What Breed Are My 2 Puppies?


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Hello to you all...:)

Can someone please tell me which breed my 2 puppies may be, as I've no idea??
I think they may have some Terrier traits in them.
We found them about a week ago and since then my world has been even more wonderful!! :love:

Also can anyone guess what age they may be??

Many thanks in advance for all your help!


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I think terrier too. Maybe some Chihuahua/Jack Russel terrier.
Here are some pics of Chihuahua/ JRT mixes. Of course they probably have other breeds in them too.

This one is a JRT mix



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Lucky you for finding them! They are adorable. Jack Russell was my first thought for the one on the right. The other has pinscher/rottie markings, but I've seen chihuahuas like that too. Do you think they are littermates? How did you find them?


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A very BIG Thank-you for all your responses & questions.
I have attached some pics of the moment we found them under my beach hut.
We found them early morning and waited all day until it got dark, so that maybe their mother may return for them...
Having found them both under my beach hut, I can't say if they are litter mates or not??
I don't even know what age they are?

All I can do, is Thank my lucky stars that we found them and they have a loving, caring home with us.
After having wished for such a long time for 2 puppies, I couldn't begin to express the joy I felt when we found these 2!



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Oh, Just one other thing....
I jog past my beach hut almost every morning & never spotted these 2 hanging around.
On the Sunday we found them, it just so happened to be Mother's Day, here in Mauritius!
The first thing we did was check them & they are both very clean, without any fleas or ticks, so I'm guessing someone has dumped them there.
In my opinion, they couldn't have been left in a more better place! We love them so much!! :love:


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That's such a lovely story - how you found your puppies!! They're very luck to have you!

As for what breed they are? I just think they're pure-bred ADORABLE :p

Honestly, I have no idea though :D


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Lol I agree with Evie. They are CUTE! I see terrier, maybe JRT, but some type of small terrier. It will be easier to guess when they are adults.