Been Awhile, But Guess Who Started Her Agility Career This Past Weekend!

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by barnhill, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. barnhill Experienced Member

    Yeah she is almost a year and a half now. Still have some work to do with each other, but I am confident she will be beyond my expectations.

    One of my disc buddies told us a few months back after playing with her a few times that she can be a championship caliber Toss and Fetch dog.
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  2. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I believe him!
  3. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    I definately would believe him too! And a high class agility dog too! You have a gem there!
  4. Evie Experienced Member


    She really is a ball of crazy. Very well trained crazy though :p. Evie will never have that drive... and I think Evie is crazy enough, I can't begin to imagine trying to work with that much crazy... uh.. i mean drive & enthusiasm. :p:whistle:

    But seriously, she is awesome!! Good luck keeping up with her in trials :D
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  5. barnhill Experienced Member

    LOL Yeah, its the only way I can deal with it :). I know her mom and Dad so I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into and drive is something she will NEVER be short of.. LOL

    Momma Lucy on the left, and Daddy Cap on the right.
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  6. barnhill Experienced Member

    Looks just like her momma...

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  7. running_dog Honored Member

    "Ball of crazy", a good description and she's certainly a dog that suits the name Tempest :LOL:

    She is stunning and her parents are too. I would struggle if I had a dog with that much drive, you have my utmost respect :).
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  8. Evie Experienced Member

    Spitting image or her mum!!

    I've seen a few Border Collies with that high drive like Tempest at my local agility. They seem to excel with the right trainers!
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  9. barnhill Experienced Member

    Yes I agree, "Ball of Crazy" is perfect. And I was originally going to name her Riot, but my wife wasnt a huge fan of it, so we decided on Tempest, Temp or Tempie for short.

    Yeah drive is something she is not short of...we went to the park by my house lastnight. Took us 10 minutes for a 2 minute walk because she gets herself so worked up she tries to drag me down the street.

    Once we got there I worked mainly on some distance disc work, she is so fast I am going to do more out throws with her to showcase her speed and closing ability, so it was alot of back and forth running for her. We were there for probably 30 minutes or so, working off and on.

    Walk back home, go out back to clean up the backyard so I can cut it this after noon and she was already bringing me discs and tennis balls to throw.

    I am going to have to be really careful with her over the summer though, she will be one of those dogs that will work until she drops so I will need to watch her closely for sure, dont want her to hurt herself or get heatstroke.
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  10. running_dog Honored Member

    I like Tempest better than Riot. Tempest sounds exhilarating to me but Riot sounds kind of like truncheons and half bottles!

    Enjoying working with a high drive dog is definitely a gift and an added responsibility, I think I must be lazy - I like having a dog that follows me around but after his walk has a good long sleep!
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  11. barnhill Experienced Member


    We get a rest for 5 minutes or so after a walk/class. :confused:
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