Welcome to the Academy!

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Thanks Jean for your hard work! We appreciate the website! It's literally awesome and I can see it growing once more people know about it! :msnhugegrin:


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Hi Jean. I just registered and look forward to watching your website evolve. I have a little Shih Tzu pup who will turn one in November. Are there any other Shih Tzu owners out there?



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Hi Jean! Italy here! Your site is a very good Academy and soon i'm going to start exercises with my Newfoundland Chantal! I enjoy your lessons very much! Thank You for your good job! And....a dear greeting to everyone in this Academy! Congratulations to Chase and Onyx!


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Hi Jean,
I am so pleased to have found your site, really enjoy it. Your hard work is surely appreciated. Have already taught my Poochon (Cappy) the turn around, and am looking forward to more tricks to teach him. He loves learning new tricks. Thanks for all your work.


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Hello everyone, it's my first time on the website but everybody seems pretty pleased with it so far. My husband and I have a catahoula/lab mix and he's a very bright 5 month old pup. We have been doing basic training with him on our own since we got him but he's bored with that and we're on to tricks!


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Hello all. I have just joined this site. I have two retired racing Greyhounds, and live in the Pacific Northwest. I obtained certification for Basic Dog Obediance Instructional Training in June, 2005. My time is often spent volunteering with various non-profit organizations for the wellfare of animals.



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Poodles rank very highly in the dog-breed intelligence stakes.

1. Border Collie
2. Poodle
3. German Shepherd

I believe it was the French who used to use them as service dogs. And, to top that, they were used in Vietnam to sniff out booby-traps!


hi im allison and have just joined . i have 2 germanshepherds and an old weimeraneer the shepherds are 7 months and 2 years and are full of it !


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just wanted to say hi to everyone... Im new at dog training but trying very hard... Ill keep you posted on how it is going...

sherry green

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Hi.........not sure how to "post" notes...........I am thrilled to see a site with dog tricks. It is a great way to bond with your pet. I've done obedience with all my dogs, but, the older one can't do it anymore, but loves learning tricks. Here's to the success of this site.


Jean Cote

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Hi Sherry! You can post messages anytime by clicking on the "Post Reply" icon. You've just posted successfully above! :) Glad you like the website! Many great things are to come soon.


Hello Everyone, My name is Tina and I am very new. I have a 5 month Yorkie named Casey. We live in Tennessee of the USA. How do I begin?


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Hi Tina! Welcome to the website!!! You can start by clicking on the post and reading the Level 1 lessons. It'll sure get you on your way to training dog tricks!!! :)

Have fun!
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