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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by collie23, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. collie23 Well-Known Member

    I’ve found out that I’m one step closer to getting my BC puppy, the dog has been mated so now a waiting game to see if it’s all going to work out :)

    So… I thought I’d be a bit OCD and make a list of all the tricks/cues/behaviours I want to teach my new puppy. :) I am determined for my new BC to not be bored but also don’t want to run out of tricks and words so want to be as prepared as possible. Plus get to spend all the time I can with her, teaching her these tricks which is going to be awesome!!! :D (I also feel left out that every ones posting the tricks they’ve taught)

    I have purposely left out some that I’m not interested in (like handstand – I just think it looks so awkward and uncomfortable for the dog but may rethink this if/when I run out of other ideas :) )
    I know there’s quite a lot but not all of them are tricks, some are just things that I’d like her to be okay with and are going to take time to ‘desensitize’ her to. If you can think of any more I’d love to know to make it an even longer list or if you think an alternative word might fit better or be easier to understand, or even if you notice I’ve doubled up. Also if you think there’s any I shouldn’t teach? although I know some shouldn’t be taught at a young age because of joints etc

    Here’s the obvious things she will learn (Hopefully):
    2.Clicker (means ‘Yes, good job’)
    3.Relieve (toilet on cue)
    4.Basket (go to crate)
    6.Happy for you to grab their collar without anxiety/aggression etc
    7.Happy for you to take food/toy away without anxiety/aggression etc

    Simple(Ish) Tricks:
    9. Sit
    14.Leave it
    15.Drop it
    16.Sit at distance/distractions etc
    17.Down at distance/distractions etc
    19.Take it
    20.Bring it
    21.Give it
    22.Focus (eye contact)

    And now a bit more complicated tricks:
    23.Down Left/right (lies down on side for checking paws/for ticks etc)
    24.Up (gets onto item)
    26.Touch (Paw)
    27.Target (nose)
    29.Back (few steps back)
    30.With me (off leash stays close)
    31.Put your toys away
    32.All done (release word)
    33.Find (look for family member)
    34.Search (toy/object named)
    35.Gently (one my auntie used with her dogs to get them to take treats gently – could sometimes be a bit to rough – but not sure how they taught this one??)
    36.Lift (whatever leg you indicate)
    37.Bed time (pulls cover over)
    38.Paw (as if shaking)
    39.High five
    40.High ten
    41.You gonna sneeze?
    42.Bless me (gets tissue)
    43.Shake (whole body)
    44.Rollover (Right)
    45.Other way (Left)
    46.Spin (Right)
    47.Twirl (Left)
    50.Back on (backs on to box – just back legs)
    52.Back up (Moves back in bow)
    53.Catch (catches toy in paws)
    54.Open door
    55.Close door
    56.Act Ashamed (covers eyes with paw)
    57.Boom (Lies down and covers head with both paws – from homeward bound 2 – not sure how to teach if any ideas?)
    58.wipe your paws
    59.Weave (between legs)
    61.You like that idea? (nods)
    62.What you think? (shakes head)
    63.Yummy (licks lips)
    64.tongue (Pokes her tongue out when I poke mine out)
    65.Tail (wags tail)
    67.Balance (balance treat on nose)
    68.Understand (tilts head to one side)
    69.Cross (crosses paws)
    70.Paws up (puts front paws on item)
    71.Circle (walks round both legs)
    72.Backwards (walks round legs backwards)
    74.Pick a card
    75.Scent (search for hidden ‘stinky’ item
    76.Blanky (rolls up in blanket)
    77.Arms (jumps through arms)
    78.hug (jumps into arms)
    79.Climb (climbs ladder – not sure about this one)
    80.Dance (stands on hind legs)
    82.Frisk (puts legs on wall – allows you to frisk them)
    83.Put em up (beg position)
    84.Bang (lies on side)
    85.Your dead (lies on back – hopefully not moving)
    88.Car (gets off road)
    89.Slide left (takes step to the left)
    90.Slide right
    92.You scared (hugs leg)
    93.Wheres your tail (looks behind)
    94.Cop Cop
    95.Boring? (Yawns)
    96.Bubbles (dog puts nose under water and blows bubbles)

    Please also post if you think im a little nuts for doing this 19 weeks in advance :)
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  2. collie23 Well-Known Member

    BTW the other reason I'm doing this is so I can give my family some idea of the cues etc that i'm going to be using so they can study and be able to train her to :) (might even make a test on it Muahahahaha)
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    GREAT list!!!!:D It's AWESOME that you're thinking of this before you get your pup!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!:) A lot of people don't take into consideration how they will keep their pup entertained for the hours they spend with him/her, you've got that covered!!! It's very important to keep you neww pup entertained , ESPECIALLY since she's a BC, they need LOTS of mental and physical stimulation. I LOVE all the tricks on your list. (probably gonna use that list as a checklist for Shivon's tricks, LOL:p)

    Oh,and, you're not nuts.:)
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  4. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dogster :) glad you like it, I'm just so impressed with every ones tricks they've posted and so eager to get started.. Just need the dog lol :D
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  5. SD&B Experienced Member

    I've always thought I should compile a list of tricks and behaviors and have a plan to stick to when I need it. Hopefully, I won't need it for a long long time. 19 weeks is not too long ahead of time.

    You've got great lists. Great idea.

    Another couple of items for your first list:
    - Tolerate touching/contact with all parts of the body (tail, feet, head, ears, etc....)
    - Tolerate grooming (nail trims, brushing, etc...)
    - Take treat/food politely from hand
    - Noise desensitization (tolerates dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, pots banging, etc....)
    - Crate training
    - Calm settle
    - Stairs (open and closed)
    - Various surfaces
    - Wear clothing (coats, hats, booties, glasses)

    Simplish Tricks
    - Go to mat/crate

    Did you have in the last list?
    - Pray
    - Suitcase
    - Hula hoop jump
    - Targets (nose, various paws, chin, etc....)
    - Limp
    - Stand on hind legs
    - Walk on hind legs
    - Crawl
    - Scratch
    - Tilt head
  6. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thats quite a lot of obvious things i've forgotten :oops: thanks SD & B. :) I'll add them, I love the suitcase trick, can't believe i forgot that one!!
  7. MaryK Honored Member

    That's great that you're already making lists and thinking about how to keep your new puppy entertained:D(y) Plus training your family(y):D

    You'll also find that teaching her tricks will make the bond between you so strong too:love:

    It's a wonderful feeling, having a puppy's love and trust and knowing that as they mature, that love and trust will deepen into a bond so strong that nothing can break it:love:

    Really must make a list of tricks, you've inspired me:) That way I will keep on track and not have 'brain fade' as to which trick to teach my boy next:rolleyes: .

    I always gently handle a new pup, or older dog, all over their bodies, including their genitals, so that they do not get upset or anxious at the vets.

    And further, with the vets, I ALWAYS make the visit up beat and positive, because they pick up on your mood and if you're upbeat about the vets, they will be too.

    Does your vet allow "social visits" to acclimatize your dog so they don't always think it's 'prod and jab'? Plus, do they run puppy pre-school? Puppy pre-school/kindergarten is such fun LOL not sure who has more fun the pups or their owners but it's a fantastic way to start with the basics and socialization. But do make sure they ONLY use Positive Reinforcement!
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  8. SD&B Experienced Member

    Another one.

    How about
    - Riding in a car (including tolerating seat belts or crates, if applicable)
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  9. SD&B Experienced Member

    Another idea. If you aren't going to use him to herd actual sheep, how about treiball? (Dogs herd physio balls.) Lots of tricks associated with that.

    With the ball
    - push with nose
    - roll ball by walking it from on top
    - take direction (right, left, etc...)
    - go 90 or 180 degrees around ball to push it

    You can also do lots of great exercises/tricks with the ball that help with core strength.
    - Stand with elbows on top of ball
    - Stand with front feet on ball
    - Stand with rear legs draped over ball
    - Stand with rear legs on ball
    - Sit on top of ball
    - Stand on top of ball
    - Lay draped on top of ball
    - Walk around ball while elbows or front feet are on top of ball
    - Sit with elbows or front feet on top of ball (and stand back up)
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Further down the track, when he's trained to come and a bit older, I think the starting age here is 1 year, Flyball is something BCs excel at great exercise plus social contact for both dogs and humans. I'd have my boy into it right now if there was a place I could get to without needing a car:(
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  11. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thats the sort of thing i haven't done yet actually. Luckily, although the breeder lives 1 hour 30 mins away from me, she goes to a vet really close to where i live, so hoping to go to the same vet, but need to get it checked out. Heard only good things about it though. :) I've looked up a few classes, but nothing seems to jump out at me so far, need to pop to the vets to see if they recommend any (although will feel a bit wierd seeing as it's a while till i get a dog - loner in the vets lol :))

    Thats another good and obvious one, thanks, :) I know the breeder takes the pups on rides quite young so shouldn't be to challenging to follow through with her hard work.

    I have never heard of that before! but sounds great fun!! :) I have got it right that its just a normal physio ball, like you'd find in the gym? Would it have to be a particular size cos i know you can get smaller versions? Would love to work on my core strength as well so a good all-rounder :D

    Thats would be great to work up to when shes older :) (will look into it further) I've heard its great for BC's.
    When you say a place you get to without needing a car.. Do you mean a class, or just a large enough space to be able to do it? cos you don't neccesarily have to 'compete' do you? could just set up some 'hurdles' in the local feild/your back yard (if its big enough) and teach him yourself?:) Just an idea, i don't know whether it would work for you.
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Class actually Collie 23, but you're right he doesn't need to compete. Will see how long the 'run' needs to be, driveway here is the only long run, and get a fly ball set up(y)
    Thank you for the idea, appreciated(y):D

    The the breeder takes young pups for a car ride is fantastic. Zeus, my eldest was born in a car, plus the people took all the pups for car rides. Makes life a lot easier for the new Moms and Dads:D

    I think your new prospective vets will appreciate you popping in and asking questions about schooling and everything for your new puppy. They'll know that you're a caring, responsible owner. LOL you won't be a loner for long, your new puppy will soon be with you:D
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  13. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help :)
    It is great especially as her first car ride with me is going to be a long one hopefully wont be too stressful for her.
    Do you mean literally born in a car? :eek: I suppose its very den/nest like but very strange :)

    I CAN'T WAIT!!! :D
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    I hope so too, lots of treats are going to be needed:D Big ask for a little puppy but I just know you'll be grand:D

    Yes, Zeus was literally born in a car. The people were on their way to the vets for a check of the new Mom and puppies (it was Sunday and only one vet on duty so no home visits). They thought all the pups had been born and then VOILA out popped Zeus!!!!!!!!! He just adores the car:love:
    I bet you can't wait and are counting down the days, or are you into the hours yet?Worth the wait, oh I'm so excited and happy for you:D Cannot wait to see pictures of your new baby:love:
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  15. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thanks - i hope your right :)

    Wow! Love storied like that!! He obviously loved the car enough he decided he wanted to be born in one lol.

    Haha, I'm still on weeks at the moment :) All being well, she'll be born on October 10th and I'll get to take her home the week before Christmas! Trust me, i'll be posting any i can get as soon as possible :)
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL and yes if he ever had to go into kennels, all they'd need to do is put a car there and he'd be as happy as a King. He'll sit in the car and watch my partner mow the lawn any 'excuse' to get into the car:D

    The BIG DAY October 10th, will be thinking of you, let us know it all went well. OMD! this is like being an expectant Aunty:LOL:

    Oh that's fantastic, she'll be coming home just in time for Christmas.:love:

    Just watch the Christmas decorations, no tinsel, glass balls or anything, pups adore them but they can really do some harm! All sooooooooo exciting, I can hardly wait now:LOL:
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  17. collie23 Well-Known Member

    haha maybe that'll be the new thing.. instead of a crate, have the back seat of a car for dogs to sleep on :)

    Yep, seems so far away at the moment though :) sure the time will go quickly (I hope) I definitely will let everyone know, your probably going to get fed up of me mentioning it lol :D aww bless you :)

    Best christmas present EVER!!! Oh I will, luckily we dont have huge christmas', no big parties and not a huge deal of decorations (at least not reachable for puppy) just have to keep the bottom of the tree a little bit clearer and protect the presents :)
    I know, i keep saying to my parents 'I WANT PUPPY NOW' (i'm not usually a spoilt brat but on this occasion... :D)
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  18. Evie Experienced Member

    Lol, Evie "helped" us unwrap all our presents at christmas last year... she was only about 8-10 weeks old too lol. Supervised of course.


    I don't recall seeing 'play dead' on your list? There's this one tutorial in particular which I LOVE and would LOVE to teach Evie only she gets all wiggly and licky the moment i say the word 'bang' or 'boom' (regardless of my tone of voice - ive tried making it sound happy) or if I pretend to shoot her with my hand. It's actually quite funny, but also very frustrating

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  19. Evie Experienced Member

    Oh oops, you have bang on your list. I still love this variation of the trick though :p
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  20. collie23 Well-Known Member

    OMD!!! My heart melted at that picture! how adorable can one dog be...?!?:giggle:
    I have sort of split mine up into the various parts of the whole trick hoping to combine them in the end.
    Bless Evie for getting all cute and licky with the trick. She must know being shot for real isn't fun lol :)

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