Agility Chipmunk And Rats


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wow, these ARE your pets! wow! i thought maybe they were just cute videos you noticed on youtube, but wow! you ARE a talent!! CONGRATS!

Which is easier to train, a rat or a dog?


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oh wow!!

I love rats, we used to have 3. tried to teach them with a clicker and failed big time!! i think i'd have a better shot at it now but no space for ratties in the house.


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I have always wanted a rat and a ferret. ^^ Never thought of having a chipmunk though, lol! Nice work!
Last video 0:32--Hmm, what happens if I get in here? AH, BAIL! :ROFLMAO:

Very cute.


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Tallented rats you have there Sara! I thaught my guini pig to spin and give a paw but that is all!