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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by collie23, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. SD&B Experienced Member

    Yes, it's just a normal physio ball. I got a heavy duty one. For exercises in which the dog is standing on the ball with two feet or doing other weight bearing, you want a ball that is as close to the height of his shoulders, but not over the height, as possible. This should also work for most other things, such as learning treiball basics, though I don't know much about treiball. (We did some pushing and rolling, because it's great exercise.) You can adjust ball height just a bit by adding or letting out air.

    There are a lot of videos on Youtube about treiball. It's like herding sheep, except you use the balls. It's a very new sport. Since most of use don't have very good access to sheep, treiball is generally more convenient.
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  2. Evie Experienced Member

    I tried this with Evie, but she gets over excited VERY quickly.. (chasing giant balls is apparently lots of fun) She started trying to grab the ball in her teeth. We had to quickly remove it as we were worried she was going to put a hole in it.. :rolleyes:
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Would work with Zeus that's for sure, he didn't like crates so I stopped, should have found a car seat:rolleyes::)

    The time will pass, just keep 'collecting' everything you need for your new puppy:) that's what I did when I was expecting Zeus and Tiger Lily, helped pass the time and LOL they had the BIGGEST collection of toys any pups would wish for:D Shares in the puppy toy companies must have gone through the roof:LOL:

    Never get tired of hearing about puppies and dogs, so 'mention' away:D(y)

    Oh yes, puppies LOVE helping with the presents:D

    You're allowed to be a 'spoilt brat' it's not every day you get your new puppy:D I'm sure your parents are VERY HAPPY you're so excited and have so much planned for her arrival:LOL:
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL that's such a cute picture of Evie helping with the presents:D Awwwwwwww she's cuteness overload:D

    LOL can just see young Evie going all wriggly with play dead. Haven't tried that trick yet with Rakins, I think I may have the same kind of 'problem' he's a wriggle butt too. Oh maybe he decided to roll on his back for a tummy rub:rolleyes::D
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Sounds like something Ra Kismet would LOVE, he's already into playing soccer:D He's great with his balls, never tries to bite them, it's Zeus "the mad dog scientist' that has to be watched:eek::D
  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Must go over to YouTube and get some vids. No sheep around in this area, which just may be a blessing as farmers don't like outsiders helping round up their sheep:eek::)
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  7. SD&B Experienced Member

    That's what we do. I have a seat belt clip that I attach to their harnesses and they sleep in the back seat.
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  8. SD&B Experienced Member

    In fact, I even cut some boxes to fit behind the front seats so that the back seat is one solid surface and then covered the area with towels. It works very nicely.
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    That's a brilliant idea(y) Would make more room for my two boys, can be a bit cramped at the back when both want to stretch out on a long ride.
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  10. SD&B Experienced Member

    Yes. And no one falls down behind the front seat. It really is easy. (I used thin TV boxes and they fit perfectly. I just had to cut out part of them for the hump in the floor.)
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    I think we have one of those still around, hard rubbish/cardboard collection, hasn't happened for a while. Good point, have had the 'fall down' scenario, fortunately no dog was hurt but it does concern me.
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  12. collie23 Well-Known Member

    The treibball looks great, gonna have add physio ball to my list of things to buy, its a good job I've saved up :)

    I'm going to start buying things soon, but want to wait until i know whether she's pregnant as otherwise may have to store everything for another 6 months or so. would be a little depressing :(

    Sounds like your dogs are spoilt (just like they should be :D) lol i know everyone's excited here, especially my older brother, he's so excited to take her out for walks lol gonna have to fight me for it though :D lol
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  13. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I did the same thing, used boxes behind the seats - with old kinda flat pillows over top (where the seat dips, to kinda level it out), then put a sherpa-y dog throw over top, with a big blanket over top the whole thing. And on the floor, in between the boxes, I had a pillow in between the boxes, over top the hump, and of course, the big sherpa dog throw went over the whole back seat area/boxes. Two sheppies take up lots of room in the back seat of a car! :LOL: I had a dogmobile. :ROFLMAO: And I recently got an SUV (won't even tell you how old my car was ... OLD!!) and now my license plate frame even says "German Shepherdmobile". :ROFLMAO:
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Now I know how to spot you.:ROFLMAO:;)
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Two Sheppies do take a lot of room:D
    I think we need to contact car manufacturers with your 'design', develop a 'dogmobile' especially for dog lovers:D Of course an SUV is very close to being the ultimate dogmobile and just love the license plate frame:LOL:

    Just add automatic drink dispenser, automatic treat dispenser hold on - already one in the car - LOL Doggy Owners!:LOL:
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    My type of car, LOL:LOL:
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  17. SD&B Experienced Member

    Too late. You can actually buy devices to put in the hollow area behind the front seat. I had already done mine when I saw it and mine used garbage, so it was free.

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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh Dear:( And here I was thinking I could make a fortune to pay for all the treats Ra Kismet eats:D
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  19. SD&B Experienced Member

    LOL! Don't forget us little people when you strike it rich.:D
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    I sure won't, just got to find a new way now:D Treats for all when I strike it rich!:D
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