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Sounds like your Rottie/Lab was great. ^^ Sounds a lot like Rusty actually. Rusty is extremely eager to please, and loves pulling things. I think he gets that from the pit, as so many pits love competing in pulling events. But above all else, I think his favorite thing to do is get massages. :doghappy: I'll start on his neck and he'll immediately fall over on his side and beg for more. xD Lol.
The only downside to his pit qualities is that most people look down on pits here. Plus, very few people actually know dog breeds where I live, and most assume that he is full pit. (Which is stupid, because it's very plain to see the Rottie and something else in him.) Anyway, lately there have been many pit bull attacks in my area, and I'm constantly getting people questioning me about him on my outings. Some people give me dirty looks, some people ask if he's a pit, and others comment on how well-behaved he is "for a pit."


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i know what thats like for the past couple of years pittys have been the wearer of bad press here and i would walk my pitty (shes now in her last days sadly, she hardly gets out of bed now but can still make it to the fridge) and i had people crossing the street because they noticed she was of THAT kind, and i would get a bit of flack and people yelling at me that i shouldnt have a dangerous breed on the streets (some people are morons), just wait till that comes

she did come from a bad backround (her ex-owner used her in a fight with her own mother, timex was only 14mnths old), her ears were literaly stapled on with a paper stapler and she only weighed 11kgs,
so it did take her alot to trust aldults but she warmed to me and my sister (i was 7yrs when she came to us) so my dad was worried how she would fit in with us being soo young and her not really being in a family but she was sleeping in my bed two days later

but she has been a great dog with humans, we do watch her with other older bitches, shes fine with puppys (there all hers) and boys but shes a typical girl (only enough room for one bitch on the mountain)

also best thing to massage, ive found most dogs love it (i do horse massage dogs were next lolz) is if you massage from the base of their neck up their ears till theres no more ear with your thumb on the top moving in circles (its kinda hard to explain)


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About some dog shows - we aren't all bad

Hi Mario,
I read your post about the dog show you went to and encountered the judge (I use that term loosely!)

I started on dogs in obedience, then conformation. Please don't let that experience tait your opinion of all conformation people. My dogs are my pets and friends first, show dogs second. I am lucky that I have pugs, which are what is called wash and wear dogs and do not need all the primping and do-s like poodles or whatever. My dogs either loved to show or hated it. If they hated it, I would not show them. I had one old gal that hated it when I was showing her, but when I stopped, she pouted when I left her home, so she got to go just for the fun.

Not all conformation people are jerks like the judge you encountered. First of all, who asked her opinion? Being a judge, she had to have bred some litters and should know that you are lucky to get a single excellent show dog out of a litter. What a jerk she had to be!

Yes, there are real snobs at shows, but there are many more of us out there because we love our breed and want to improve the breed and love the pet dogs just as much as a best in show winner.

Right now, I have some pugs, but am not showing for personal reasons. I also have two rescues, and they are FAR from the breed standard, but to me, they are the most beautiful dogs in the world!

You should have told that judge she needed to go back to school and take Tact 101 lol

Sorry, but I had to comment and let you know, we are not all bad! :msnohyes:



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Your show experience sounds pretty negative, especially with the unwanted critique of your dog, but I really enjoy showing with my dogs. :) Clover is not crated all day. She is allowed to sit and drop and roll around with her doggy friends. I don't use sprays, chalk or add anything to her coat. She gets stripped and her nails clipped and that's it. I don't think I'm too exceptional, either.


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You and Clover sound like my kind of people! I have strong feelings against all of the things done to dogs just to get the win. I feel that if my dog can't win on their own merit, then I do not want the win. If I have pay tens of thousands of dollars promoting my dog and paying someone to show for me, what won, the dog or the money? Showing should be fun for both the human and the dog, when it is no longer fun, it isn't a sport or hobby.

I see owners/breeders that all they care about is that 5 cent ribbon and they act like their life is ruined if the loose.

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Sounds like politics ... why would someone spend MILLIONS to get into an office that pays $400,000/year. Humm, something isn't quite right there. :)


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>>people spend tens of thousands to promote their dogs for shows?? Wow!!<<

Oh and that is just a drop in the bucket. Some pay that much for the front cover of some of the magazines. Handler fees can exceed that much each month.

I knew one lady that was not even in the top ten pugs and she had paid her handler alone $250,000 in a year.

It is obscene!

No thanks, I want my little snuggle pug!


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Wow, I'm in the wrong profession!!! Maybe it's time for me to learn a new trade and do some moonlighting as a handler for pugs? :)


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Handlers are popular in the USA, but there are not so many in Australia. There is the odd one, but it is normal for breeders/owners to handle their dogs. :)


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leema;8646 said:
Handlers are popular in the USA, but there are not so many in Australia. There is the odd one, but it is normal for breeders/owners to handle their dogs. :)
I wish it were that way here. There are a few breeds here that the owner/handler is still the majority in the ring. But many others, if you do not have a handler it is very difficult to win.

It is sad when you are more concerned about the trophy than the health and well being of the dog.

I have always wanted to go to Australia, maybe when I retire........ lol :msngrin:


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Hi I am currently trying to write this post but seem to only have trouble. I copy and pasted a e-mail to my friend I not sure how I did that but leave it to me and I can do anything to mess it up. So if you read the first post about a trailer just chalk it up to a middle age crazy's. I am new to this site and I am looking forward to learning more and more. Thanks for reading my post. Carla and Mike