Choke Collars: What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Rusty has both of those breeds as well(along with others, lol). With some exceptions, she may grow to be much like Rusty. =D You'll have to get some pics up when she's older. :)

  2. landseer Well-Known Member

    About Choke Collars

    I totally agree with shelly. Although in the poll I have voted for the not necessity of these kinds of collars, I think that, in case choke collars should be necessary, they must be used knowing the correct method.
    With Chantal I didn't need to use a choke collar. I bought a leash ending with a slip knot that doesn't choke the dog brutally. Luckily I didn't need to use it too much and now it is just like a normal leash I use to walk her.
    Landseer an Chantal
    By the way....HAPPY EASTER to everybody hoping this wishes of mine find you well in body and in spirit:cheers2:
  3. hockey390 New Member

    I don't use a choke on my dog, but if she was a tough puller and didn't respond to her own added tension or me stopping during leash training I would use one to get more response. I don't find anything wrong with them if they are used as collars or training devices, but I always hate to see someone walking their dog on a choke and just hear the dog doing that *HHHHEEEEK-- HEEEEKKKKK* noise they make if they can't breath due to the choke... I'm not sure if those letters will actually make the sounds if you try, but if you say those words and sort of hiss like a cat it might ;-) You all know what I mean.. That sort of use isn't the right use, that is just choking your dog.
  4. lexio2 New Member

    I'm love the limited choke (martingale/no-slip) collars but dislike classic chain chokers, due to the fact that 99% of people will use them incorrectly.

    as far as shock collars go, it depends on why and how you use it. We used a shock collar with my sister's BC to teach him to come when called when he hit 18months and STILL had ZERO recall. We shocked him (on a very low setting) once and that was all it took for him.
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    will do, i took some this morn with her and storm so you can get an idea of how big she is (i put them in gallery) shes 4 months, she a big girl:dogbiggrin:
  6. bekah1001 Honored Member

    My brother new someone who had a really hyper golden retriever and they bought a choke chain collar and the dog was dog so exicted it pulled so hard it punctered it throat and died:(
  7. storm22 Experienced Member

    thats awful bekah1001 poor dog
  8. lane New Member

    Choke Collars

    I used choke collars on my dogs at one time because I was told that that was the best way to control them. Since I've moved over to clicker training I've found that my dogs respond much better than they ever did with the choke collars and I only use plain leather collars now.
    I worked with one woman who's brother-in-law had a dog of 6 - 8 months old and was walking it in a chain choke collar. It was pulling so he pulled back hard on the lead and snapped its neck. I've also known people who have used them for many years. It's a pity we can't poll the dogs:doghuh:

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