was so cute.
    Haha at least he’s got a look so you know your confusing him I suppose it’s take time to learn Trixie’s look. That’s a good idea, always helps to take a step back and think about what you’re doing rather than what you want the dog to do. The trainer from the Intermediate class did that with someone last night, she took her dog away and told her to do the ‘signal’ that way she managed to pick up on how she was confusing the dog as she didn’t have that distraction. It was brilliant lol we all learnt from it.

    It’s a really nice throw as well, a deep purple with white spots, lucky as you can’t see any fur lol I think I’ve got a picture of her hogging the bed, again I will upload soon J It’s soo lovely to see her enjoying being with me, there’s been a couple of occasions where the gate at the bottom of the stairs has been left open and next thing shes on my bed wagging her tail and soo pleased to see me.

    Apparently its supposed to be getting colder her again with showers so we might still see snow :D I really hope we do for Trixie’s sake. If it’s anything like she is with bubbles, it will be funny J (again vid soon)

    I don’t want her to grow up any more, although I think she’s going to keep her puppy face till she’s old and grey J She’s definitely a water baby, until she goes a little to far out then it’s back to ‘oh sh*t’ but she makes it back. She’s even put her whole head under the water looking for her ball was soo cute. Luckily we’ve found a great place with a boat dock thing right near the car park, so we throw the ball in a little way to get her really wet, but not dirty, then it’s just a a long wipe down and in the car. Yes she is really good providing there’s no distraction ‘OOO Stick!!! Mum get off my foot I’m trying to chew!!’ we’ve got her used to sitting on a mat when she comes in from the back garden, she’s such a lady when she does that J. We’ve also got a towel bag for when she gets really filthy although I feel bad about her falling face first into the floor when she tries to walk in it.


    we really don’t give them enough credit, they’re soo attuned to us they pretty much know everything about us and what we’re going to do, everything!!

    Aww it’s just a shame they don’t stay that way for long, although they grow up into bigger and better things.

    Major hugs and slobbery tickly kisses bac

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