Bolt Learned Footstall!


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:ROFLMAO: That thoughts crossed my mind too with my boy! Even though his balance is great, there's still that risk I won't be up to the trick, though I'm sure he'd find it hilarious falling on my face:eek:
If he falls on my face I pray to God that I have someone film me, and save the video for future references of me being dumb enough to try something so risky with a big dog! :ROFLMAO: Knowing me I will still try this trick at some point. :D


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This looks like such a fun trick. Would learning the backstall first be easier? Luna weighs around 42 pounds (19-20 kg range) so we can do it yay!! although I weigh 106 pounds... I definitely think it is do able. I can pick her up easy enough and my legs are definitely stronger. Although I'm worried about the jumping on her joints, I'm guessing I should wait until she is 18 months. I guess during the wait I can start building up leg strength hahaha
Yea you should wait until she is older, this trick is at first hard on your legs and is definitely a workout!