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Hey, my name is Alyssa and I got a brindle boxer last May that is now 9 months named TigerLily. I am from Suwanee, Georgia. We are trying out lots of new tricks and need some training tips:).....TigerLily is very spaztastic and energetic and is very feisty and can be disobedient. :eek: I love her sooooooo much though. Positive reinforcement doesn't always seem to work depending on the situation. Helppppp.


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"very spaztastic and energetic and is very feisty "---haha, I believe you just defined the Boxer breed as a whole. :)

Exercise, both physical and mental, is crucial to any dog but especially to high-energy breeds like Boxers. Big yards or running around the house is not anywhere near sufficient for breeds like this. How much exercise does she get outside of the home?

Also be aware that Boxers never really outgrow that puppy energy. They always have a goofy side of them that is pretty much turned on 95% of the time, even into their senior years. :D For me this makes them lovable, lol, they are natural born clowns.
But, goofy and playful does not mean that they can't be good dogs with training and exercise. :)

This video might be of some help. Kikopup has a lot of excellent videos on YouTube. Be sure to check her out. :)

Already responded to your other thread; are there any other specific issues you are having with her?

Welcome, enjoy the site, and good luck!