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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by srdogtrainer, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I was wondering if anyone has any websites, books, videos etc. that they would recommend, specific to putting routines together. I have taught River a bunch of moves but am having some trouble putting routines together. I have written out one and River already has parts of it memorized although I kind of made it quite elaborate so it will take a long time for both of us to learn it. I guess I should have started out with something easier, but I just couldn't help myself. :dognowink:
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  2. TippTapp_Kerstin New Member

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  3. TippTapp_Kerstin New Member

    and maybe this one, too - it´s me and my old dog "Jimmy". He´s a 11-year-old Terrier-Mix and he his "the love of my live" :-)
  4. Ina Well-Known Member

    What a great dance routine! I especially love the part where Jimmy circles the umbrella inside and you dance on the outside. Thanks for sharing!
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE dog dancing, i just do!! I love the bond, it's so easily visible, i love trying to spot the cues the dog is looking for to do HIS steps...just love it.

    Here is another dog dancing video, it's older but i've always really liked it. I also like how the dog helps the shy girl 'bloom'.
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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  7. Ina Well-Known Member

    Amazing how the crowd goes crazy - you can't help but be pleased for Gin and Chandi.
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  8. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Thanks for posting these videos! All of them are really awesome! I have seen the last two before and they sure are well worth watching again!

    I was also wondering if there is any information, how to's on putting together routines, tips on making routines, etc. I know there are seminars about canine freestyle and wanted to know if there are any good videos about it either online or that I can purchase or books that someone would recommend.
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  9. Ina Well-Known Member

    As I was browsing the web I remembered that someone had asked for this. Here is a link explaining lot's about how to set up a dance routine:

    The YouTube video on there is very interesting ... makes you want to start a dance routine :)

    And here is one to see honey in action:

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  10. Ky's Jed New Member

    Great videos guys.....I love yours TippTapp :D
    Im going to have a look at my first Canine Freestyle class on Wedensday. My boy Jed is not ready to start yet, still doing basic training and not fully vacc yet. The lady who takes the class invited me to come anyway to watch. Looking forward to it.
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  11. szecsuani Experienced Member

    On the website of the hungarian dog dance association, there is a short article on how to pu a routine together, but of course it needs an english translation... (this is a kind of a raw translation, but I think you can get the main parts :))

    When you find the "perfect music", listen to it all the time, until you know every beat and melody by heart. Try to imagine what movement will match the different parts of the music. You can even take notes, like writing a plan.
    For your first routine, it's practical to use tricks that your dog knows very well, tricks that are not perfect yet and need more practice can wait until your next routine.
    Of course you have to pay attention to make the tricks match the mood of the music.
    Tricks take longer time to perform, so if you put only tricks into a choreography, it can easily fall apart, so it is practical to put heelwork into the choreography, so that both the dog and handler can take a little break, take a deep breath before another trick.
    Perform a trick at a maximum of two times, if you can't fill the whole music with tricks, cut the music shorter.
    When you have a complete choreography, start practicing without your dog, until you know it perfectly well.
    When you start practicing with your dog, only practice 10-15 seconds at a time, so do small sections of the choreography.
    If you practice the whole routine every time, the dog can easily get bored by it, most people never practice the whole routine, only perform it on competitions, sothe dog can always perform perfectly.
    If you use a prop during the performance, use it from the beginning, so the dog can get used to it easily.

    When sdesigning a choreography, it is very important to plan how it will be performed. Usually when a competition is announced, it is told in advance where the judges and the asudience will be sitting, so you have to perform everything in a way that everyone can see it.
    When performing, you will need a costume that matches the dog and the choreography. For example, don't wear an entirely black outfit with a black dog, because it's not that good, and it's hard to see the dog properly (unless you act like you're a spy or something, because then it has a point... :D). With a black dog, wear white pants, so it makes a nice contrast.
    During the prformance, when entering the ring, make contact with your adience, smile, and maybe make a bow (both you and the dog), to "say hello". :)

    I hope this helped a little.
    Of course in the original article, there's a few more things, but this is the main part of it.
    Good luck, and have fun amking a choreography! ;)
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  12. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Szecsuani, so good to see you back - you've not been on in so long! Hugs to Pami, too! :p

    That's a great explanation of how to put a routine together. I've only attempted to do it once - it was hard! :eek: I took a class with my girl, and wow, I didn't even know where to begin ... I kept watching a bunch of yours, trying to get ideas! You and Pami make it all look so easy!!! :cool:
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  13. Trick Dog Trainer Active Member

    There is a great training seminar set on DVD put out by Carolyn Scott of the Musical Dog Sport Association that I just hung to when I tried my 1st routine. Check it out. There is also another great one by Attila Szkukalek called 'Rythmic Paws'. Both were extremely helpful.

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