3D Illusion Dog - Paper Print-Out

Discussion in 'Dog Trick Academy Announcements' started by Jean Cote, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    The Dog Trick Academy 3D Illusion Dog

    Get your free Printable Copy! It is attached to this message, you must be logged in to download it. Registration is completely free if you want it.

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  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    that looks neat, i gotta print one out
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I wish I had a printer... :LOL:
    This must be funny!! :)
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    I should mention that it looks 1000x better in Color than in Black and White, so if you don't have a color printer, you should think about getting one printed.

    I personally don't have a printer so I went to Staples Copy Center and it cost me $0.50 for each printed copy. It's pretty cheap! :dogsmile:
  5. chevycgc Well-Known Member

    I must have done something wrong because it doesn't work for me. The video is really cool but the one I made doesn't do the same thing.
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    1. You must close one eye to view the illusion (or be far from it).

    2. Make sure that you have assembled it correctly. The head must be folded away from his body, take a look at this screenshot:

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  7. good_doggie New Member

    I have a printer, but it's always jammed. I love the design, But just watching that video just made me had a nightmare!
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    A nightmare? I didn't know it was that scary. ;)
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  9. jenclerm Experienced Member

    it is!! The eyes on that thing... are well.. creepy... it just stares... LOL

    Very well made thu.. :p
  10. ella Well-Known Member

    Just found the thread about the 3Ddog... is it still available? The Link doesn't work anymore?


  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    There was a bug with the website, could you try now and tell me if it works?


    Jean :dogwink:
  12. ella Well-Known Member

    Hi Jean,

    yes it works now,thank you!


  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    In case you guys want more illusion (beside my awesome 3D dog...)

    Of course, nothing beats mine. :dogwink: :dogwink:
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  14. sunjoy0715 New Member

    Using your own doggie photo

    is there a way to upload your own doggie picture and print it out on this layout??
  15. Jean Cote Administrator

    Unfortunately there isn't. The design was done by hand by a professional graphics designer. I am sure that if you want to pay someone money they could design one resembling your dog - but it will probably cost you a few hundred dollars.
  16. dizajneri New Member

    u dont have to close one eye to see it
    all u h ave to do is get away from the place where u will put atleast 1 meter
    as far as u stay away that better you can see the illusion
  17. shane94 New Member

    This ilusion is great.!
  18. alexandru New Member

    jean...i don't have a color printer...Can I print this?
  19. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yes it will work with a black & white print, but the effect is best in color. :dogsmile:
  20. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hey, just wanted to bump this thread up. I still think it's a neat little paper print-out. :dogsmile:
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