A Few (fairly Boring) Tricks From Zac...


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:D OMG Sooo funny!! He had me thinking he actually didn't get it, and then BOOM, just put it in, just like that!!!
Funny guy!!:cool:;)


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I always find it hilarious when he purposely puts his paw in the dish and then seriously drops another dish on top and looks at me like "I told you so, it won't fit!"

Really he got this trick the second time I handed him a dish - he just put it inside another dish and looked smug. But now he just enjoys making it look like he can't stack dishes because he's clever enough to attempt to conceal that he's clever. I'm sure he's laughing about it.

Zac's jacket is home made (cut down from an old fleece jacket) he wears it in the house when ever he feels cold - it makes him look like one of those medieval war horses :ROFLMAO: .


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Oh, doggies.... they always want to outsmart us.:D Shivon always thinks that there's a way to get to my food, even if i'm sitting right next to it. She tries to go around me, under the table, and behind me. The she whines if she can't get to it. She also does tricks randomly, she thinks she'll break me.O_o

Shivon also has a fleece jacket. We bought this one, let me tell you it's too expensive, but i wass desperate. She also has booties and a sweater. I never thought I would be playing "dress up" with her, until I found out that she gets cold in 15 degrees Celcius. She hates all of it though.:)