Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lotta


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Of course you could do a tutorial about something, that would be very very kind of you. :p My friend should figure out first what it could be. :D When she does figure it out, how could we tell you about it? Would we tell about it in some thread or should we possibly send you a PM?:)

Maybe you could start by answering to the questions we put in this thread:
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Just send me a PM when you decide a trick. :)


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So, we have discussed about Lotta's training in this thread. My friend thought that we would write also about this:

She would need help/advice with these:
In figuring out what to teach to Lotta and/or how to teach it. You have already helped my friend with it many times. :love:
If my friend already knows what to teach and how
a) She tries something and it doesn't work then what she could try next.
b) For example: if she watches a tutorial about something, she doesn't always know how she should apply that with Lotta.

So, my friend has difficulties in applying instructions. It's because of these reasons:
Lotta is so different than those dogs my friend has seen in tutorials. She doesn't get her to do things as easy as those trainers get their dogs in those tutorials. Those trainers don't usually say if this doesn't work, do it this way. So my friend doesn't always know how she could teach those things to Lotta she has seen in tutorials. Maybe you could help her with it.