Diesel- Newfoundland


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I adore Newfs, what lucky puppies to have such a wonderful blanket and playmate. Diesel is SUPER 'MOM' to the pups:D


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View attachment 2241View attachment 2242 Diesel is a three-year-old black Newfoundland male. He's our first male Newf, we've had three girl Newfs before. He is super-special and so fun! He is very willing and quite energetic for a Newfoundland. He's a big boy and weighs about 165 pounds and he's thin! He has a great sense of humour, and is very eager and enthusiastic, however he's my husband's dog so I tend to try and keep my mitts off of him so my husband can do the honors- which he doesn't really do.... sigh. Diesel however is no slacker about training my husband! He has taught him to rearrange the furniture to accomodate him(he likes to lie on ther right and behind his chair thanks very much!, to fetch the pink bug toy, only the pink bug toy, to check the water dish on command, and various and sundry other tricks! Diesel loves to work for food -any food will do but it needs to be accompanied by a fountain of drool or very large foamy streamers. EEEW! His trick list is still kind of short but it doesn't really matter, Diesel is like a rockstar, he just needs to show up and any other dogs don't even exist. He has a instant Fanclub wherever he goes. We did earn his novice trick dog title and my husband is (suposedly) getting him ready for a carting test in May. After Rocket gets his intermediate trick dog title I am going to spend more time teaching Diesel tricks and maybe padding the cart-work when no one is around. (Shh! don't tell!)
With that high forehead, he almost looks part gorilla, LOL. What a gorgeous boy. I could get lost in all that blackness!