Which Is The Best Value For Money Dog Food On The Market ?


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And i mean one thats available for the most countries in the world and that's also eligible for labs ! ;)


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I found a dog food for puppies which ... well since im no good at these things im just gonna post the ingredients here and hope that you may enlighten me regarding its value

Composition Wheat : 41%Meat : 6.7% Tallow : 16.4% Poultry meal : 16.5% Rice : 5% Bloodmeal : 2% Beet pulp : 5% Soy lecithin : 1.1% Promeigm, minerals & vitamins : 3.8% Analysis components Crude protein : 30% Crude oils and fats : 14% Crude oils and fats : 8% Crude Fiber : 3% Calcium : 1.6% Sodium : 2,5%Phosphorus 1.3% Vitamin A 220.000 UI / Kg Vitamin D3 2.100 UI / Kg Vitamin E 100 mg / Kg Vitamin C 36 p.p.m. Iron, Fe (E1) 98,0 mg / Kg Ferrous carbonate 70 mg / Kg Hydrated iron complex amino acids
Hydrated iron complex amino acids 28 mg / Kg Cobalt, Co (E3) basic cobaltous 1,2 mg / Kg Copper, Cu (E4) 10 mg / Kg Copper sulfate pentahydrate 5,1 mg / Kg Hydrated copper complex amino acid 3,9 mg / Kg Manganese, Mn (E5) 54,0 mg / Kg Manganese oxide 46,5 mg / Kg Hydrous manganese amino acid 7,5 mg / Kg Zinc, Zn (E6) 80,0 mg / Kg
Zinc Oxide 65,0 mg / Kg
Hydrated zinc complex amino acid 15,0 mg / Kg Selenium, Se (E8), sodium selenide 0,1 mg / Kg
Iodine, I (E2), potassium iodide 1,5 mg / Kg
Antioxidants accepted by the EU BHT
Price: € 30.00

Well hope this does the trick ;)


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That food is mostly wheat, and wheat is a very highly allergenic ingredient. Try to find a food with a meat source as the first ingredient (highest percentage) and little to no grain. I feed only grain free food, with the first 3 ingredients being a meat source (fresh or meal) but not everyone can afford to feed the highest quality, however, that much grain isn't good.


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Royal Canin and Canidae are both companies that have food in Greece though I'd personally would lean more toward Canidae.

Usually, a 30lb bag of Canidae here (North United States) is about $34 while Royal Canin is maybe $25-30.

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Why do you want to feed dry dog food? The cheaper brands are full of cerials (and rumour has it dead dogs) Its cheaper to feed raw meat and bones or home cooked meals than the premium brands. You also know exactly what they are getting. I live in Spain and my dogs live on scrambled eggs and oil for breakfast and mostly chicken carcass' for tea with liver and lung from the local butcher once a week. Total cost for 2 dogs is about 6 euros.


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Sorry, but that's not really enough of a variety for a raw diet. If I were you, I'd feed different meats than just chicken. When feeding a raw diet, it's very important to give a large variety so they get all the nutrients the need. For example, Duck is high in Omegas, as is fish, but chicken is not. red meats have more iron, and, often fat. and they often eat different foods, so have different minerals and vitamins stored in the muscle.

Variety in any diet is important, though. There are 3 of us (that I know of) that are feeding a different food every meal (Dogster, Me and Charmedwolf) I feed kibble, canned, raw, dehydrated, and several different brands of each, as well.


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Well on the subject of dog food my girl is now 7 months old so I have been researching for months into a good balanced complete Kibble ( I have tried to do the RAW and its just NOT for me. As you all know my Leia is a German shepherd so a large breed dog (though still very much a puppy feeding her the right kind of food I have taken very serious. And today I can finally say to you all I have found it. It is called KIRKLAND signature super premium puppy complete kibble. Its half the price of what the so called better know brands charge like Royal Canine ect. It has been graded a 4.5 star rating, yes they in the past had some recalls but from what I have been reading haven't for a long time. But as we all know what suits 1 dog may not suit another.View attachment 2897


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This is a hand out that I give to all of my customers who come to classes or who I do 121's with. Please excuse the dodgy text, it has come out a bit odd on here :D

Your dog’s diet

Should have NO:


Chemical preservatives


EC permitted Colours

All of these are a HUGE no no – they may cause hyperactivity, over-sensitivity and unpredictable behaviours.

Also avoid treats which contain these things.

Use chicken, turkey, beef, dried fish, dried liver, cheese or slices of carrot, apple/pear instead.

I feed my 6 dogs on Bones & Raw Food/Biologically Appropriate Raw Food otherwise known as BARF Diet:

Their diet consists of beef, kidney, liver, heart, tripe, fish, ribs, chicken wings, turkey wings, marrow bones, egg, egg-

shell, goats milk, oats, oils, fruit and vegetables. I order from a stockist (Landywoods) who delivers all over England,

BARF diet may be cheaper than processed dog food and contains none of the above 'No-No's'

BARF diet is the best most natural food you can possibly feed your dog (and cat for that matter), they may then have

less health issues/behaviour problems and by feeding BARF you could in turn be dramatically helping your dogs fur,

teeth & bones.

Please do ask me for further details if you are interested in feeding BARF diet.

There are very limited rules and regulations specifying what can or cannot be in dog food. Some very well known

brands even use high quantities of anti-freeze in their dog food amongst other nasty things. Please avoid them.

Don’t be tempted to buy dog food that is brown in colour rather than colourful as even some of these can have EC

permitted colours too.

Other dog food I have used and does not contain any of the nasty things:

NaturesDiet – Moist food

Lily's Kitchen – Moist food

Applaws Natural Dog Food – Moist food

Applaws Dry biscuit

Canagan Dry biscuit

Barking Heads Dry biscuit

Lily's Kitchen Dry Biscuit