Well, I Guess It Was Bound To Happen

remember my friend, the one who adopted the plott hound from New York?

well, so far, everything has been going wonderfully well. a little too well in some cases: he no longer pulls like mad on the leash - but now he won't even pull when she needs him to (to help her up stairs or hills, f.ex) lol

today, she went shopping in a major grocery store. she was about halfway through when the manager came up to her and said "i need to talk to you about your dog". she sighed and pulled out the doctor's letter (now well-worn) and he said "no, no, i don't have a problem - i've seen you in here many times before..."

he then told her another customer, a mentally challenged one, had seen laddie and gone into utter hysterics. she had been attacked by a dog - scars on her face, hands, and forearm - and her personal support worker was unable to calm her down and get her to come out of the ladies' room while the dog was in the shop.

the manager asked laura if she could please remove her dog, he would see to the rest of her shopping and ensure she got the best of the best - "i'll pick from the shipment that just arrived this morning - it's still in the back room."

laura was *mortified*. she said she just wanted to die of embarrassment and nearly went into a full-blown panic/anxiety attack but laddie signaled and got her out in time. she was in her car in the handicapped spot and was even more mortified when the manager arrived with her groceries and told her the van next to her belonged to the other party and she wouldn't leave the building until laura was gone! he then told her he'd been unable to find any discounted meat (30% off on last day of sale) so he gave her several whole chickens at 50% off, he hoped that would be satisfactory?

she gave him far too much money, told him to keep the change or donate it or something, and got out of there as fast as possible; drove until she hit the scenic lookout; pulled over and totally burst into tears.

now she's not sure she'll be able to go back to that store at all, which means she'll have to drive over half an hour in the other direction to do her groceries.


it really sucks when worlds collide.


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That sounds like it was a horribly difficult situation for all concerned - including the manager of the store - through no fault of any one.

I hope your friend regains her courage, there was nothing to be embarrassed or anxious about. It is just one of those things that happens, no fault, no harm done, nothing to worry about just move on and forget about it.