About the Dog Trick Academy

Hi, my name is Jean Cote.

I'm the founder of the Dog Trick Academy and here's a photo of my dogs and I
(Chase on the left and Onyx on the right.)

I created the Dog Trick Academy in 2006 as a way to unite dog owners from all around the world with one goal: to teach our dogs cool and unique tricks.

Every week, myself and dozens of dog owners from around the world would challenge our training abilities and teach our dog a specific trick/behavior.

It varied from week to week.

But the challenges consisted of behaviors like putting toys away, dancing on hind legs, and even incredible stuff like playing chess.

Here's an example (training the "Are you shy" trick...)

Shortly after launching the Dog Trick Academy.

Many people started writing to me and asking if I could teach them how they could train their dog at home.

That's when I realized that many dog owners didn't have access to this information.

Many of them lived in rural areas where there was no access to a professional dog trainer who specialized in positive reinforcements and force-free training methods...

Or they simply couldn't afford to hire one.

So, I did the next best thing – took my knowledge and compiled it into an eBook.

I named it "The Power of Positive Reinforcements." It shows exactly how to get started with training a dog using positive and force-free methods.

This FREE dog training eBook is perfect for you if...

  • You've recently gotten a puppy or adopted a dog... And you want to raise him into a HAPPY, WELL-BEHAVED family companion.
  • You've been struggling with your dog's unruly behavior... And you're looking for a POSITIVE and FORCE-FREE approach without physical punishments or corrections..
  • You're busy and have limited time... And you want to learn how you can effectively train your dog IN JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY.
  • OR... If you're wondering how Professional Dog Trainers train dogs for Police Work, Service Dogs and even Movies! (all secrets revealed inside...)

The Dog Trick Academy has quickly grown to over 15,000 members who actively talk in our discussion forum about everything dog related.

Question about training your dog? We've got you covered!

In fact. There is so much valuable information that you can literally spend countless hours sifting through all of the great stuff. Learn. Contribute. Discuss.

Best of all?

It's all 100% FREE. Yep. It costs you nothing.

Here at the Dog Trick Academy.

We believe that every dog in the world deserves a happy and fulfilling life... To be raised and trained using POSITIVE and FORCE-FREE training methods... WITHOUT physical punishments and corrections.

No matter what stage you're at with training your dog... Whether you're just getting started OR if you've been training dogs for years...

No matter what breed of dog you have... Whether you have a short-haired or long-haired dog...

No matter the age of your dog... Whether you have a young puppy or an senior dog...

No matter where in the world you live...


Click HERE to Join the Dog Trick Academy.

To your training success,
Jean Cote, aka – “The Dog Training Guy”