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At the moment I have a 9 year old shelter dog which i believe to be a Swedish Vallhund, or else she's a corgi mix. This week we will be bringing home a new puppy. Things in our family have change since Meli was first brought home and she wasn't a puppy either so i will have more time for training and working on more than basic obedience with the new little guy. He is a lhasa apso/shih tzu mix and we haven't agreed on a name as yet. We have a few and will have to see how he responds to them. Hopefully the one(s) I like best will win :). Anyhow i'm looking forward to working with this little guy to help him be a well behaved member of the family that we all have fun playing with and showing off.

There are 7 of us currently living at home, me, dh, 2 adult sons and 3 minors, the youngest is almost 9. In addition we have a married child with two little boys and two doggies of her own that Meli loves to play with. I'm really hoping that she will love the puppy too although I do expect there to be that "when will he go home" stage as there have been with my children each time a new baby has been brought home. We've let her get away with not showing the training I'm sure she was given and in the past few weeks I've started working with her more and am amazed at how fast she is either learning or relearning a lot. She is even more calm and in control of her actions since I began working with her more. She's always been a lover and very mild but there is a change.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the information that this Academy has to offer and participating in the classes with my two little friends.


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Welcome aboard!

I am so looking forward to hearing about how you get on with the new puppy!

I am sure you will love it here, it is the perfect place for a doggie lover!


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Welcome to the Academy! The best way to learn about teaching some basic and advanced tricks would be to subscribe to the classroom. For troubleshooting and behavior problems, you can post in the lounge somewhere. There are always members roaming around ready to answer questions. Enjoy the site and good luck with your dogs!