Teach your dog to surf!

Jean Cote

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This is a great video I found on the web which teaches you how to train your dog to surf!!!!

I do not live anywhere near a beach so this is of no use to me, but perhaps you can teach your dog to surf! :D


Oh and if you decide to try it out ... check out this video, how to choose a surf board for your dog!!!



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Lol that's great! I think Mud would like to surf, but I live nowhere near an ocean...or any large bodies of water at all. xD The most water Mud's seen is probably our horse corral when it rains a lot. Lol! But I plan to take her to a lake a few miles away this summer....:dogwub:


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We don't live near water. (except for the Danube...)
And Pamidoesn't like water.
But this is a great trick! :D


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I hate the water, but Clover likes it! I will definitely try to think of tricks for the water that doesn't involve me getting wet.


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That's something that I've always wanted to teach a dog, but poor Charlie doesn't like to get wet, lol.
I started teaching him to ride a skateboard when I still lived in the city, and he liked that... maybe he'd enjoy surfing enough that he wouldn't care about the water... he's done some nice dock-dives to go after geese, so I know he can get passed his aversion ;)


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Canon dreams of surfing

I have a 1 yr old golden retr. that loves to swim. I have to keep rafts and surf boards out of the water or she will jump in and get right on them. My biggest problem is she won't stay out of the pool. :msncool:


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Surf's up

Here is a shot of Canon on her boogie board. She was watching the kids behind her in the pool to make sure they were not going to mess with her!

I must confess, I edited myself out of this video. She needs help standing on the boogie board but she loves to ride on it and I am sure she would love to do it in the ocean. I have found the only kind of raft I can keep that she can play on is one with a small edge that is filled with air and then a net center. She can get up on it and even jump onto it from the side.


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I wish I could, but Max has the worst balance in the world. He can't figure out where to put his big ol' feet! I can't even get him walk on the frames in agility without nearly falling off!!


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LOL thats really great.... But the thing is even I dont live near the sea... But I am going to suggest my cousin to do this....