Wipe Your Paws


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yeah, you might be right...good job on protecting the bandage, though! My last dog, i failed at that, yeap. so we had to take turns sitting up all night watching the dog, to prevent him pulling out his chest tubes...:rolleyes: so YOU are good, Evie!

okay, idea #3....how about this....:ROFLMAO:
Have Evie stand on the carpet you want her to wipe her back legs....
Touch/tickle one of her back legs, til she picks up the foot...CLICK/TREAT.
Repeat. If possible, try to tickle her foot so she lifts up in backwards type of motion, if you can think of some way to do that...?

and go from there?? might not work, i'm just guessing!:ROFLMAO: Lol, the final trick *might* look like Evie marching in place, instead of wiping her back paws!!:ROFLMAO: