Teaching "Speak" To A Quiet Dog?


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My Golden, Hunter, is relatively silent unless he's nervous or uncomfortable. I've been trying to come up with ways to teach him to bark without stressing him out more than necessary, but the problem is that he's sooo patient :dogtongue2: This morning I had him in the porch while I stood in the kitchen holding his food bowl. The door was closed, but he could still hear me (he was responding to sit and down commands). I got him to bark twice out of frustration (which I clicked and treated), but then he just sat there for 5 minutes and waited. Any suggestions?


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hmmmmm well try again and when he barks click and say good speak. then try encouraging him to bark again. Sorry thats all I know


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Does he get excited during play?
My girl is quiet and more on the timid side, but she'll bark during intense play and I used that as her trigger and her reward, worked great.
If he's not the type to get excited maybe try shaping it.