Code of Conduct

code_of_conductWhen you register or purchase any of the Dog Trick Academy lessons or programs, we expect you to treat them as if they were real-life university and/or college courses. The content of our educational programs is for personal use only. This means that you are not permitted to share your login information or any of the materials provided with any third parties.

It’s the same as when you were in school and were told to “Never, ever, ever cheat.” And if you’re a parent, the odds are you tell your kids the same thing. When you think about it, the Dog Trick Academy is an educational institution – for you and your dog.

Our website is equipped with full technological capabilities for detecting when a login is shared amongst several people. If your login is compromised, we will have no choice but to revoke access to your lesson materials. Please note the Dog Trick Academy operates a zero-tolerance policy for noncompliance to this rule.