Alternative Sports...?


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Does anyone play Soccer with their dogs??? We do, and we just LOVE it!!! Onyx is "The Wall", LOL, she refuses to move, it's always interesting... LOL And Jewel is official "Cheerleader"... She gets mixed up about the sport sometimes... She likes to tackle Onyx while she bringing the ball down to the goal, for us to kick it in. It is HILARIOUS to watch! Thought I was gonna die laughing the othe day when Jewel was screwing around while we were playing and got her head stuck in the fence... OMG It was HILARIOUS!!! She went and hid after that... LOL Wish I had a picture! So, do any of you play alternative sports like this? Like soccer? Or maybe even soccer? Please comment!


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My smaller golden can oddly enough open her jaws wide enough to get a soccer ball her mouth so she cheats. It's still fun. Dogs seem rather a natural at soccer. Being retrievers mine are preprogrammed to be goalies I think.


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Lottie adores playing with a Football (soccer ball). She is not a team player though!!!

[media][/media] This is a video of her in training!!!!!