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  1. bigboytex New Member

    i know that this may be out of line a little and the problem should be handled throught the proper channels but what about takin the problem in to ur own hands....If the dog is more then three feet on ur yard its fair game...I know its not the most humain thing to do but he needs to be stoped before he hurts u or somebody else...and next time he gets a hold of one of ur dogs it might be worse.... Like I said I may be out of line but im just throwing out suggestions here. If the "authroties" will not deal with it do it ur self.

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    <Looks up and shivers>

    You Texans are scary. :)
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol. Well, no luck with the authorities. :dogdry: The vet isn't too concerned about Mud's paw, and he definitely wasn't happy about what happened. She's on antibiotics, but otherwise everything's okay. He told me to keep doing what I'm doing(cleaning it, keeping wound care products on it, keeping it covered). I told him exactly what I'm using, and he was satisfied, so I suppose I'm doing something right. :dogsmile: She's started putting a little bit of weight on it every few steps, but most of the time she doesn't put any on it. I still don't know what to do about the neighbor's dog. I already fixed the gap, and I'm probably going to get a dog repellant and see if that helps. I'll spray it heavily on that side of the fence, and everywhere else since they don't keep their dogs fenced. Mud's on the mend, so that's a plus. :dogsmile:
  4. emmasmamma Guest

    I'm sorry about the lack of help from the authorities.:grrrrrr: It still wouldn't hurt to take pictures of the injuries, incase you have to call about it being loose. It might help to show that it is vicious. A video of it being loose (complete with date stamp) would help too, incase the sheriff is long in getting there. Even though you got no help this time, if there ends up enough evidence, hopefully the situation will be taken care of before something even worse happens! If you have any other neighbors close by, perhaps you can get their assistance in gathering evidence too. I'm glad however that Mudflap isn't any worse off than he is (which is bad enough)
    Storm- I'm glad He's on the mend too. Having our dogs hurting is right up there with having a child that's hurting.:dogsad:
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I will definitely talk to some of the other neighbors. The ones across the street have a Boston Terrier who the same dog tried to pull through their chainlink fence. The Boston had to go to the vet, and I believe he had some surgeries. They nearly lost him. I'm sure they would be more than willing to help. I know that they reported him as well, and called the proper authoritites...and still nothing is done.
    Mud's biggest issue(in her eyes) right now is that she can't do anything, lol! We can't really train, although she is actually willing to...haha. :doghappy: I've let her rest...whether she likes it or not. ^^ So, she's hobbling around the house looking for things to do. (Unfortunately, the cat has been her object of affection. Lol!)
  6. l_l_a New Member

    I wasn't on here last couple of days so I only just read this thread. Tx-cowgirl!! I am so horrified to hear of what happened to Mud!! What the h**?? The poor thing! she must have been terrified out of her wits! How is she doing now?

    I think you reacted to that emergency situation in an extremely level-headed and calm way! I think I would have been too shook up to be able to treat my dog's wounds myself!

    Have you talked with those neighbors yet? They should be paying for Mud's vet bills!

    It really sucks that law enforcement and animal control in your area is doing such a shoddy job passing off responsibility or just not considering this important enough to warrant any attention. Maybe if you keep calling and calling and calling and calling, eventually they will send someone out to look into it just to shut you up! The squeaky wheel gets the oil, you know. (that strategy has worked for me with health insurance companies....!)

    Even though the other dog was in his own yard, the thing is, Mud was not trespassing, he actually grabbed her and dragged her into his yard. So surely this must count for something??

    OK so they only care if a human is attacked, but since under most state laws dogs are nothing more than property, looking at it this way, YOUR property (your dog) was damaged. Maybe that is one way you could try to approach it to get law enforcement to do something?
  7. luna may New Member

    Good points L_l_a!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    That's a good edge to take, |_|_a! I'm happy to report that Mud started walking on it a little more today. I'm still having to doctor it everyday, of course. Which I don't mind. Just for everyone's benefit, work on your stay, targetting, wait, and handling! It's really come in handy with Mud. She's a great patient anyway, but it's been very helpful to be able to get her to target my leg or hand while I'm doctoring it. This way I'm not struggling with her, and it's not an unpleasant experience at all for either of us. And I'll ask her to stay or wait while I go grab something(vet wrap, antibiotic, etc) and I don't have to worry about her hopping around the house with her wounds open. She's not hard to treat at all. ^^
    Well, when you have horses, you get used to accidents. You kind of learn to handle situations, because you have to. :dogsmile: (Horses tend to have a knack for getting into trouble, lol.)
    Actually, things are looking up in some way....with all the attacks, people are furious and want something done. A 3 year old and a Doberman were attacked yesterday by a Pit/Boxer mix. A new club has been started promoting responsible owners, and they are trying to start Canine Good Citizen classes and other classes of all kinds. That's fantastic, because our town really needs it! However...the one's whose dogs cause the problems will probably be the ones who don't attend. Unforunately... :dogdry:
    You would think that her being on her own property to begin with would account for something...but, it doesn't. Since the city is pushing for something to be done though, maybe I'll have the rest of the city with me. I'm going to try to join that new club, also. No, they haven't paid for Mud's vet bills...but we'll see how that goes. I wish there was some kind of magic sterilization pill that I could slip to all their dogs so they couldn't keep reproducing. :doglaugh: At least then the morons wouldn't keep having dogs that they don't give a %&*%^ about. I've already taken in one of their cats...she kind of adopted me, lol, so I just let her stay since I keep better care of her anyway.
    Luckily, it was a leg and not a throat or something else more dangerous. She was terrified, but she's healing quickly. She's not the type to be down for too long, lol. Just as happy as ever. :dogsmile:
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    your not out of line thats how most people here (in nz) deal with these situations by themselves we have quite alot of dogs worrying livestock and if the farmer sees it he can shoot it
  10. bigboytex New Member

    Well thats good to know casuse a pack of strays can really tear up good livestock...and crops. Thats kinda how i like to deal with my stray problems.
  11. storm22 Experienced Member

    yep dogs are leathal, a little while ago 3dogs mauled about 400 sheep and lambs in three days, they were trying to find the dogs and they just kept coming back, it makes you think people wouldnt let those dogs out again after they came home covered in blood, but the way they found the owners were because the dogs draged a carcus home and there was a blood trail back to there house, they had to destroy their dogs and pay cost of all the sheep that those owners lost
  12. bigboytex New Member

    ya it kinda makes you wounder...huh..ur dog comes home all bloddy and u read about all this stuff tjhats happining..yet u dont put 2 and 2 together....kinda sad
  13. luna may New Member

    Destroy the dogs... Ugh. :dogwacko:
  14. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I am happy to report that Mud walked on her bad paw for at least four hours straight yesterday. ^^ She still limped a little, but she was actually putting weight on it. She's feeling better, and it's still healing. Think I need to get into the dog boot-making business. :dogwacko: I'm having to keep a boot over the wrap so she doesn't pull it off.
  15. l_l_a New Member

    I'm glad to hear Mud is healing up! what a trooper she is!

    maybe you can have people sign her 'cast'!
  16. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol. ^^ Well, she has several.... I wrap it with a gauze, then vet wrap, then I put an old sock over it. She's been chewing holes in those, so I made her some denim boots out of some old ratty jeans of mine. xD So far those are working well. I clean her wounds everyday and change the boot(she licks it, so then it's all wet and slobbery). So, she'd have to have all her boots signed. :doglaugh:
  17. l_l_a New Member

    I want to see Mud's denim boots! I'm trying to imagine a dog wearing denim boots!
  18. emmasmamma Guest

    Glad to hear she's getting better!
  19. luna may New Member

    It's a real relief to hear she's feeling better :doghappy:
    You're my true Idol when it comes to health and first aid- I've saved the link to this thread if I ever, ever need it. Yay Mudflap! :dogblush:
    Do you think you could upload a photo of her new boots? Worth a look ;)
  20. drivingtenacity New Member

    I'd sue for medical bills, at least. Your neighbors sound like reprehensible bastards. The very least they should do is pay the vet bill.
    I'm the hot tempered type...in your situation, I'd probably catch an assault beef. I'm envious of your level-headedness.

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