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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Dlilly, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Dlilly Honored Member

    When I get my new camera, I'll make another video of him. He now knows the pause table and the teeter totter!!

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Chance is GREAT!!!! You are doing an AWESOME job with him Dlilly!!!!:)
  3. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Chance is really good! great job Dilly and Chance!
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  4. Anneke Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: That blooper cracked me up!!! Yup, that's what you get, when you teach your dog tricks...
    Good job!!
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    Dilly, you might want to consider having a placard with contact info to adopt Chance, IF you could safely do so, without revealing YOUR address, like, instead, write the the name of the rescue org or humane society that is in charge of getting Chance rehomed. ... and insert that info into all of Chance's videos?
    Just a thought. who knows who might spot it and ache to adopt that adorable dog?
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  6. Dlilly Honored Member

    There is this community near me that Chance loves to visit! I live in the country, but this community is only 5 minutes away. They have side walks, a dog park, and a whole bunch of cool shops. Chance LOVED the sidewalks because there were people on them. :love: I'm actually going there today to take him to the dog park, then I'm putting up a little ad I made for him. That's the only place I can think of to put a sign up….
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    online is good, too.

    I once inherited some dogs whose owner died, well, sort of, i guess *i* was put in charge of finding these older, mixed breed dogs who were both a lil bit chubby, and knew zero cues or tricks, and both pulled on their leashes,:rolleyes:
    some new home. Not the most marketable dogs in some people's eyes, right?

    well, i made a facebook page for the two dogs, and also listed the dogs on Craig's list, "need home, owner died" thing.
    I studied each dog for a while, and wrote up their best qualities, really emphasizing those qualities.......... and took several photos of each, and did lil hearttugging write up on their facebook page.
    I asked all my local pals to pass on link to that FB page all around FB, to anyone who lived in this area. It did get passed all around FB.
    so you CAN make a FB page JUST FOR CHANCE, about Chance only.

    I tell ya, i had soooooooooo many responses, wow, i had to begin the screening process via phone calls to trim down to those who will get live interviews to meet the dogs.
    For real, my pals and i who were working on this together, came up with questionairres, after reading some of the 'real' type adoption questions.
    We met the ones who DID make it past the phone call interview in a group, not just me, for safety sake.
    (some got vetoed right off the bat during those phone questions, ppl who hit dogs, etc)

    We had about a dozen great "finalists", (again, this is for some scruffy looking, chubby older dogs, which makes it kinda impressive, imo, i might be good at advertising?:ROFLMAO: )
    that we had big talks amongst ourselves over who gets the dogs. :ROFLMAO: We could not find anyone to take both dogs together, but, it all worked great anyway. REALLY SUPER GREAT ENDING for both dogs,:D they are with owners who adore them and dote on them, and got them into shape and keep them busy. Really really neat match ups.

    One dog who was very very outgoing and adored (and hogged) all att'n, he went to a fitness trainer gal, who ran her own workout place, and she saw getting the chubby flabby dog to be fit as a great project!! and she takes the dog to work with her everyday, that dog is almost never alone. He is the greeter at the fitness salon. Lol, that dog does look buff now, i gotta say! The dog can even jog a lil bit now!! rofl. and has huge farm to play on, and is spoiled rotten outa control.

    The other, bigger, even slower dog, got adopted to a healthy, active older woman, who had lost her husband and her last dog, she was done grieving and now had a hole in her life..... she needed that dog, and i could tell, she was gonna dote on this older chubby dog. It seemed a great match, a dog whose owner died, + an owner whose dog died......

    She drives an SUV specifically cuz she feels dogs prefers SUVs,:ROFLMAO: which i found adorable, and she walks that dog a mile or two now each day at the river park, and i see them sometimes. Her grandson got her a headhalter to walk the dog. That dog is also in shape now and really has blossomed under her care---he is now a MUCH happier dog.
    She is absolutely besotted with that dog. Perfect energy match there. She has big fenced yard and installed a doggie door just for the dog.
    This woman's last dog had been dog agressive, and she often goes to big family picnics with lots of dogs, so we had to show her how dog-friendly this new dog is, and she sends me photos of Buck playing with all his new dog relatives hanging out together. She couldn't be happier, and the dog follows her everywhere all day.

    I still get annual letter from their current owners, :) complete with current photos.
    The older lady, i found through Craig's List,
    and the fitness guru, i found on facebook, through the page i made specifically FOR just the 2 dogs whose owner had died.

    YOU REALLY CAN TAP INTO THOSE SOURCES, to lure in ppl to check out Chance, and DO write up all his most adorable features, qualities, customs, habits, likes, etc. Of course, all potential adopters have to screened and interviewed, but, do consider a FB PAGE for Chance, and listing him on Craig's List.

    and even youtube, if you add in placard into your videos "THIS CLEVER DOG NEEDS A HOME/is for adoption/etc" or something, with link to the org in charge of placing the dogs,
    who knows who might see that on his youtube video? GOOD LUCK DILLY!!!!!!!!
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Who wouldn't want to adopt Chance???? Such a smart boy!!!!:LOL:
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  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    yeah, i think so, too, Dogster, Chance is SUPER adoptable dog!! He's got it all, looks, talent, personality! Is just a matter of finding the ppl who need a new dog...
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  10. Dlilly Honored Member

    I made a Facebook page for him Sunday. Funny you mention that! Even if you don't live in Georgia, you can "like" it. The more "likes", the better!!

    Thanks for the tips!! Hopefully he will get adopted soon! I'll also put up a little sign at my library. Maybe someone there will be interested in adopting him.
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Great job, Dilly!!!!

    I'd also find your local humane society's fb page, and post link to Chance's page on their wall. Post the link onto any local dog groups of any kind in your area, and ask them to pass it on as a good deed to help a dog in need.

    You might want to consider changing headline of Chance's FB page, from "Chance, the Trick Beagle"
    to something like, "HELP THIS DOG" or "Help This Dog find a human to love him" or "Trick Dog for Adoption" or "Can you help this dog?" or "Trick Dog needs a home!" or "Trick Dog needs someone to love him!" or something that makes it super obvious at a glance,
    that this page is not just about someone's dog who does tricks,
    but, is about a dog who needs a home, who just needs someone to give him one chance to show how much love he has in his little heart.

    also, i'd take down the remark about "who says hounds are dumb?" part, (i would, anyway.) And i'd kinda go on and on a bit, about what a sweet, lovable dog he is, LIST ALL HIS QUALITIES, any adorable quirks he has, make Chance 'come alive' on that page....

    Mention how he is young, likes other dogs, cats, (edit--nevermind, i see you did!;) )is obedient, affectionate, no behavior problems (if true) not a huge barker, just needs a human to love him, etc etc. No lies at all, but, brag him UP!!!! I might leave out the electrocuted part til you meet a potential adoptee, as someone reading that might think Chance now has brain, heart or general health problems.
    Whatever good things you can think of about Chance, lol, even how soft his fur is, how cute he is, how loving he is, how much he loves to be with his human, how funny he is, how he'll make you laugh every day, etc,
    i'd write ALL his qualities on that FB page. mmmHmm!!

    I might reword the part about Chance was returned for behavioral problems, and instead, write that Chance's last family didn't have time for him, and returned him. That Chance had issues at his last home, SHOULD be told to any potential adopter, but, doesn't have to be front and center on Chance's FB page, imo, since he doesn't have them now. Anyone who adopts Chance will have to be told of it, and told how Chance has to kept busy, or whatever, etc.

    You have done some great work on this page, some very wonderful posts you have done!!

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  12. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Is Chance listed on Petfinder? (i'd think he is...) If so, you can post link to his Petfinder page,
    link to the Atlanta Beagle Rescue, (or whatever rescue is in charge of the paperwork) on Chance's FB page.

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  13. Dogster Honored Member

    LOOOVE the Facebook page!!!!! Let me tell you, I would adopt him if I could, honestly.:D He is an AMAZING dog!!!!!:LOL:
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  14. Dlilly Honored Member

    Chance is on petfinder. His pictures and info on there isn't great though…. The woman who edits the profiles is super busy… I'll ask again for her to update it. I'll write out a little description so she won't have to!

    I'll work on editing his facebook page again tomorrow. My friend had a great idea to make 1 page for all of my fosters. That way I won't have to make a page for each foster dog. Any ideas on what I should call it? Molly's Foster Dogs? Adoptable Beagles? Adopt A Beagle? Beagleloria? (My brother made up Beagleloria. In Beagleloria, Beagles are the size of cars, and they are warriors. They wear armor and fight battles to defend Beaglelora. XP That's why we call Beagles Beaglelorians.) Beagleloria is a bit confusing for people who don't know about it though.

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  15. Amateur Experienced Member

    Are you sure he's a Beagle ? Awesome video.
    Love the website idea -- it will surely help with getting them adopted.

    I would keep the name simple so that it would be an easy Google search

    p.s. I like the big lazy hairy dog
  16. Dlilly Honored Member

    He is too short to be a full Treeing Walker Coonhound. I think he probably does have some Beagle in him. This is a guess of course.

    Delilah has a thing with sitting RIGHT in front of the camera waiting for her turn while I'm working with Shiloh or Chance. I was pretty upset to find that half of my video footage was of her head. :p
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  17. Amateur Experienced Member

    I was more making fun of the fact that for a Beagle or hound of any sort - he was extremely responsive to you.
  18. Dlilly Honored Member

    He's gotten out of our fence multiple times to chase the chickens. I just yelled "Chance Come" and he stopped chasing the chicken and came to me! Now, sometimes he doesn't come, but him coming to me even a few times is amazing!

    He has learned his tricks faster than Shiloh has! (She is a German Shepherd, Blue Heeler mix) It took Chance only a few days to learn the elephant trick. It took Shiloh a few good weeks. Maybe he wants to treats so badly he will do anything for them? :LOL:

    He is only my 2nd foster hound. My first foster was a Beagle, Dachshund mix. She was very obedient too. I haven't had enough experience with hounds to tell if they all can become obedient, or if just some are just special…?
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  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Wonderful plans for the page, Dilly! You ask for help naming it,
    if i were you, i'd put something in name that makes it obvious these are dogs looking for homes, looking for a human to love them, to adopt them.

    Making it really clear at a glance it's about helping out a dog in need of a human to give him a chance....
    If i think of any good ideas, i'll be back!:)
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  20. Zsu-Zsu Well-Known Member

    Great video

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