Wearing A Hat


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I have an idea for a christmascard, wich involves my dogs wearing a christmashat and reindeerantlers. But they find it difficult to have, and keep, somthing on their heads.
Especially Cooper dislikes having anything on his head.
But after a few sessions individually, wich was going great, today I decided to try it with them together... That wasn't going too well:D Have to teach them to hold the pose longer.
Watching myself in the video, I wasn't being patient enough:oops::LOL:


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THIS IS FREAKIN ADORABLE!!! I smiled alllllll the way through this video, TOO TOO CUTE!! I loved the way the border collie must have heard that clicker and wandered over!! hee hee! I loved the way at 1:55 the dogs both knock their hats off together! (the lil one started it). The look on the border's face while you are working with the lil dog, is too funny, and also, the way the border glances over--as if he is looking into the camera, like, "Can you believe this.."
TOO HILARIOUS!!!!! JUST LOVED THE WHOLE FILM, every single second of it.

Certainly we all so so enjoy a video compilation of a dog's tricks, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT when people make videos like THIS, that show, step by step, how they taught their dog something.

now i'm going to watch it again!!


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Yes he is looking right at the camera, so funny. I noticed that too, when I was watching the vid. There was no one else in the room, just us. So I don't know what he was thinking:LOL: