Buddy's Trick And Cue List


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it's probably good to make lists, too, in case i get run over by a car, or something. Now, i think i will also make another list,
with the word and/or hand signal,
and the trick,
and keep that in some box,
for in case i get run over by a car or whatever, then Buddy will have his list all written out.


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Thanks for kind words, my dog is sure the center of our house! Really, i only usually spend about 10 minutes, twice a day, training him.
but, everyone always says, "oh, you must spend SO MUCH TIME training him" but, it's not true, not really.

Occasionally, we do have some marathon lessons, with a few breaks in the lesson,
but, usually, it's just short daily lessons.
If he is super bored, or bad weather, he gets more lessons, and longer lessons, as well as "games" like his own version of "Search and Rescue" (lost toys) ha ha,
but, most of Buddy's days, he just gets about 20 minutes total, of lessons.


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then, for each trick,
i then have to train my guy how to do the cue !!
Buddy is very specific, Buddy IS "Mr Specific"
so if i taught Buddy a cue i did with my left hand,
Craig has to do cue with his left hand, and so on.
Sometimes, this is almost more difficult, than it was to teach the DOG his part of the trick!:ROFLMAO:

"No, no, your left hand, thumb UP, honey" and so on.
"Try it again, but use hold your hand like THIS"
and so on.:ROFLMAO:


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OH, i know, Dogster, so true, i think the ppl i know who don't train their dogs, don't do it, not cuz they don't want their dog doing stuff, but, cuz A) they have no clue how to do it,
and B) they assume it takes a LOT of time, like 40 hours a week or something,:rolleyes:
and C) lots of ppl falsely believe it takes some type of "super smart" dog to do a trick or only some special type of "dog-person" can teach tricks....plus some other myths out there.

But i so agree, too many ppl never give their dogs a chance to learn anything,
to use their own doggie-brains. Some of these same ppl are the ones with really bored dogs, too.
darn shame, imo.

I sort of have to teach Craig how to do the cues, cuz, otherwise, he can mess up the trick,:ROFLMAO:
and cuz he does enjoy showing off his dog's tricks to his pals. He often takes Buddy around visiting and places, etc. Every once in while, some other family member asks me, "Hey, how do you get Buddy to do so-and-so trick?" cuz they want to show their friends.


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I also noticed a lot of people dont care about dog training.:rolleyes: people who dont have dogs are always like "dog training is so easy" while people who have dogs think its to hard. I feel sorry for people who are walking puppy german shepards, huskys ect and the dog is pulling them and they dont care nothing about dog training:(


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yeah, good points, dog crazy, seems true to me.
i think "loose leash" is especially difficult to teach, for some dogs, anyway, but, if someone does NOT teach it, probably, they'd grow tired of all that pulling, and walk their dog LESS often, bummer.
Plus, i don't think it's healthy for dog to have his neck taking that much weight on it, really, who even knows what that does to a thyroid? and all those other tender pieces inside of a dog's neck.


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See, I mostly get "your dogs are amazing! How did you find such smart dogs?!" and "You must be an amazing trainer!!!"

I stay on this site mostly to keep my ego in check! LOL You all humble me!

I dont spend nearly as much time as you, Tigerlily. I might go for weeks without working with my dogs. Though, typically, I might work with my dogs for a 20 min session once a week. On tricks anyway.


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Yeah, i hear you Sara, i don't much get that "so what" from ppl either, can't think of if i ever did...maybe i have, and maybe i just don't remember it. I do have one non-doglover pal, who seems very unimpressed with Buddy, and seems slightly baffled by my love of my dog, but, she comes from also from a culture where dogs are not much valued as companions, so, maybe that is also part of it, for her. She had never touched a dog before Buddy, (never)
and thinks of dogs as sort of germy/creepy things, that should be outdoors, not in the house, and finds it amazing that americans keep their dogs indoors......and i once heard her remark with disgust, why would anyone let a dog lick the human's face, etc etc.
so HER not being impressed, is sort of understandable, since she dislikes dogs.(she is, otherwise, a wonderful and amazing human:ROFLMAO: just grew up in a country which is not much into pet dogs at all )

Also, maybe Dogster, being much younger, is getting such remarks from much younger ppl, who knows? AT ANY RATE, DOGSTER, everyone HERE at DTA totally is impressed with your amazing trick dog!!

Yeah, i do think, i sort of see Buddy as "needing" to have lessons, for his own inner mental health, and general management, cuz of his own unique self. I can notice a slight difference in Buddy, and sometimes a marked difference in Buddy,:rolleyes: if i slack off of his lessons. I don't believe all dogs need daily lessons, but, my dog does.
If Buddy doesnt' get daily lessons, he even seems slightly harder to manage with his dog-aggression, he seems less in tuned with me/my cues, he is more likely to "kill" his toys, he gets more antsy/hyper, he smiles less often in the day, he just seems generally less happy without daily lessons.
it's just how he is, i think.


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//"really annoying but I don't mind it (they are probably jealous:p )//

this might be a good guess! i can see that might be it. I'd bet, those same kids who tried to put your dog's tricks down as no big deal, went home to try to see how to get their dog to tricks!:ROFLMAO:

Or, asked their family if they can GET a dog...what kid doesn't want a dog?;)

Tâmara Vaz

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Yeah:cry: Non-dog-people generally don't care about dog training:(
I was so happy about the hold a sausage trick that I thought, this time, I would show the video trick and all my friends would be impressed!!!
Thought wrong: One said "Just that!" Another "That's torture!" Another "I didn't understand" Some others 'Ok!' Finally my friend said"Ow! My dog would have eaten the sausage!How did you train that?" Guees so: He has two dogs!!


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well, i'm blown away with your "hold a treat on their nose" trick, Tamara, and it is NOT on Buddy's list!:ROFLMAO:
but, i have to get around to trying to teach that one, cuz it IS so impressive!! It's hard to picture Buddy doing THAT trick, though...


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OH, I THOUGHT OF YET ANOTHER TRICK, that i dont' think i listed,(?)
is "Invisible Boundaries" so Buddy wont' step off of his grass into the street. I don't think i listed it anyway. I have not yet fully "proofed" this yet, and have no idea if his "boundary" would hold yet against a bunny or a cat or another dog going by.

so i'm still proofing this one. so far, Buddy is pretty good with staying in his own grass against treats laying out in the street, toys sitting out in the street, and toys he does like being thrown out into street, and me walking away down the street, and me hiding where he can't see me. Buddy stays in his own grass for all of those things.

He is doing good with the grass,
but, i'm also working to get him to understand where the end of his cement driveway is, vs. the cement street.
and RipleyGirl gave me a great idea to try using string or big big chalk line to help Buddy learn whereabouts his driveway ends/street begins. I will give that a go.


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Yup, it's the age. (Those are my, um, friendsO_o ) I really don't mind what people think. Hmph, it's their choice.:p They're probably jealous, yeah. :D That's why you guys are like a second family, LOL:ROFLMAO: To cure my obsessions.

Off-topic, but on a class trip to Niagara Falls on Tuesday, my friends (:whistle::rolleyes:) were laughing at me cuz I was taking pictures of an adorable dog, LOL:ROFLMAO:


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Reading someone else's remark today, i thought of another thing i've trained Buddy to do,
not really a "trick" i guess,
but, my dog has been trained to NOT go out an open door. Well, just the front door, actually, as front yard is unfenced. Back doors he is free to go out if it is open, that is all fenced.

Buddy will not step out that front door until released to do so. (i've never tested this against bunnies,:LOL: though, he very well might bolt out if a bunny went running by,:rolleyes: but, other than that, he will stay inside the open door and just watch dogs,:) ppl, cars, bikes, etc, going by.)

this was not hard to teach, at all, i was surprised how quickly he got the idea, and how quickly Buddy agreed to go along with this rule.;)
He's also been trained to hold a sit when i open the door to greet visitors. This cue can get sloppy:rolleyes: though, if my one pal who always insists Buddy jump up on her visits too often, without other visitors inbetween--------> then Buddy then gets a lil confused again about how to greet visitors all over again....:ROFLMAO: which i blame on my friends who teaches BUddy to jump up on them every time they come over, but, if Buddy acts like he is thinking about jumping up to greet someone, he IS pretty easy to remind he can't jump up.

if it were not for my friends messing this up, Buddy would be flawless at door manners, but, some ppl do mess this up for Buddy.
So i guess can not truly "count" this one, as Buddy can get sloppy and need reminders on it now and then, but It's not Buddy's fault, he is getting mixed messages on how to greet ppl at his door.