Camcorder Fundraiser for Tx_Cowgirl

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. snooks Experienced Member

    I can't wait to see those pups. :dogtongue2:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks so much for your contribution Snooks! :D
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    A pleasure...TxCG has given me some wonderful advice and I've wanted MORE than once to see a video of those dogs in action.
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Wow this is such a great idea!! :)
    I'm sorry that I can't donate anything... :( No credit card, I don't have my own money.... :S
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Jean I don't know what to say.....I'm absolutely flattered!!! And Snooks how sweet of you to think of me. Szecsuani I have learned a lot from you as well and now's as good a time as any to tell you thank you. :) You and Pami have really blossomed since you joined!!

    I just don't know what to say, Jean. :dogblush:
  6. dat123 Experienced Member

    Nice gesture Jean.
    I'll be donating for the cause . ( is it the normal "Donate" section or somewhere else ? ).

    I think we should make TX the official "TRICK DOCTOR " with her spanking new camera she can solve problems by video instead of words typed. We love your typed words as well, don't stop. !!!

    You realise your a year behind the rest of us with videos, we will expect heaps of catch up videos of those gorgeous dogs of yours .LOL
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol 'TRICK DOCTOR.' Very cute.

    Yeah I know I'm behind...^^ But I'm probably going to have access to a loaner for this month's challenge. :) I'm practically leaping with excitement...

    Lol, I'm a journalist at heart I guess. ;)

    Dave, did you ever get 101 Dog Tricks?
  8. dat123 Experienced Member

    I don't know what you do for a job, but I think you'd make a great journalist. Your posts are clear and interesting to read and entertaining.

    No, haven't got the book yet, it's on my to-do list , i think around 129 on the list .LOL

    This silly flyball has taken over my life , all dog training is focused on that ,at the moment !!!!
    Which is why i've only done 10 mins on this months challlenge. :dogsad:
    At least I found something Talin can compete in very soon, because agility looks like 100 years away for him , the way his brain is !!!!
    I like the flyball, but would prefer agility any day.

    mmmm.... I wonder if we can have a fundraiser to get my dog a brain transplant !!!!!!
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol thanks. ^^ I've toyed with the idea....

    Currently a student of the pre-veterinary kind...bounced back and forth between vet, animal-based journalist, and training service dogs. It's just that all of these are very hard to get into. o-o And I don't want to abandon my horse interests. Not sure. Right now I'm a student, dog trainer, horse trainer, and employee for a well-known store. ^^


    WILL TRADE toy-motivated, high jumping, spirited, speedster, tennis ball obsessed, Border Collie mix brain for high drive, more focused, more trained Border Collie brain. Make offer. ;)
    I envy you. Zekers would be an awesome agility/flyball competitor but no time for either and have to travel 8 hrs for flyball competitions. :dogblink:
  10. stormi Well-Known Member

    What a good idea Jean!

    Sorry I can't donate anything atm :msnsad:
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    Ok! So dat123 accidentally sent me his contribution via the Donation system instead of the ChipIn system, so his donation will not show up on the counter. We are now at 15$!

    I understand that in these economic times, it looks like a camcorder is luxury. But tx_cowgirl has been a member for so long, and she can only take pictures of her tricks. We want her to be able to record her dogs so that she can compete with us online in competition.

    So I have lowered the goal to $200. But this should still get a good camcorder!

    Thanks in advance! :dogsmile:

  12. dat123 Experienced Member

    Jean - on your 1st post there is 5 lines of text then a huge gap of nothing, then the line click on ChipIN....

    I'm assuming there is supposed to be a photo or grpahic in that gap !!!!!!!!
  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hmm. I tested it with 3 browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox & Opera) and I can see the ChipIn counter. Do you have flash installed on your computer? It is a flash counter, that may be why you don't see it?

    Is anybody else not seeing it?


    You can get the latest Flash Player here.
  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Thanks a bunch Dave. :dogblush:

    I really appreciate this from all of you....
  15. good_doggie New Member

    Sorry I can't chip in. . . . to young. . . . no credit card. . . . sorry tx_cowgirl!!!!
  16. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, that's alright Good_Doggie. ^^
  17. Jean Cote Administrator

    OK. We are now at $30 thanks to yoyopoodle!!!! Let's keep the momentum going!!! :dogsmile:
  18. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Thanks so much everyone. :)
  19. kristinedogtrainer New Member

    You absolutely deserve this camcorder tx_cowgirl! :doglaugh:

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