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Chase is sooo cute! I'm working on this one with Mouse... I'm getting alot of funny behaviour LOL Mouse is extremely smart when it comes to getting food. If I click something ONCE she will repeat that behaviour... which is good... except when I accidentally click for something else. Most dogs are forgiving, you click at the wrong time, they're ok... Mouse? NOT, she will offer that behaviour the next time, and the next, and then will offer variations of the behaviour I really dont want... So I manages to get a weird head shake/quiver, a back up AND targeting post-it notes all at the same time... Funny munchkin LOL


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LOL! I just started trying to teach Evie the head shake today. She already knows how to target things so I started with post-it notes on our two sofas which are close enough together. Sat her between them and we began. Touch the left one *click* (give reward at right target). Touch right one *click* (give reward at left target). So. That's easy. She can do that no problems. Because that was so easy i thought I'd wait to see if she'd offer to touch left then right. She touches right (no click), she touches right again harder (still no click), she pushes her nose as hard as she possibly can into the sofa lol (still no click), she lays down and looks at me as if to say "well? where's my click?!"

So, my question is, how do I get her to start going from one side to the other? She'll happily touch each side individually and receive the treat at the opposite side but if you dont click the first touch she just touches the same side again two more times, A LOT harder, and then lays down and gives up.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

Jean Cote

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What I did, was point to what side I wanted. I'd point right, click & treat. Then I'd point left, click & treat. Once my dog had mastered each I would point to the right, then the left, click & treat!

Then once she mastered that, I'd point right, left, right. Click & Treat!

Finally... Once she has mastered that, I stopped signaling. She was so enthusiastic and knew that something would get her the treat, so she did right and left on her own without signaling, so I clicked & treated.

The hardest part is getting away from the wall and the notes. (I trained my dog in a corner, sitting) I started right by the wall, and slowly moved away from the wall.

Hope this helps!


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WOW, is Chase so cute, first time i've seen her face up close for a while, what a sweet face.

Great advice Jean.

//The hardest part is getting away from the wall and the notes. (I trained my dog in a corner, sitting) I started right by the wall, and slowly moved away from the wall.//

i put my post-it note "targets" on 2 bar stools.(tall stools to sit on)
and i moved the bar stools out, inch by inch,
after my dog undertood, turn this way, turn that way.......... turn this way, then turn that way.........and so on.

i found this trick to be hard one to teach my dog. :rolleyes: :oops: but, we did get it!
Like Sara's dog, my dog also will also offer a behavior over and over once it is clicked, even if by accident...:rolleyes: ....oh yeah, i know what you mean there, Sara! :ROFLMAO: for a while, Buddy also thought his paw should be on the left bar stool, ........cuz i clicked too fast, not realizing he was adding his paw on the stool....
was kinda cute...took a while to get him to stop with the paw on the left bar stool...:rolleyes: