1st Agility Ribbon Trial

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by 648117, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Now that Holly is finally 18 months old she was allowed to compete in the ribbon trial held at my club tonight.

    They have 6 week blocks of classes and the 6th week is a ribbon trial. All the other dogs in our class have been able to compete for a while now, me and Holly were left out :( we always had to just have a play on a min-course with the real beginners, although last time we got to run the course after all the other dogs but with no bars on the jumps at all (I think the complete lack of a bar confused Holly so it wasn't very good).
    Tonight was the first time that we have been able to compete so she got measured (her interim height is 284mm which is "micro", she has to get her permanent height when she's 2 years old) and because it's a ribbon trial they compete at the height below what they are supposed to (there is nothing below "micro" so Holly was half micro), not sure if it's the same in Canada/USA etc.


    Holly got 2nd in Elementary-B (all height)!

    I'm so proud of her :D :LOL:

    Here's a pic (it's not very good, we just got home about an hour ago and it's night here, I took out the name of our training club):

    She got beat by her friend Oscar who is a labX and about five times her size! but he only beat her by 1/2 a second.
    Holly would have won but I was a bit late with a command so she had already started to go straight when she needed to turn and at another point I was crossing behind her after she went over a jump but I was a little slow so she did a spin. Definitly room for improvement but still good for her first time. Holly was the only "micro" dog.
    I'm especially impressed because Holly was sick all yesterday (she ate too much seaweed at the beach the day before)

    Now that she has completed Elementary-B with a clear round we have to move up to Elementary-A which is going to be harder ("B" is for first time handlers running first time dogs).

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    Congratulations! Love the ribbon!!
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    Congrats! Very well done (y)
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    YAY!!! Congratulations!!!!:D
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    Well Done!!!!
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    Thanks everyone :D
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    Congrats!!!! :)
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