Warning: Watch Out For These Bones


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I don't know if this has been posted already, but since it can't be said enough I'm going to post it anyway.

Please watch out for what you buy when getting your dog bones!
There are certain bones on the market that are very dangerous and harmful for a dog.
I'm talking about the following things:

Processed bones (parma bones)
Don’t give your dog processed bones (cooked/smoked/heated). Due to the heating the structure of the bones has changed, causing the bones to sliver easily. While eating the bone the dog can ingest these splinters, by swallowing them they will come into the digestive system (stomach and intestines). These can be perforated by the splinters, cause a dog to not properly relief itself from his stools (too much bone causes constipation) and can cause internal bleeding. These splinters often form large masses and need surgery to get removed. The damage they can cause can be life threatening!

Bearing bones from large animals
These are bones that are used by an animal to carry its weight. I’m talking about the ones without any meat on it. Bearing bones from large (adult) animals are too hard and can cause the teeth of a dog to break. These large animals include: cow, horse, sheep and goat. The bones from young animals of these species (except the bearing bones) are however suited.
These bones include the femur and knee.

This is a bearing bone. These bones also can splinter and cause perforation and constipation. They are also dangerous because the dog can get stuck with his lower jaw in the whole from the marrowbone. It can also get stuck around the tongue of a dog, which may cause the dog to suffocate.

And now while I’m at it, it may be handy to also warn for this one:

It is often advised not to feed pig as this may carry the Aujeszky’s disease (this only occurs in raw meat). Although there are countries were the disease no longer occurs, bones/meat may be imported from countries were it does still occur. Another reason not to risk it is that there is no cure and Aujeszky’s is fatal.

This doesn’t mean that raw feeding is dangerous. As long as you don’t cook/smoke/heat bones and feed the right parts they are fine to eat for a dog. If you are thinking about raw feeding, please get informed!


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I keep throwing out the marrow bones but my mom always buys more even when I tell her not to. Brody is able to break big pieces off the bone which he can either choke on or break a tooth trying to bite off pieces. I personally like the antlers.


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I bought my dog a knuckle bone once. He was sick for two weeks. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him...but I really thing it was something about the knuckle bone.


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Thank you for the tips! We have been looking into buying bones for Chloe for a while, and if you hadnt posted this we very well could have bought one that is dangerous!