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I'm a small dog person all the way... I love nothing more than scooping up my dogs for cuddles (not all at once :) )
I often dream of all the dogs I would love to have someday, and with all the doodles that exist there is a lot of choice when it comes to small dogs :D.
I was just wondering YOUR favourite small dog breed is and WHY.
Ps. I'm looking forward to all the cuteness ☺


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Little dogs are awesome, my family have had two Cavaliers which were sweeties and Lewis is a Pomeranian.
I couldn't have another Cavalier, they are lovely but our two broke my heart too much so now I don't think I could ever own another, no other Cavalier could be as perfect as them.
And I don't think I'd get another Pomeranian (Lewis is actually mums), they arn't the breed for me (although I do enjoy grooming Lewis).

My choice would be a certain Pug X called Holly, no other Pug X will do ;) .
She just matches me really really well. I don't know where I'd be without my Holly.

But I'm not sure if I'll have another dog as small as Holly because I don't think I would find one thats as awesome and perfect for me (and I've always wanted a big dog :ninja: ). Holly is just very special :love: and it's easy to forget that she is little until someone reminds me :D.

What breed are you thinking of getting next?

For cuteness here is a photo of Holly the day we brought her home (she was about 3 months old):


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She's so sweet! I got my first dog when I was 5, a cavalier called Molly and she was amazing. A year later, our friends ran her over and still a day doesn't go by when I don't think about her. A few weeks later we got another 2 cavaliers from the same breeder and they were a nightmare! So I think you're right about dogs not living up to others the same breed.
I sometimes think about getting another cavalier but after learning they are prone to chasing cars that put off (especially after Molly). Though I do wonder if colour plays a role?
I don't really know at this point in time.. I do love hybrids but they don't exist here.. Something small and fluffy :D


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I think small days are great... But hard to trainat times. I love my baby girl Deja. She is 5.5 pounds of personality that thinks she is bigger than she is. Lol. She is a stag red Miniature Pincher.

Gurrr for some reason I can upload a pic...!


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I think if I saw a dog like Deja, I would guess she was a chihuahua. I didn't realize min pins came in so many colors. What are the main differences between them and chihuahuas?