Concerns With Training A Rescued German Shepherd Vs A Puppy


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I don't really have much to add at this point, I just wanted to say Will, thank you! It's so awesome to see someone so concerned and doing so much research before getting a dog! I see so many people that decide they want a dog on impulse, get a puppy from the pet shop a week later, then a year later the dog is in a shelter. Some sheppie is going to have an awesome home!!! :)



A high energy GS would definitely get its workout in my household. With all the hiking, mountain biking, running I do; not to mention the park trips we will make, play dates, nose work, obedience training, and gosh knows what else we will get ourselves into. While I will say, it would be nice to avoid the holes in the backyard, couch chewing, and running away. I know that with the fun we will have together and the training we will go through together, we will work those quirks out of her system (if she has them).

Well I do sincerely appreciate your vote of confidence and willingness to help me. The Sheppie will without a doubt have an amazing life with me, and more importantly, I will have an amazing like with her. Being deployed, we have a little too much time on our hands to think sometimes and there have been quite a few nights where I have lay restless in bed thinking about all the amazing times to come haha.

I have been looking into “The Right Steps” trainer you posted a few posts back and really like them. The positive reinforcement is definitely a plus for me. I also like that they have basic training, which leads to advanced training, which can then move into Nose Work, K9 training, etc. My dog may not need the basic training but I sure as heck know that I do! Plus it will be a great confidence booster for the GS when they kick butt in the basic class and it will give me the opportunity to learn J

I am DEFINITELY interested in the raw feeding. I am a huge researcher/planner so any advantage I can gain, like not having to search for the information myself, sounds great to me! Even more so important, if it means my GS might live longer, I am all about it!

I didn’t realize there was Nose Work competition too!? Well if so, I am definitely hooked!

MaryK, yes the Aussies have a very blunt sense of humor, but it makes the work place an adventure everyday! Love the experiences we live together every day.

Yeah, the deployment aspect was the one thing that worried me about adopting but I feel I have some great work arounds for this. Plus many soldiers do it already and you can see all the wonderful reuniting videos on You Tube. Doggies make it just fine through deployments as long as they have a happy home to stay in; which gma and gpas homes (my parents) will be like Disneyland for a year for any potential pup!

And again, thank you all for the kind words, I sincerely appreciate it. I can not wait to get back home, get resituated in my house, get it all doggy proof J, and go find my new mate!