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I decided to video Charlie retrieving the correct item from across the room, using only a clicker to guide him. I have used a clicker to teach Charlie certain things, but not too often - he responds better to verbal communication without any treats until the behavior is finished.

Here is me using a clicker to try and tell him to retrieve the cap on the dresser, but leave the toy, ball, bowl, and bone. Unfortunately I didn't realize that he bumped the camera to point a slightly different direction, so there are quite a few parts without him in view. He is basically offering recent things he's learned along with his favorites, and trying a few new things. He's clearly confused as to what I expect. The video ran out after about 5 minutes, but we only got slightly farther than what is shown.

The following video was taken seconds later using verbal and hand signals, but no treats or clicker - I do use a 'yesp!' to mean the same thing, but for this particular dog I don't treat (his choice, lol).

Here is a new item, quite different then most items I have him retrieve - a snow shovel. I tied a piece of fabric around part of the handle to help him during the learning phase. Again, I used my voice to tell him what to do. He did bring the shovel to my hand, but he drug it around behind the camera... probably because it was 'herding' him in that direction.

It's fun working with a dog and cat at the same time, especially when they have opposite personalities!

Jean Cote

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LOL. I could use a little extra help plowing my driveway if you want to hire him out! :D

Nice videos, thanks for sharing! :)