Video editing


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I just got a new camera to take movies on, I'm looking for some cheep (or free!) video editing software, or some advice using the stuff i have on my pc.

I have Windows Movie Maker (in which i'm having problems cutting snippits of videos out) and muvee auto producer.

any one have tips or better things i can try?

Jean Cote

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I use Adobe Premiere so I can't really help you with Windows Movie Maker, but others on this forum use it a lot. I think CollieMan uses it. :) They'll have more tips for you HeHe


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I used to use Windows Movie Maker a lot. I found it a lot easier to use once I put it onto timeline and zoomed in all the way on clips. You can get really tight cuts that way. Also, there's a free tutorial thing you can watch. By the time I got it I had already figured out how to use it but it may be useful to you. You can find it on the Microsoft update website.