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Notice how the women are looking at the camera and the men are not:D
Somehow we couldn't get all four of us looking at the camera at the same time:rolleyes:

Some more pics of my two furry kids

Panting heavily after a long session of ball chasing

Cooper, my handsome boy

Jinx her favorite game:rolleyes: Mud snorkling:LOL:

Notice how he tucks in his upper lips? It is what he does, when he really, really wants something:D He does it with one lip also.

Chasing eachother round a pond

Jinx and Balou, trying to both be on my lap:LOL:

Can you tell why I fell for her? She was 9 weeks old on this pic.

Baby Cooper at 10 weeks. Very first day in our house.

My favorite picture of Jinx.

Well that's enough I think:D
Hope you enjoy!


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What a great looking family you four make all together, no wonder you look so happy!!! I think the family photo, has almost every color of hair in one family--blonde, red, black, brown, silver, white. (are there any other colors? ha ha)
and i just loved the dog photos!! TOO CUTE!! You are a great photographer!! SUCH A PAIR OF CUTIES YOU HAVE!!

Now, in the photo you use in your signature there, is Jinx really that much smaller than Cooper? In THAT photo, (which i just love, btw) Jinx looks very very small.

How much does each dog weigh? And ages?

So Jinx has a full (and very good looking) tail, yet she is an australian shepherd, right? Or, is she a very small border collie? I sometimes can't tell, a merle border collie, and an australian shepherd, apart.



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Jinx is a little smaler than Cooper, but in my signature picture she is just 7,5 weeks old. A friend of mine, who ownes Jinx's half sister took that picture and I just love it. I have been trying to make a picture like this, now she is fully grown, but I haven't been able to. They walk side by side very often, but as soon as I take out the camera, they split up:D

They are both Australian Shepherds, but Cooper is really very big. He has grown out of proportion and is often mistaken for a Bernese mountain dog or a bernese mix. Or a big border collie.
Cooper is 63 cm, which is 24,8 inch and weighs 38 kg, that is about 84 lbs. He is 5 years old.
Jinx is 52 cm, which is 20,5 inch and weighs 20 kg, which is about 44 lbs ( hope I got that right. I'm not too familiar with your metric system:oops:) Jinx is 16 months.

Cooper is just a little overweight. I would like to see him at 35 kg, but somehow he just doesn't loose the weight.

Yes they both have tails. Docking was banned overhere some 10 years ago. It takes a little getting used to with some breeds, like the rottweiler, because it changes their looks completely.
A friend of mine had an aussie, that came from america. She was docked and I just loved the way she wiggled her butt! My dogs do that too, but it looks different because of the tail.

Before I got Cooper, I wanted to get a border collie, but the owner of the dogschool I go to, is an australian shepherd breeder. That's when I fell in love with the breed.
I found that Aussies have just about the same temperament as Borders, but are not as hyper as borders can be.
We see a lot of borders here that tend to be manic, due to overbreeding. And since the aussie is not as common, they are still a fairly healthy breed.
And of course I fell for the coatcollours. The first aussie I ever saw, was Mr. Jones. A blue merle with blue eyes.
I had no choise when I got Cooper. When I went to see the breeder he only had this black-tri left. If could have, I would have gotten his brother , who is a red merle.
Then when I went to see Jinx her breeder, I told her I would like a red-tri or merle. I had to wait for the litter to be born and unfortunately there were no reds. But she gave me first choice in this litter, or I could wait for the next.
Impatient as I am, I decided to go for this litter. I have known Jinx since she was a week old.
And when the eyes started to change color, I was really besides myself with joy when she got two blue eyes.
I didn't make the final choice untill she was 6 weeks old, because I wanted to see her character and not just pick her for her looks. She has one sister who has a white head, and a black-tri sister, and I wanted to choose between the three of them.
But Jinx was the one who came running to me as soon as I entered the room. So we choose eachother, so to speak.
I was very lucky to be able to choose myself, because most aussie breeders don't do that. They test the puppies and you can give them an indication of which dogs you like, but they decide which one you get.

This weekend I will be going camping, with Jinx her breeder and some people who have aussies bred by her. We went last year too and it was so much fun! We are going to one of the isands and be about 600 feet away from the sea. So there will be a lot of beachfun! Aussies will rule the beach, because we will have a group of about 10 aussies with us.
I hope the weather gods like us, because it is getting pretty cold here at night. Fall is coming;)


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ha ha, i thought Cooper WAS a tri-border collie! lol!
and yes, i soooooooo understand about how hard it is to get weight off a dog, wow, i was stunned! Really hard, we had to cut his food way back,
and increased his activity----------
still no weight loss,
cut it back again! THEN he began to lose some, but wow, it occurred very slowly, i had no idea it was so hard to get weight off of a dog. Took us forever...
so start now, cuz, if your dog is like our last dog was,
it takes a long long long time!!
by the time we had weight off, the dog had joint problems.

If you use bag kibble, OFTEN the bag recommends more cups per day than the dog needs. We DON'T have to follow the amounts the bag says, at all.
We CAN go by how the dog looks. There was a thread recently, where Sara explained how she eyeballed her dogs ---wht exactly she looked for----to know to up or lower the amts of dog food, week by week, she titrated the amts if the dog was looking too big or too small, was great post.

although, your dog does not look too big, to me in the photos, Cooper looks fine to me!!
i guess i'd ask the vet if Cooper is overweight or not, cuz all dogs are individuals.

Loved your post, read it twice, such pretty dogs, i SOOoooo love tails are left on where you live. SUCH MARVELOUS TAILS!!!
All the aussies here lose their tails, so sad, to me,
a dog with no tail, is like a person who can't smile.

Lol, buddy has several aussie pals, and they are all wayyyyyyy more hyper than he is, especially one, wow, that dog can NOT stop moving, not ever ever ever, just never ever lies down for even a moment. Even when standing still, which doesn't happen often, she is quivering from nose to tail at all times. Could be cuz aussies are very popular here, very popular.

Unfortunately, THIS very hyper aussie is paired with a fairly laid back human, is not a great match....nope. I've taught that aussie a few tricks, and the human owner is always stunned, said "but my dog is so dumb, too hyper to learn anything, so i just can't believe she learned the trick." and i bite my tongue on who is so dumb, ha ha, the human or the dog!!
I tell him his dog, like most aussies, IS quite brilliant, she learned each trick in only 2 days or 3 days, she had it nailed, she only needs to be asked and shown, and she'll do whatever you want...... I've tried to show him how easy it is to teach a dog a trick, but, he isn't interested.



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I do feed kibble, but if I follow the instructions on the package I would end up with an elephant;) He gets about a quarter of the adviced amount.
He's not very overweight, but you have to dig a little to feel his ribs.:D
So I think just a couple of pounds need to come off. But he is a bit lazy, so it is hard to get him to really move. I am taking him on bicycle rides now.